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Mon, Nov 5th - 10:16PM

"To be, or not to be...".

Indeed, that is the question. It is one each of us faces on almost a daily basis. Although we may or may not see it in the poetic simplicity Sir Shakespeare did, it non-the-less affects us in some semblance. I often ask myself this very question, as I find it helps me remain in balance, and I will always attest that maintaining a balance in your life is paramount to all other things. I'll explain why. What happens to something, anything, when it is off-balance? It falls. Plain and simple, it falls. This little fact is present not only in the world of physics, but also in the psychology of our lives. If someone is angry all the time, the world around them mirrors those emotions. If someone is sad, their existance becomes one of depression. Even someone who is constantly happy, fails to recognize and react to the negativity in life and sooner or later gets blindsided by such. Which brings us back to ol' William's immortal prose, "to be, or not to be?" Should we succumb to emotions knowing that they will radiate off of us, therefore furthering the initial sentimant? Or rather, should we carefully analyze the many contributing factors that effect the situations we are a part of, and the situations that inspire said emotions, to fully understand how the magnification of our feelings will further effect what has already happened? Ultimately, such descisions are up to the individual, but I will always advocate understanding. For without understanding, knowledge is little more than memorization of other peoples opinions. Until next time...

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