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Tue, Sep 18th - 8:45PM

Lots of changes in the Nursery
Grammies Cloth doll nursery keeps growing and adding new products.  We have added a grammie doll carseat to our accessosies section.  We also now have grammie baskets and grammie doll beds, all for the wonderful cloth dolls that we keep adding.

We have also now added a pattern section and will be adding new patterns to this section as they are designed.  I started doing this because I know that sometimes you want to be the maker.  So we are now adding both downlaodable patterns as well as printed patterns to grammies doll nursery. 

Cloth dolls are one of the safest and most educational toys that you can purchase for your child. These toys will not be outgrown in a short time as cloth dolls continue to grow with your child.  As we know that when children get older they want their dolls to be more and more like real babies we continue to add accessories that your child will enjoy for many years in the future.

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Wed, Aug 15th - 10:55AM

Special Christmas package
Grammies dolls is ready to help with all of your christmas shopping needs for your child.  This Saturday at noon EST we will offically launch our christmas package.

The package will include out create your love cloth doll, the complete baby care package and the grammie bassinet.  All combined for one low price.

book mark grammies dolls now and get ready to order your special christmas package.  We will only offer this package for a short time!  Go on over to our site at and get ready!

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Tue, Jul 31st - 5:23AM

One step at a time
Last week I was sewing, and sewing and sewing.

Well first let me say that my trim stash was getting pretty low. But luckily for me and the cloth dolls, some one had a sale and I got more trims so the cloth baby dolls will have pretty trims for several more weeks.

But back to the point I spent the week sewing, and forgot to take the picutres as I finished a set, so now I have photographed everything and am slowly adding it to the site. But the are several new items on that site that I know the little mommies of the world will love.

Check them out and remember that christmas is coming and quickly to boot!

the store can be found at

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Fri, Jul 27th - 7:31AM

I did it....the design is right
Ok, so the grandson thought his doll needed a bed.  But I did not want a traditional bed for his baby.  For one thing he is not here all the time and storage is at a minimum.  Secondly he is getting a baby brother soon and knowing that we will have another one toddling a traditional doll bed bothered me.  So I went to the design/sewing corner.  Some folks have a room, I have a corner but nobody bothers my stuff so I dont really care. 

I knew bascially what I wanted for the doll beds, since I have the bassinet for the new baby.  But I also wanted to be able to roll this thing up and have it fit into the diaper bag for when the kids are gone.  So I got the tools out and ended up with the first going in the trash, it just simply would not "stand up" without support.  Support would have made it unwashable or added peieces that would get lost.

But on the second try i got it.  We now have Grammie baskets that will allow my mommy and daddy friends to put their cloth dolls to sleep, and allow Mom and Dad to stow the baby bed when traveling and when the kids are not using it.  It rolls just like a sleeping bag for storage and will slide right into the diaper bag that come with our accessory kits!  And my grandson is thrilled!

You can see all of our products on our website at

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Tue, Jul 24th - 6:46AM

its only 154 days until Christmas
Geesh I saw that message this morning and started thinking geesh is it really that time already.  But I knew over the weekend that it was time to pack up my little cloth friends and take them on the road.  You see I have many cloth dolls just waiting to be adopted by their new momma or poppa.

Not only that but the work room (actually the corner) has been busy all weekend developing the new accessory care packs for the cloth friends.  When that new momma or poppa recieves that new little cloth doll and an accessory pack they are all set to take care of their friend.

In fact the tester worked so well that we could take the 3 year old site seeing for 5 hours of walking and riding on Saturday and she was a happy camper.  She sat in her car seat and played with her baby.  When we were walking she carried the baby and the diaper bag and nto one time did anyone else have to carry the doll.  When Nina arms got tired of carrying the baby she put her in her front carrier and the baby rode for a while.  It was wonderful!  Wish I had designed these years ago when her mom was little!

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