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Mon, Nov 2nd - 10:11AM

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Canada's Ecclesiastical ProvincesThe Anglican Church of Canada is organized into 4 ecclesiastical provinces: Canada; Ontario; Rupert's Land; and British Columbia & Yukon.

The Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario was formed in 1912 when the Dioceses of Algoma, Huron, Niagara, Ontario, Ottawa and Toronto were separated from the province of Canada and the Diocese of Moosonee was separated from the province of Rupert's Land.

The Dioceses of Algoma, Huron, Niagara, Ontario and Toronto are entirely in the civil Province of Ontario. The Dioceses of Moosonee and Ottawa are also partly in Quebec.
Anglican Dioceses in Ontario
The Diocese of Toronto was established in 1839 and with some 272 churches is the largest of Canada's 30 dioceses.

Out of the Diocese of Toronto, the Diocese of Huron was formed in 1857, the Diocese of Ontario in 1862, the Diocese of Algoma in 1873 and the Diocese of Niagara in 1875.   The Diocese of Ottawa was formed in 1896 when the Diocese of Ontario was subdivided.   The Diocese of Moosonee was formed as a missionary diocese in 1875.

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Thu, Sep 24th - 10:39AM

Diocese of Toronto

St James' Cathedral, Toronto, Ontario

Diocese of Toronto LogoThe Diocese of Toronto is the most populous of the dioceses in the Anglican Church of Canada. The geographical area extends over 26,000 square kilometres and includes some 272 churches. St James Cathedral, Toronto

The diocese is separated into 4 episcopal areas each with a suffragan bishop:
  • York-Scarborough, from the center of Toronto and to the east, consists of 70 parishes
  • York-Credit Valley, from the center of Toronto and to the west, consists of 57 parishes
  • York-Simcoe, in the northwest, has 74 congregations
  • Trent-Durham, east and northeast of the city of Toronto has 69 churches

The present St James' Cathedral, Toronto is the fourth church erected on the site. It was opened in 1853, replacing the previous structure destroyed in the great fire of 1849. The spire, completed in 1872, at 314 feet is the highest in Canada.

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Thu, Sep 17th - 10:35AM

York-Scarborough Episcopal Area

Little Trinity Church, Toronto, Ontario
Little Trinity Church, Toronto, Ontario
Under the patronage of of Bishop John Strachan, first Anglican Bishop of Toronto, funds were raised to start construction of Little Trinity Church in 1843. Among the donors were William Gooderham and James Worts, owners of the distillery to the south. Completed the following year it is the oldest surviving church of any faith in the city of Toronto.

Attended largely by industrial workers, it was known as "The Poor Man's Church", although such prominent citizens as Joseph Shuter, William Cawthra and Alexander Dixon were associated with the church in its early days.

A fire in 1961 destroyed the addition of 1889 that enlarged the church to seat 600. Reconstruction returned the church to its early proportions.

The people who form the current congregation of Little Trinity come from across the metropolitan region of Toronto. About 400 people attend the three Sunday services each week. It is in the St. James Deanery of the York-Scarborough Episcopal Area.

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Thu, Sep 10th - 10:37AM

St Matthew Church, North York, Ontario
St Matthew the Apostle Church, North York, Ontario
The first services at St. Matthew the Apostle-Oriole were held in a portable santuary in 1964 with the current building opened in January 1970. The parish hall to the east was constructed first, followed by the main sanctuary area. The buildings are of concrete block and brick construction with asphalt shingled roofs.

The sanctuary has the altar centrally placed with seating arranged on three sides. The pulpit, organ and choir are located on the west wall. A stained glass skylight surmounts the altar cross, and stained glass clerestory windows surround the altar area. Wooden pews accommodate 250 people. At each of the four corners of the sanctuary area, a room is located for meetings and storage purposes.

The parish is in the York Mills Deanery of the York-Scarborough Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Toronto.

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Thu, Sep 3rd - 10:55AM

Church of St Andrew, Scarborough, Ontario
St Andrew Church, Scarborough, Ontario
The Church of St. Andrew, Scarborough began in a portable church in October 1956. The present church building was constructed in 1958 with an extension added in 1961.

In 1961, most of the 700 families on the parish rolls were of European descent. Now St Andrew's is one of the larger multi-cultural parishes in the diocese with many of the parishioners having roots in the West Indies.

St Andrew's is one of 20 churches in the Scarborough Deanery of the York-Scarborough Episcopal Area of the Diocese of Toronto.
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