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Tue, Aug 26th - 4:31PM

Diocese of Ontario

St George's Cathedral, Kingston, Ontario
Diocese of Ontario Logo
St George's has been the cathedral of the Diocese of Ontario since the diocese was founded in 1861.

The diocese was formed when the 15 eastern counties of the Province of Ontario were separated from the Diocese of Toronto. The territory was greatly enlarged in 1886 by the transfer of land in the north from the Diocese of Algoma. The eastern and northern part of the diocese was then separated to become the Diocese of Ottawa in 1896 leaving the Diocese of Ontario with its current boundaries.

St George's Cathedral, Kingston, OntarioThe first St. George's church was built in 1792 with Rev. John Stuart as Rector. John Stuart was born in Pennsylvania and in 1770 became a missionary to the Mohawks at Fort Hunter, New York. He was a Loyalist and came to Canada in 1781 after his property was plundered and his church looted after the American Revolution. In 1785, Rev. Stuart conducted the first regular services of the Church of England in Upper Canada.

In 1825, construction of the present building began with the walls of this church forming part of the nave of the present Cathedral. In 1838-40, the church was enlarged, the steeple rebuilt, and the portico with its Doric columns added. In 1891-94, the transepts and the great dome were added. New Year's Day 1899 the interior of the Cathedral was gutted by fire. The Cathedral was restored in only eighteen months assuming its present form.

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Tue, Aug 19th - 4:12PM

St Mary Magdalene, Picton, Ontario
St Mary Magdalene, Picton, OntarioThe Parish of Picton was established in 1823. The first rector, Rev. William Macaulay (1794-1874), donated the land and primarily paid for the building of the first St. Mary Magdalene Church, which is now part of the Macaulay Heritage Park. Macaulay remained Rector for over 50 years until his death in 1874. He also donated the sites of the St. Gregory's Roman Catholic Church, Prince Edward District Court house and jail, and opened the first school. Picton, Ontario Anglican

In 1890, a Parish Hall was built on the site of the current church to accommodate evening services. The present church was opened on May 1, 1913 and the Parish Hall moved behind the church where it is today.

A major addition and improvement took place in 1992 when the building complex was made accessible to the handicapped through the addition of a walkway between the Church and the Parish Hall, and an elevator.

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Tue, Aug 12th - 11:21AM

St Thomas Anglican, Belleville, Ontario

Belleville, Ontario is located on the Bay of Quinte, an arm of Lake Ontario about 180 km east of Toronto. The original settlers were fur traders, then the town became an important sawmilling centre. When logging died out the city developed a cheesemaking industry and the economy is now based on diversified light manufacturing.
St Thomas Anglican, Belleville, Ontario The congregation of St Thomas Anglican, Belleville was formed on December 26, 1818. A larger building was erected in 1858. Just 18 years later the church was partially destroyed by fire. Keeping the same dimensions and appearance, the church was rebuilt on the standing walls.

In 1975 fire destroyed the building, leaving only the outside walls and tower standing. The interior was rebuilt as a freestanding structure within the restructured outside walls. In 1990, a modern glass-enveloped Parish Centre was built joined to the church.

New incumbant is the Rev. Brad Beale who comes to St Thomas, Belleville from the 6-point Parish of the Resurrection, Diocese of Huron, where he and his wife, Rev. Nancy Beale, were Associate Priests.
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Tue, Aug 5th - 4:10PM

St Alban-the-Martyr, Adolphustown, Ontario
St Alban-the-Martyr, Adolphustown, Ontario
St. Alban-the-Martyr, Adolphustown, Ontario was erected 1884-88 as a memorial to the Loyalists of the area. The Loyalists, American colonists who supported the British cause during the American Revolution, first began arriving in the area in 1784. About 7,500 settled along the St Lawrence River to the Bay of Quinte.

The Rev. John Langhorn who, from 1787 to 1813, was the resident missionary for the Townships of Ernesttown and Fredericksburgh conducted the first Anglican services at the home of Nicholas Hagerman. In 1822, a frame church named St. Paul's was built, which still stands just west of this site. In that year Adolphustown became a mission, and its first resident clergyman, the Rev. Job Deacon, served until 1850.

St Alban's is currently part of 2-point parish with St. Paul's, Sandhurst within the Diocese of Ontario.

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