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Fri, Nov 9th - 9:16AM

"Everyday is a gift." That was a comment made to me several years ago by my elderly grandfather. He had suffered two heart attacks, asbestos poisoning, emphizyma (if that's how it's spelled, dammit Jim I'm not a doctor, wait...?), diabetes, and a myriad of other health problems that would make it seem more like everyday was a curse. Still, he maintained this positive mentality, because for him, everday was a gift. Why? Why is it that we cannot appreciate the life we are given until our mortality becomes blatant? Even those of us who are incessantly visceral do not truely appreciate life, just singular moments of gratification. My uncle would be a prime example. He is undoubtably the most visceral person I know. An unadmitted athiest, he actually said to me once, "he who dies with the most toys wins". That has to be one of the most ignorant statements of human history. What do you win? Do you get to go to the Disneyland of the afterlife or something? In truth, I believe that people like that suffer in the afterlife. They suffer because they obviosly missed the point. Life isn't about aquisition. Sure, posessions are nice, some are even necessary, but hardly the purpose of existance. After that most unenlightened comment by my uncle I responded with the cliche, "he who dies with the most toys still dies." He then added, "but you have fun doing it." I was aghast. Have fun? How? By getting into debt, having to work 60+ hours a week, living outside your means, never having a meaningful and fulfilling relationship because any time not spent working or balancing your budget/debts are consumed by indulging in you materialistic fetish? Back to my grandfather. He developed all those health issues by working 60+ hours a week. He owned his own business, a nice house in the suburbs of Long Island, a large piece of hunting property in Pennsylvania, a Cadillac and two SUV's, and a catalog of credit cards. But by the time he was 55 his health forced him into retirement, limited his physical activity tremendously, and put substantial strains on his relationship with my grandmother who was then forced to take care of him. If someone can please explain to me how that is "fun" I will gladly relinquish my title of "Teacher" and bestow it upon you. My grandfather though, had progeny, and then grandchildren. He was a mentor to me, and a piece of him will always live on in my teachings, and therefore in the learnings of my students, and so forth. My son will know stories of his greatgrandfather, and will be given advice that he once gave me. In that respect, my grandfather will live on, in one way or another. My uncle, on the other hand, has no children, only recently took a wife who is his senior (and with no chance of offspring), and has done nothing to leave the world better than he found it. My uncle will be quickly forgotten after he dies. He will not live on. We must strive to properly prioritize our lives. A large bank account means little or nothing if that is all you have. I'm not saying quit your jobs, join a commune, and live like a 60's hippie. Just do not forget that when you close your living eyes you will not be spared the sights of the afterlife. But maybe those who don't believe in the afterlife, don't get one. Think on that. Until next time... May Odynn guide you, Thor protect you, and the Valkyrie one day carry you to the feast.
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Mon, Nov 5th - 10:16PM

"To be, or not to be...".

Indeed, that is the question. It is one each of us faces on almost a daily basis. Although we may or may not see it in the poetic simplicity Sir Shakespeare did, it non-the-less affects us in some semblance. I often ask myself this very question, as I find it helps me remain in balance, and I will always attest that maintaining a balance in your life is paramount to all other things. I'll explain why. What happens to something, anything, when it is off-balance? It falls. Plain and simple, it falls. This little fact is present not only in the world of physics, but also in the psychology of our lives. If someone is angry all the time, the world around them mirrors those emotions. If someone is sad, their existance becomes one of depression. Even someone who is constantly happy, fails to recognize and react to the negativity in life and sooner or later gets blindsided by such. Which brings us back to ol' William's immortal prose, "to be, or not to be?" Should we succumb to emotions knowing that they will radiate off of us, therefore furthering the initial sentimant? Or rather, should we carefully analyze the many contributing factors that effect the situations we are a part of, and the situations that inspire said emotions, to fully understand how the magnification of our feelings will further effect what has already happened? Ultimately, such descisions are up to the individual, but I will always advocate understanding. For without understanding, knowledge is little more than memorization of other peoples opinions. Until next time...

