Napoleon Home Inspections is proud to welcome aboard two highly qualified inspectors. Carl Kolbe is an experienced building inspector with over 10 years in the building industry and Brent Rowe is a graduate A.Sc.T. both fully trained and with excellent credentials. Napoleon Home Inspections has been based out of Barrie ON for the past five years and has built a solid reputation jumping into the fore front by introducing introducing their Fair Pricing Policy and a 100 % Money Back Guarantee Policy.  These industry leading commitments have lead to such a large increase in business that the “Barrie Home Inspector” has had to expand to meet the needs of the Simcoe County area.

In accordance with our Mission Statement to always provide exceptional service to our clients we have now added Thermal Imaging technology to our inspection process. This exciting new technology is allowing Professional Home Inspectors to detect hidden deficiencies by reading the heat signature radiated of the products used to build your home.

Thermal Imaging is an invaluable tool for energy loss detection. Our Thermal Imaging Camera has the ability to show air leaks and missing insulation. With a minimum of 10 deg F temperature differential we can identify where insulation was not installed, has slipped or was just installed improperly. Imagine the difference in your heating bills with just having a couple areas of missing insulation.

As always our goal to keep our clients as informed and educated as possible. We endeavor to do this by constantly exceeding training requirements and qualifications of all major home inspection associations and also investing in the latest technology to ensure we always provide a superior service in comparison.

As always, CAVEAT EMPTOR - buyer beware :)