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Mon, Apr 7th - 2:49PM

Earth Day Concert for Engineers Without Borders

Earth day Concert Flyer

Come join us to celebrate earth day and help raise
funds for Engineers Without Borders.  This evening
featuring the music of: The Sultans of String, Jon
Brooks, Noah Zacharin, Russell Leon, Peter J Slack
with Jen Gillmor, and Stacy Ricker.  Don't miss
this special music event!

 Date: April 22, 2008

 Time Start/End: 8:00 pm / 1:00 am

 Venue: The Gladstone Ballroom
     1214 Queen Street West
     Toronto, ON M6J 1J6
     (416) 531-4635

 Cover: $20 Advanced / $22  Door
     (Tickets can be purchased online)


 Contact Info:

   Peter J Slack

Engineers Without Borders
( ) responds to the needs of
people in developing communities to help gain
access to technologies that will improve their
lives; technology that, when appropriately
incorporated into each community's social,
cultural, economic and political context, can
drive extraordinary change.

Don't miss out, this LOVECASTING happens only once
a year on Earth Day and this year, Songwriters
Unite and have assembled an
amazing line up of artists to help celebrate

 The Sultans of String
 Jon Brooks
 Noah Zacharin
 Russel Leon
 Peter J Slack with Jen Gillmor
 Stacy Ricker

 With host: Laura Fernandez

Thanks to our kind Sponsors for supporting this
event. Please visit our website for further
information and to purchase your tickets.

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Wed, Sep 26th - 10:11AM

Toronto Songwriters’ Festival Hello to all fine folks,

Songwriters Unite is a proud partner with the Jai Dee Children's Fund to announce The 2nd Annual Toronto Songwriters' Festival on October 13 - 14 at the Hugh's Room.

Last year, Songwriters Unite! collaborated with the Jai Dee Children's Fund and managed to raise almost $6000; enough money to build a kindergarten classroom in Laos Cambodia. This year we look forward to another successful event with your support!

Come on out to Toronto's two-day annual acoustic festival, where you get to groove to the original compositions of some of our top homegrown talent. The best part? All proceeds go toward helping to educate poor children in Laos and India--proving that you can have fun and make a difference at the same time! CityTV did a segment on our show last year and the local paper also wrote about us. The quality of the music is phenomenal and it's great to know you are making a difference in the lives of poor children. You can even shop at our silent auction for exotic things like handwoven silk scarves from Laos. Door prizes too! Please join us!

Sat Oct 13 is for adult music lovers, featuring:
Joshua Bartholomew, Kat Goldman, MEA Stars, Andy
Carey, Tucker Finn and Peter Verity.

Sun Oct 14 (11-3) is for young music aficionados
and their family and friends (you'll be amazed at
the talent of these young songwriters!).

For more info drop by our festival website:

Ticket Information:

Saturday October 13th, 8pm to 12am: $25.00 advance, $27.00 at the door.
Sunday October 14th, 11am to 3pm: $10.00 advance, $12.00 at the door.

Contact Hugh's Room for tickets and dinner
reservations. Phone: (416) 531-6604 or Fax: (416)531-9545
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Sun, Jul 29th - 8:52PM

Peter J Slack Musical BLOG
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Sun, Jul 29th - 8:47PM

Guardian Angel : song track
Song Track:

This is for my wife Terri who asked that I writeand perform a song to celebrate her goal of becoming a Mary Kay Sales Director. For any ofyou who are active with Mary Kay you understand that this is a very difficult goal to achieve. Throughout the four month process there was a recurring theme at the end of each month, one of panic that we wouldn't make the required sales mark and all of the work the previous months, all of the time and money invested was for not. At the end of each month the goal was met at the eleventh hour. I realized a long time ago that this always happened to us throughout our life together; at the last minute a small miracle would happen and we could carry on with our life.

This song is a celebration of our family's Guardian Angel and I extend hopes and wishes that all of your own Guardian Angels that protect you and your family, with love and light, will forever come through at the last minute when needed most.

Guardian Angel
Guardian Angel shine your precious light.
Show the path where everything's all right.
Spend too much time waiting for the axe to fall.
Out of our minds; working 'till the break of dawn.

Guardian Angel lend me your wings today.
Give us faith that there's a better way.
Spend too much time waiting for the axe to fall.
Out of our minds; working 'till the break of dawn.

We gather here to make your glory shine.
Do what.s right, no hearts of courage resign.
Just when it seems we're headed for another fall
You are there to help us through it all.

Guardian Angel lend me your wings today.
Give us faith that there's a better way.
Spend too much time waiting for the axe to fall.
Out of our minds; working 'till the end of dawn.

Words and Music (C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack the Digital Bird
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Sun, Jul 29th - 8:44PM

I'll see you in the morning: song track
Hello again good people,

Song Track

What do you do when you have the blues and don't drink? I was asking myself this very question the other day. I decided the question was also a good title for a blues album. Most obvious the first track in an album of this title would be called "I'll see you in the morning", something I would never say after a night of drinking.

Sleep is the best cure for the blues besides playing the blues, and so to answer the important question, in rootsy blues with a twist song:

I'll see you in the morning
The up side of the morning,
is the right side of the head.
The flip side is the evening,
the left side of the bed.

I'll see you in the morning,
with my arms wide open.

Love to you all, and goodnight...;-)
Words and Music (C)opyright 2007, Peter J Slack, SOCAN

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