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Fri, Jan 13th - 5:11AM

Quit Smoking Moncton
Imagine Laserworks can help you Quit Smoking in Less than an Hour.

Visit Quit Smoking Moncton to start your new life today. Using Low Level Laser Therapy which is similar to Acupuncture your Nicotine Cravings can be controlled and allow you the opportunity to finally throw away those cigarettes.

At the Imagine Laserworks Centre in Moncton Dieppe the Laser Acupuncture Technicians will help you quit smoking, lose weight, end addictions, eliminate stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, pain and more in the quickest, easiest and safest way possible with state of the art technology.

Imagine Laserworks Dieppe/Moncton Is where you can go to quit smoking, quit addictions, get treated for weight loss or pain with laser acupuncture Call to Quit Smoking Today T 506-855 2222

Imagine Laserworks Addiction Treatment Centers specializing in Smoking Cessation, Drug Addiction, Alcohol Dependence, Weight Management, Anxiety and Depression.

Trust Moncton's Premier Laser Treatment Center which is a member of Canada's Largest Network of Stop Smoking and Weight Loss Clinics. All technicians are fully trained in use of Low Level Laser protocols.

Imagine Laserworks in Moncton Dieppe NB

T. 506.855.2222

Suite 102, 976 Champlain St. Dieppe NB – First Floor

E1A 1P8
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Thu, Oct 2nd - 5:15AM

Fire Prevention Week

Fire Prevention Week was founded in memorial the Chicago Fire in 1871. The city wide fire killed over 250 people and left a 100,000 homeless. In recognition of the Great Chicago Fire in 1925 President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed the first Fire Prevention Week. In Canada the first Fire Prevention Week was created by the Governor General in 1919.

Fire Prevention personnel in Fire Departments practice the three E’s. The 3 E's are Education, Engineering and Enforcement. Education is the primary role of Fire Prevention Week with National Programs targeting a specific area of Education and also including visits to schools and manning educational booths in high traffic areas. Many Fire Departments have Smoke Trailers or similar devices which allow school children to participate directly in a learning environment.

Stop, Drop and Roll is a primary example of the type of teaching Fire Prevention officers teach to young and old alike. Fire extinguisher training is also carried out in supervised instructional settings. New video technology allows mass training in classroom environments.

One of the most important messages your local fire department promotes frequently is to make sure you have a smoke detector installed and you test it monthly to ensure it works. Did you know that many people don’t test their smoke alarms as often as they should? When there is a fire, smoke spreads fast. You need working smoke alarms to give you time to get out. Test yours every month! In the US approximately one third of all deaths related to fire in the home occurred where there was no working smoke detector.

There are two types of smoke detectors commonly used, Ionization and Photoelectric.

Ionization type smoke detectors have a small particle of radioactive material between two electrically charged plates, which ionizes the air and causes current to flow between the plates. When smoke enters the chamber, it disrupts the flow of ions, thus reducing the flow of current and activating the alarm.

Photoelectric-type smoke detectors aim a light source into a sensing chamber at an angle away from the sensor. Smoke enters the chamber, reflecting light onto the light sensor; triggering the alarm.

Alongside this year’s Fire Prevention theme of “Working Smoke Alarms Save Lives: Test Yours Every Month!”, your local fire department will be holding open houses for the public during Fire Prevention Week to allow them to meet the staff and tour their facilities.

The Best Home Inspector in Barrie ON
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Sun, Jul 27th - 5:34AM

Orillia Home Inspections


At Orillia Home Inspections we offer the experience of personally completing over 5,000 home inspections. As a Certified Building Code Official with the Ontario Building Officials Association we can offer an educated home inspection that is above the scope of most inspection companies. Roger Frost is also a Certified Master Inspector, member of NACHI, OBOA, NACBI and WETT.


The Orillia Home Inspector offers FREE Thermal Imaging with every home inspection. Thermal Imaging can detect missing insulation, hidden moisture and electrical hot spots. Roger was the first home inspector to offer Thermal Imaging in all of Simcoe County.


