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Sat, Jun 9th - 7:47AM

Ok all you Chocolate Lovers and Chocoholics - Here's the Scoop!


You need to discover the Acai dark chocolate breakthrough! There has never been a healthier dark chocolate snack ever invented that is combined with Acai berries and packed with ORAC benefits that slows aging and prevents disease. In fact, there is no other item in the health food store or online that you can order that has this much ORAC in their products, unless you take several capsules, YUK!!  that's no fun.... why not indulge in a very Decadent, Delicious and Healthy dark chocolate snack?


These healthy chocolate products are second to none! Just one Xocai Omega Bar or a few Xocai Nuggets per day will keep the doctor away, along with increased energy, weight loss, and more benefits than can be listed on this web site!!! (don’t forget to click on “View Nutritional Page”)


There is no other superfood that uses the combination of Acai berries and dark chocolate (which are the top antioxidant / superfoods available)  that provides the level of ORAC benefits (i.e. the "Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity"). The more oxygen in your system, the higher your metabolism, and the less chance of cancer or other degenerative diseases. Do yourself a favor and sign up to save money while enjoying the health benefits for yourself, your family and all your friends...they will love you for introducing them to such a healthy treat!


Here is a synopsis of the top ORAC values: Unprocessed cocoa = 26,000; Acai berry = 18,500; Dark Chocolate = 13,120; Prunes = 5,770; Rasins = 2,830; Blueberries = 2,400; Strawberries = 1,540... etc., etc. As you can see, unprocessed cocoa, Acai berries and dark chocolate not only make a great team, being the three top antioxidants of any superfood available anywhere.... You can see why it is not only a delicious, and decadent snack, but extremely healthy chocolate to consume on a regular basis.


Want more Proof? Check this out this site by Dr Steve Warren.




Enjoy a Healthy “Delicious” Chocolate Day

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