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Sun, Oct 28th - 6:25AM

LOREK or the Lodge of the Order of Enlightened Knights
Lorek-World Organisation or The Lodge of the Order of Enlightened Knights is a mysterious organisation that contains a combination of many different characteristics from various religious, esoteric, spiritual and other similar origins.
The reader can perhaps classify it as a Lodge similar to the Free Masons or the Rosicrucians.And yet, it has additional characteristics that make it a true religion, even openly.For example, it offers prayers and you can ask online to have them pray for you, it believes that it has a religious purpose on earth and in the Universe and in other words, it does offer various religious aspects in addition to its esoteric and initiative approach.
Lorek states openly that they offer the "ORDER of ENLIGHTENMENT" and that they "act always with STRENGTH and FAIR REASON".They see themselves as influencing the World, through the Energy of the Unescapable Love of Eternity, and they require from their members, respect of the Law in their Society, tolerance,strength, help towards each other and to the world.
They have local "Holy-Oath Knighthoods" where they devote themselves to "Work in Unity", they offer Online Studies, and many other membership benefits.
The amazing thing is that the Lorek-World Organisation does not require fees, donations or any other form of payment from its members.They state: "LOREK-WORLD is based exclusively on the true brotherly care of its members and those from the members who are able to contribute, they do, while those who are not able to contribute in monetary terms, then they contribute in any other legitimate way they can.A millionaire and a poor member, are equal to the BROTHERHOOD and are respected similarly because they are BROTHERS."

A Lorekian, that should be the Member or Brother of the Lorek-World Organisation or of the Lodge of the Order of Enlightened Knights, is expected to become an example in the society and in a legitimate but rather secretive way, to approach others and gradually initiate them into The Order.

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