Whether you have a fireplace, woodstove or pellet stove, most insurance companies now require a WETT Certified Inspection prior to issuing home insurance policy. The Orillia Home Inspector is WETT Certified and only charges $50.00 per appliance when included as part of home inspection.


With over ten years experience in residential home inspections the Orillia Home Inspector is proud to offer all clients a 100% Money Back Guarantee on all home inspections. If the client is not totally satisfied with their home inspection they receive a full refund.


With a strong background in construction and industrial building inspections the Orillia Home Inspector also provides Commercial Property Inspections to most of Southern Ontario. We specialize in apartment complexes, large commercial plazas, strip malls and industrial buildings. We have been retained by international investment companies for all their property inspections in Southern Ontario and individual investors purchasing plazas in excess of 30 million dollars in value.


When investing in your next property call Roger Frost at 888-818-8608 or 705-795-8255


Visit our article on Home Maintenance Tips for valuable information.
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Sun, Jul 13th - 2:43AM

Inspecting Century Homes by Barrie Home Inspector

Most buyers of Century Homes have no idea of the amount of work and costs that may be involved with purchasing a Century Home. With over ten years of experience in inspecting Century Homes in the Barrie area I have put together an article listing some of the major problems that you may encounter.

Buyers Information for Century Homes in Barrie ON

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Sat, Jun 7th - 3:38AM

Barrie Home Inspection – Making Your Real-Estate Purchase Safe


Purchasing your own home is a big step, and as expensive as real-estates are, you need to be sure you are purchasing fully functional property, that ought to become your family’s home for years to come.


Barrie Home Inspections has great and proven experience of conducting the house and property inspections for over 10 years, following high-standard professionalism in delivering only top services. This company has certification in Building Code Official, so you can expect nothing less than high-quality performance and top services. When planning to make a real-estate investment, Barrie Home Inspection will undoubtedly help you save your money and time by conducting thorough inspections and offering 100% money back guarantee in case you are unsatisfied, which only confirms their professionalism and efforts they put in granting you safe property and home investments.


Barrie Home Inspections – Top Inspection Services


Barrie Home Inspection is covering almost entire South Ontario area, offering professional services in inspecting your house and real-estate properties, so you can be sure you are investing safe, having safe home for you and your family. Barrie Home Inspection team is available in a single call, working for your convenience, by delivering top services.


Pre-sale and Purchasing Inspections


If you want to be sure you are purchasing a functional and safe home for you and your family, Barrie professional team offers services of property evaluation, so that every technical aspect of the house is well covered and checked for functionality. You can order this service even if you are planning to sell your house, for after evaluation of home safety and functionality, your property will be more wanted and easily sold.


New Home Pre-delivery Inspections


Pre-delivery inspections help to make your home a safe and comfortable living space for your family, the Barrie Home Inspection team conducts a thorough inspection of your properties interior and exterior, following your instructions and taking care of your concerns in order to make your house a safe and secure place to live.


Property Management


Before you make a move in purchasing the house you like and start converting it into a home, or investing in property project, you can hire a Barrie Home professional team, that also offers property consulting and management as part of their service list. By conducting inspections and checking quality of house interior and exterior, team will be able to give you their professional evaluation, so you can decide whether to invest or not.


Commercial Property Inspections


Barrie Home Inspection team is also specialized in inspecting and evaluating commercial properties, covering all building aspects, so you can be certain of properties’ condition and your investment safety. All the services are being conducted with high professionalism and at affordable prices.


Country Estate Inspections


During the country estate inspection, professional team is set to give you a detailed evaluation report, so you would have an insight in well state of property you want to purchase or sell. The years of experience on the field and high-standard specialization in conducting country estate and real-estate inspections, make their evaluation 100% accurate.


Century Homes


Century homes can make a great investment, because old houses often gain a lot on prices due to old building techniques and applied skills, but more often the repairs you need pay to make the rural house to be functional and safe can cost you more than house itself. If you are planning to make a rural house your home, Barrie Home Inspection can help you evaluate the damages and consult you about your next steps in house repairing and purchasing. Barrie Home Inspections is also dealing with evaluating Multi-residential and century homes, with high-professionalism and affordable prices.
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