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Tue, Jan 22nd - 7:09PM

Sterling Silver Anklet Handcrafted
How about getting myself a sterling silver anklet handcrafted, especially one of the dolphin ones?

I have a few silver anklets but I have found the designs a little tiresome. The ones on this page looks impressive even just from the photographs.

Some of the things written here cracks me up; it is suggested to walk the walk by parading our passon for dolphins with every step. And how about this one; "With scores of dolphins or octopuses around your ankle, you will never walk alone."

That's quite an idea. The anklets I have are of general designs with simple motifs. So if I were to wear an anklet with my favourite animals on them - dolphins are one of them - will I feel their companionship and not feel that I am walking alone?

Hmmm, it will really be nice to walk in one of these sterling silver anklet handcrafted.

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Mon, Jan 14th - 7:01PM

Two in One Jewelry
I certainly have not thought of this: turning a necklace into a bracelet.

How? shortening it?

By wearing it as a double stranded bracelet!

Came across this advertisement that touts a
glass-beaded piece that can be worn as a double stranded bracelet or as a necklace.

I think this option works for necklaces that are beaded throughout. Too bad that I don't have one at the moment to try it out. I'll look for one soon.

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Thu, Jan 10th - 12:00AM

PAIL Earrings Jewelry
I thought this is rather amusing...

I was looking for a pair of earrings as a gift for Wendy and came across this pair.

I was almost going to click the 'add to cart' button when I decided to look around for more information regarding the materials of the earrings and was taken aback to learn that it is a PAIL earrings - pregnancy and infant loss awareness.

Oh my, hardly an ideal gift for a young lady. And to think I was attracted by the ribbon which is the awareness ribbon for PAIL.

Quite a shame as the frosted pink and blue Cat's Eye beads are quite lovely.

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Mon, Jan 7th - 12:40AM

Religious Pendant Jewelry
If my memory served me correctly, I have seen Germaine wearing something like this but in silver.

Somewhere on the page indicates it's a religious jewelry and a jewish jewelry in particular. And it even has a name - Chai pendant.

Germaine isn't Jewish and he isn't even religious. So what is he doing wearing something like that?

Perhaps writing this post will remind me to ask him the next time I see him. I wonder if I need to print the page out?

If he doesn't know what he is wearing, it will be useless to ask him 'Germaine, why do you wear a Chai pendant?'

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Thu, Jan 3rd - 11:45PM

Bracelet to Match My Vine Earrings
One of my Christmas gifts is a pair of earrings with vines and leaves, quite close to this.

The difference is that my earrings is in black. The metal parts are black. And they end with colored beads.

But I still thought I'll make a post of this discovery as this bracelet is really pretty and I see the possibility of it forming a set with my earrings.

The possibility is rather slim, on second thought. The color difference and the different beads they come with probably make this a bad match.

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