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Mon, Dec 24th - 1:26AM

Fish Pendant in Sterling Silver
This post on the fish pendant sterling silver I got for Leslie for her Christmas gift will be the last post before Christmas.

Leslie's family name is fisher and she is about to get married. When she does she will be adopting her husband's family name.

So I thought I'll give Leslie a piece of fish jewelry as it will be meaningful in this context.

The pendant has arrived and it is beautiful. Just the way I expect it to be.

I have packed the sterling silve fish pendant and the other gifts. After this post, I'll forget about blogging for a few days.

There is a nagging thought bugging me a little, I have share my inspiration of this fish jewelry gift with a few other.

I hope nobody else will be giving Leslie another fish pendant sterling silver.
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Sat, Dec 15th - 12:06AM

Dolphin Earrings in Sterling Silver
This pair of dolphin earrings in sterling silver with two dolphins kissing looks better than the pair I bought for Maria as Christmas gift.

Maria is in a steady relationship with Dan for about a year now and since Maria is very interested in dolphins, I thought a piece of dolphin jewelry with a romantic theme will be very appropriate.

So I got for Maria a pair of sterling silver dolphin earrings from a shop with two dolphins in an embrace pose.

The pair I bought was nice too but the one on this web site is a better design, looks more well crafted and is more romantic.

Well, I am making a post of this so the next girl who loves dolphins and falls in love may well recieve from me a pair of kissing dolphin earrings in sterling silver.

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Sat, Dec 8th - 6:50AM

Flamboyant Ring
Angelina is such a flamboyant girl. The accessories she wears is mostly bright colored, big and loud.

So when I shop for her, I have to think along this line.

Well, how about this?

It is a Vintage Bakelite ring in a butterscotch yellow swirl. The front measures 7/16" in width and the band is made thinner in the back.

Bright yellow, big and loud. Yes, just the thing for Angelina.

Let's see what else I can find.

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Thu, Dec 6th - 2:12AM

Silver Heart Ring
Do I have to be lovesick to wear a lovesick heart ring? LOL.

This ring design is so appealing to me, I just have to make a note of it, even a blog post.

This silver ring is certainly beautiful and comes with an unusual design.

It's always nice to come across jewelry that shows the designer's creativity. And the strong, simple lines conveys dependability.

The ring is symetrical from a certain angle but not in the usual way that a ring is symetrical. That is what makes the design interesting to me.

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