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Wed, Oct 17th - 4:45AM

Pre-Delivery Home Inspections in Barrie ON
New home buyers in Ontario are protected under the Ontario New Home Warranties Plan Act. This offers protection against defects in material and workmanship, delayed closings, unauthorized substitutions and deposit protection up to a total of 300,000 dollars. Many of Tarion's material warranties do not compare well with any premier manufactures warranties.

Home buyers in Canada rarely buy a home without a home inspection. If you decide to buy a home without a Home Inspection most Realtors will have you sign a waiver indicating your choice. This is because they know the risks involved and they are professionals. Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation recommends you hire a Professional Home Inspector to inspect any home you are buying. Tarion never mentions your right to have a Home Inspector accompany you for your Pre Delivery Inspection and actually has made it harder by stating that you may have to notify the builder in writing if you want to have a "designate" accompany you.

Chris DiNovo, the New Democrat MPP for a Toronto riding tried to submit a Private Members bill to have Tarion held accountable to the Provincial Ombudsman, rather than Tarion's own Ombudsman, who works at Tarion's offices and is employed by them. Currently if you are not happy with Tarion's decisions or actions you only the expense route of going to court. Tarion operates independently of government. It is a private corporation financed by builder registration, renewal and home enrolment fees. All those fees are included in the cost of the home so Tarion is paid by the Home Buyer but receives none of the benefits.

The situation in Ontario concerning Tarion's lack of accountability has spawned groups like the "Canadians for Properly Built Homes" (CPBH) which is fighting on behalf of new home buyers for some accountability for The Tarion New Home Warranty Corporation. In 2008 they issued a Press Release: "Canadians for Properly Built Homes (CPBH) is very pleased with the Ombudsman Ontario's report "Building Clarity": Investigation into how the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services represents its relationship with the Tarion Warranty Corporation to the public:, and supports its recommendations. With Ombudsman's findings, the Government of Ontario and Tarion can no longer continue to deny the very serious issues with Ontario's new home warranty system. It is clear that the current system of home warranty in Ontario has not adequately protected may Ontario purchasers of newly built homes. This have been devastating for many Ontario families."

When buying a new home you are also incurring the cost of the building permit which is issued by your local building department prior to construction starting on your new home. As part of the building permit your home has specified inspections that are required for each stage of building. Many times deficiencies are either overlooked or the inspection is not made which allows the builder to provide a substandard product without proper supervision. Some of the items typically found by home inspectors on new home construction include: missing attic insulation, loose heat registers, drains to weeping tile left open, improper slope on furnace and hot water tank vents, damaged floor trusses, improperly nailed joist hangers, wrong nails used in joist hangers and improperly installed shingles.

Your Pre Delivery Inspection is the best defense you have against shoddy workmanship when purchasing your new home. The house is still in the builders possession and all the items noted on the Pre Delivery Form are his responsibility alone. Many builders will try and put things off until the 30 day inspection but that opens the door to dispute as you have had possession of the home for 30 days. Not all builders are the same and there are some very good builders of quality homes available in Ontario. Check out your potential new home builder on Google, you might be surprised by what you learn. Just type in builders name, builder and problems and instantly you can see what people are complaining about. Taking a professional home inspector along on your Pre Delivery Inspection only makes sense as he and your lawyer are the only people involved in the new home purchase that only work for you. Everyone else has other primary interests and yours is secondary to that if there is any interest at all.

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