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Fri, Jul 27th - 10:32AM

Homeschool Blogger
Keeping Good Records

If you have decided to join the homeschool revolution there are a few things you should know.

1. Some states have declared specific home school statues while others have not.

2. It is important that you keep good records if in fact legal matters occur. These include:

* A statement of assurance form from the local school district verifying that your homeschool program/private education, provides responsible instruction as specified by state law.
* Note: each state is different and if not mandatory in some states.
* Check your state’s education statues usually available at the state board of education.
* Some states require instead a non-public school registration form.
* Most updated forms now have a homeschool option box for homeschooling parents to check.

3. If your child has attended or is attending a public or private school, go to the school and get a transfer. Do not just pull him or her out of school. Leave a clean paper trail.

4. Construct a typed letter stating that your children are taught appropriately in all required subject areas. Make sure the letter is signed and notarized.

5. A copy of each child’s birth certificate.

6. A copy of each child’s social security card.

7. A copy of each child’s updated medical records.

8. If you opt out of immunizations, state your reasons in a letter and get it notarized. Note: Some states required an updated medical in preschool, kindergarten, 5th grade, 9th, and upon entering college.

9. Keep a list of each subject your child studies and a brief overview of the subject.

10. Document your child’s educational schedule and learning outcomes. What did they learn, master, and achieve?

Keep a file with these articles for each child. Keep it safe. Lock it in a safe if you have to. Above all…

Do it responsibly or don’t do it at all!

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