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Tue, May 6th - 8:34AM

Beltane / May Day

Occurring at the beginning of May, this time of celebration has been characterized by "May poles" and "May flowers," as evidence by the folk saying, "April showers bring to May flowers." Beltane is the flipside of Samhain in that Beltane ushers in the light half of the year much the same as Samhain opens the way for the dark half.  Both represent times when the veil between our wourld and the fairy realm is at its thinnest.

On Beltane, elves and fairies mix barley with dew gathered at midnight to make a very potent brew.  Traditionally people left gifts of food and drink out for the fairies, hoping  to win their favor, particularly in matters of the heart.  Beltane has long been a time when lovers would encounter one another in search of their compatibility.

Flowers and love are favorites of the fairies, giving Beltane its special quality.  When you give someone flowers or a plant, you are giving a fairy gift.  It is a piece of nature that represents the larger whole.  Love is a beautiful fairy flower that must be nurtured and cared for if it is to survive and grow to its fullest potential.  To settle for anything less is to deprive yourself of the breath of life. 

Happy Birthday to my Daughter, Ashley. A May 1st baby, now 22 years old...full of goodness and love for others... a true Fairy Spirit lives within!   

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Wed, Mar 26th - 8:20AM

Creating a Flower Fairy Ring

Creating a Flower Fairy Ring

Through fairy rings you can connect and work with the energy of elves and fairies.  Also called fairy circles, dancing elves, and lightning strike, a traditional fairy ring appears as a circle of tall grass within a ring of toadstools, surrounded by a ring of darker earth or dark stones.  These favorite dancing places of the fairies, where music and merry revelry lure mortals into fairyland on full moons, can bring good or bad luck, healing or illness, pleasant dreams or nightmares.  It all depends on your intention.

The reason for making your own fairy ring is to attract helpful elves and fairies.  When you craft your own fairy ring for ritual, meditation, or prayers, your create a vortex of light.  You have complete control over this sacred space so it;s safe, unlike fairy rings in nature which are often extremely dangerous.  This personally crafted fairy ring is one in which you stand, sit, relax, or even sleep.  It is akin to a stargate, a portal to the Otherworld of fairyland.

I thought since it was springtime, I would show you how to create a Fairy Flower Ring.

Follow these steps to create a fairy flower ring

1.  Mark out the fairy flower ring in an area that gets full sun.  The ring can be any size you like, depending on the number of bulbs (this can also be done with plants or seeds)you plant.  Plant the bulbs in autumn.  Use a bulb-planting trowel to dig small holes at the proper depth around the edge of the ring. Plant a daffodial bulb in each hole,. following the directions provided on the package, add a bit of bone meal, and fill planted holes with potting soil. Water as needed.

2.  Walk three times clockwise or sunwise around the planted fairy flower ring, and sing a happy song or hum a favorite uplifing tune aloud.  Dedicate your fairy flower ring to the helpful fairies, including the flower fairies and woodland elves.

3.  In early spring, the bulbs will transform into beautiful yellow and white blooms in a perfectly natural fairy ring.  You can lay, site, stand, sing, dance, paint, sculpt, make wishes, dream or meditate in your golden fairy flower ring,  Every year the bulbs will mulitiply and your fairy flower ring will be larger, thicker, and slightly different.

It's now to late in the season to plant daffodial bulbs, but there are other nice perennials you can plant..such as Geraniums (they flower all summer and most of winter) or what ever your favorite perennial is that you know does well in your area.  Then when Autumn comes around you can plant your border of daffodial bulbs around your existing will be beautiful next spring!

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Sun, Nov 11th - 12:03PM

Greetings to all that come across this blog...your portal to the Fairy Realm...welcome!
It's been awhile since I last posted, life is very busy lately.  I hope you like the topic, Modern Fairy Encounters..

Modern Fairy Encounters

Author J. R. R. Tolkien’s fairy encounters began in the trenches of World War I, where he experienced unusual nature energies that opened the doorway into the world of the fairy.  In 1692, Robert Kirk, the minister of  Aberfoyle, Scotland, encountered fairies while he was walking on their hill, a short distance from the parsonage.  This experience had a profound effect on his life.  Nobel laureate author W.B. Yeats, who had several fairy encounters of his own, said “Only we who have neither simplicity nor wisdom have denied them (the fairies), and the simple of all times, and the wise ones of ancient times have seen them and even spoken to them.”

Each of these people had fairy experiences that had a profound effect on their lives. 


In 1976 Brian Froud’s  life changed forever when he moved to the small country village of Chagford in Devon, England. Up until that time he had lived in London and worked as a graphic artist.  London is a huge city with lots of buildings and people, and being a graphic artist was about drawing and painting what other people pay you to draw or paint.  These assignments often took him outside.  As Brian walked through the forests of oak and ivy across the wild expanses of Dartmoor, he began to hear words and stories whispered by the land with its wealth of folklore and myth. These encounters with nature began opening him up to the realm of the fairy.  He began to draw the images of the magical beings he encountered, producing the fascinating books Faeries and Good Faeries, Bad Faeries.