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Sat, Nov 3rd - 1:49PM

Confession... I'm finding it increasingly difficult to write here. For some reason it is far easier for me to answer questions posed at me than to run with a predetermined "lesson-plan". This is a much different set-up than in my grove, where every moment so it seems, is spent having my brain picked apart by my druidic youngers. I had thought at first to recite some of my teachings there to here, but the "classroom" is of such chaos that doing so is even more difficult than said "lesson-plan". I shall not give up. In the words of Winston Churchill, "We will fight in braun, we will fight in the seas and oceans, we will fight in the hills and in the streets. We will go on to the end. We will never surrendur!" Albeit, that is the abridged version, but it will have to suffice. It was a very long and inspiring speech, that I have not commited to memory since high-school, and that was so very long ago. Alas, I am determined to maintain this as an educational "blog" rather than an uninspiring and unfocused rant of the trials and tribulations I'm facing. Until next time...
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Thu, Nov 1st - 10:32AM

Happy new year, everyone. For those of you who do not know, November first is the actual date of Samhain, the Celtic-Pagan religio-holiday celebrating the new year. According to ancient belief, today, (and especially tonight), the boundries that seperate this world from the nether-realms (otherworld, spiritworld, etc.) breakdown and allow passage to and fro. In other words, spirits and entities are now able to walk our world, (which is where we get the "halloween" dogma), and tend to their unfinished business. So, if you have a friend or loved one who has passed on, now is your chance to try and commune with them. Tell them you love them, miss them, are looking forward to the time your paths cross once more, (just hopefully not too soon). Also, this is an opportune time to bestow any blessings upon those close to you who still draw breath, ask the higher powers for guidance and protection, and start practicing positive affirmations for the coming year. Bless the seeds you're intending to plant come spring. Slaughter your winter beast, but don't forget to freeze the meat. And by all means, if you are able, take a long walk in the forrest, while trying to reconnect with a living world far bigger than the individual lives we all lead. Remeber, there is so much more to life than what we experience on the "norm". To truely live, we must accept and acknowledge what we cannot see, and incorporate those hidden forces into our daily lives. Whatever you're most comfortable calling it, (God, Jesus, Allah, the Goddess, Odynn, Zeus, your guardian angel), only through incorporation with these higher powers can anyone truely find peace and happiness. May the new year bring you that peace and happiness, as well as knowledge and understanding that no earthly thing is greater than the force that binds it. Until next time, may Odynn guide you, Thor protect you, and the Valkyrie one day carry you to the feast.
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Wed, Oct 31st - 4:18PM

Recently, I have investigated another writers "blog" that gives the impression it contains "famous quotes". While I am a avid fan of quotes I must confess I was less than impressed with what I read, (mostly bad jokes and a recipe for pumpkin seeds). I hope in the future that will improve, as I am always looking to add some interesting wordsmithing to my mental library. Until that time comes, allow me to share some worthwhile quotes I have collected over the years...

"Gete's don't wield words where swords speak truer."   -Beowulf-

"Believe what you learn, not what you're taught."   -Arch-Druid Ranneth-

"Do or do not. There is no try."   -Jedi Master Yoda-

"Much that once was is lost. For there are none now left who remember it."   -J.R.R. Tolkien-

"What man is a man that does not make the world a better place?"   -William Monahan-

"I do not handle acts of aggression diplomatically."   -U.S.Army Sgt. Andrew Stevenson-

"If you can't laugh you deserve to cry."   -Arch-Druid Ranneth-

"Only I am so arrogant as to quote myself, but isn't admission the pinnacle of humility?"   -the Teacher-

I hope you enjoyed these words of wisdom. Whether they amuse, inspire, or invigorate, if they do anything at all, then they have done their jobs.

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