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Thu, Nov 1st - 10:32AM

Happy new year, everyone. For those of you who do not know, November first is the actual date of Samhain, the Celtic-Pagan religio-holiday celebrating the new year. According to ancient belief, today, (and especially tonight), the boundries that seperate this world from the nether-realms (otherworld, spiritworld, etc.) breakdown and allow passage to and fro. In other words, spirits and entities are now able to walk our world, (which is where we get the "halloween" dogma), and tend to their unfinished business. So, if you have a friend or loved one who has passed on, now is your chance to try and commune with them. Tell them you love them, miss them, are looking forward to the time your paths cross once more, (just hopefully not too soon). Also, this is an opportune time to bestow any blessings upon those close to you who still draw breath, ask the higher powers for guidance and protection, and start practicing positive affirmations for the coming year. Bless the seeds you're intending to plant come spring. Slaughter your winter beast, but don't forget to freeze the meat. And by all means, if you are able, take a long walk in the forrest, while trying to reconnect with a living world far bigger than the individual lives we all lead. Remeber, there is so much more to life than what we experience on the "norm". To truely live, we must accept and acknowledge what we cannot see, and incorporate those hidden forces into our daily lives. Whatever you're most comfortable calling it, (God, Jesus, Allah, the Goddess, Odynn, Zeus, your guardian angel), only through incorporation with these higher powers can anyone truely find peace and happiness. May the new year bring you that peace and happiness, as well as knowledge and understanding that no earthly thing is greater than the force that binds it. Until next time, may Odynn guide you, Thor protect you, and the Valkyrie one day carry you to the feast.
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