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Sat, Oct 6th - 9:01AM

How to build a Fairy House

How to build a Fairy House

Greetings Everyone!

Spring is here and so are the flowers..and who do flowers attract? Fairies that's who...  So grab a bag and head out into your yard..everything is there (except glue) to put together a cute little home for your Fairy Friends.

Included below are complete directions on how to build a Fairy House...have fun!

How To Build A Faery House


Below you will find an easy faery home to make. Place it in your garden to give your faery friends a place to reside. I like to replace the faery home each Spring.

Making a faery house:

When at all possible use all parts from nature.
I use a strong craft or hot glue.
Find a nice flat piece of wood.
You can make the house as big or as small as you like.
I make mine about 5 or 6 in wide and about 4-5 in high.

If you have access to shale or other flat stone,
find some in the proper scale to the house you want.
You can also find nice flat riverstones in varying sizes.
Be creative... Look for pebbles, acorns, pinecones etc.
anything that would look nice decoratng your faery abode.

You also want a crystal (I like to use amythest)..or what ever is pleasing to you.
You will need some twigs, moss etc. for roofing.

Pick out the flat stones to make the sides of the house.
Using the flat wood as a base glue the stones on the wood.
Be sure to leave a door opening for the faery to enter.
I like to leave a good inch or so border of wood base showing.
When you have the sides of your house done Put on your roof.
I like to use twigs than place moss on top of that.

After you get this done start decorating the house and wood base
with the acorns, pinecones, pebbles etc in a pleasing manner.
You can place some items inside the house if you like.
These I do not glue down.
Than I attach the crystal above the door.
You can use glue but I like to use floral wire wrapped around a section,
and than use that to attach to one of the roof twigs.

Give the house a day or two to set the glue.
Do not use paint on the house.
Sometimes I will even place a trinket (faery love bright and shining things) in the house.
Do not use Iron or nickel as this repels faery.

When ready place the little faery home some where in your garden or flowerbeds.
Call out and let the faery know that this is a place for them.
I like to place some milk or honeycakes near the home.
Don't do this if your concerned about attracting animals.

Now you have a special place for your faery friends to visit.
You can put as many of these around as you like.
I usually keep two or three around.


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