“They were all around me, tangible pulses of energy, spirit, emotion, and light.  They took on form as they stepped into my art, cloaked in shapes of nature and myth,” reflects Froud.  These fairy creatures guided, disrupted, enchanted, and plagued his daily life while visibly inspiring his pictures in every way.

Nothing is made up in his fairy art; the images come from direct fairy communications.

Brian Froud’s experience is similar to the modern fairy encounters.  These encounters occur more often in a natural setting, where the land is wild and undeveloped.  In addition, folklore says that the fairies only bestow their magic on those who are sincere, good at heart, kind and gentle, truthful, open-minded and relaxed, and most of all respectful.

Fairy encounters happen at places and times when two points or elements come together.  Examples include between the sea and the land, where mountains meet the flatlands, where woodlands blend into meadowlands, where a tree trunk meets the earth, and where a river winds through its stone and earthen riverbed.  Magical encounters also frequently occur during times when light and dark converge such as at dawn and dusk. Optimum sites for encounters include fairy circles and mounds (In a later blogg I will teach you how to make a faerie ring), wondrous caves, and bubbling creeks that speak to your inner spirit.

When you encounter fairies, elves, and other magical creatures it feels like no other experience,  It can either bring an immense amount of magic or mischief, depending on you, your attitude, and the fairies themselves.  When it brings magic, the encounter takes on divine proportions, and at that point, anything is possible.  What qualifies as a miracle or act of magic is a matter of who induced the event. 

When God creates a rainstorm in a drought it is called a miracle, but if a fairy or elf creates the same rainstorm, it would be call magic.  The difference is in how you perceive it.  Miracles have divine implications, whereas magic is viewed as slight of hand or something that is not as it seems because it attempts to deceive onlookers.  Miracles and magic (in my opinion) are basically the same thing.  They are extraordinary events that are very much real.

The journey to fairyland and the magic of the fairies can have a profound effect on your life.  Fairy encounters open the doorway to other kinds of experiences that can have a creative and healing influence.

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Wed, Oct 10th - 8:54AM

Here's a list of plants that attract beautiful butterflies and fairies to your garden

Achillea millefolium (common yarrow)
Aster novi-belgii (New York aster)
Chrysanthemum maximum (shasta daisy)
Coreopsis grandiflora/verticillata (coreopsis)
Agastache occidentalis (western giant hyssop or horsemint)
Lavendula dentata (French lavender)
Rosemarinus officinalis (rosemary)
Thymus (thyme)
Buddleia alternifolia (fountain butterfly bush)
Buddleia davidii (orange-eye butterfly bush, summer lilac)
Potentilla fruitiosa (shrubby cinquefoil)
Petunia hybrida (common garden petunia)
Verbena (verbenas, vervains)
Scabiosa caucasica (pincushion flowers)
Cosmos bipinnatus (cosmos)
Zinnia elegans (common zinnia)

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Sat, Oct 6th - 9:01AM

How to build a Fairy House

How to build a Fairy House

Greetings Everyone!

Spring is here and so are the flowers..and who do flowers attract? Fairies that's who...  So grab a bag and head out into your yard..everything is there (except glue) to put together a cute little home for your Fairy Friends.

Included below are complete directions on how to build a Fairy House...have fun!

How To Build A Faery House


Below you will find an easy faery home to make. Place it in your garden to give your faery friends a place to reside. I like to replace the faery home each Spring.

Making a faery house:

When at all possible use all parts from nature.
I use a strong craft or hot glue.
Find a nice flat piece of wood.
You can make the house as big or as small as you like.
I make mine about 5 or 6 in wide and about 4-5 in high.

If you have access to shale or other flat stone,
find some in the proper scale to the house you want.
You can also find nice flat riverstones in varying sizes.
Be creative... Look for pebbles, acorns, pinecones etc.
anything that would look nice decoratng your faery abode.

You also want a crystal (I like to use amythest)..or what ever is pleasing to you.
You will need some twigs, moss etc. for roofing.

Pick out the flat stones to make the sides of the house.
Using the flat wood as a base glue the stones on the wood.
Be sure to leave a door opening for the faery to enter.
I like to leave a good inch or so border of wood base showing.
When you have the sides of your house done Put on your roof.
I like to use twigs than place moss on top of that.

After you get this done start decorating the house and wood base
with the acorns, pinecones, pebbles etc in a pleasing manner.
You can place some items inside the house if you like.
These I do not glue down.
Than I attach the crystal above the door.
You can use glue but I like to use floral wire wrapped around a section,
and than use that to attach to one of the roof twigs.

Give the house a day or two to set the glue.
Do not use paint on the house.
Sometimes I will even place a trinket (faery love bright and shining things) in the house.
Do not use Iron or nickel as this repels faery.

When ready place the little faery home some where in your garden or flowerbeds.
Call out and let the faery know that this is a place for them.
I like to place some milk or honeycakes near the home.
Don't do this if your concerned about attracting animals.

Now you have a special place for your faery friends to visit.
You can put as many of these around as you like.
I usually keep two or three around.


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