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Tue, Jul 31st - 8:53AM

Traveling with your pet

We are discussing traveling with your pet today. I recently  made a car trip (2000 miles) to Canada with my dogs, Benji and Peanut.  Both are smaller pets and are well mannered (they are Therapy Dogs)...but they are still dogs!  We called ahead for motel reservations along our route amd made sure the Welcome Sign was out for them.  AmeriSuites, La Quainta and come Comfort Inns are good at this. 

We were crossing into Canada and we concerned with the paperwork needed to come and go across an International Border with pets.  That turned out to be the easiet part.  Keeping Benji and Peanut fed ( I make their food since the Recall) and making sure that they did not get overheated was harder.  We had up to the minute Health and Vaccination Certificates for them and the Border Crossings were easy.  The heat was harder.  We sell body Cooling products, neck coolers and amazing Cooling Mats.  Well, these products were put to the test.  We left in 85+ degree heat.  When we hit Canada the temperature started to drop into the high 50's.  One of the products that I tested on our trip was our heated bed. We stayed with relatives in a VERY COLD basement and the liitle guys loved the warmth of their snuggly bed!

In the car we have two different (but very cozy) dog carseats.  These protect our little ones and also allow them to "look-out" the windows. The wear harnesses and these hook safely ino the seats.  If there is an "unscheduled Stop" or incident, even if the doors are flung open they are safe. On short stops they also do not become airborne missles. We love the seats and they seem to also.

We took very few pictures so I can not share this trip with you but I am looking forward to hearing from you!

Wet Doggie Kisses and best Human regards, Monica & Patricia

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