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Wed, Jun 15th - 4:25AM

In Defense of Pass L or Pass Links
Hello Fellow WebRingites / WebRingers / WebRingesses!

We are going to stand up and say the following...


Pass Links is what happens when professional websites join webring and want to look professional. Looking professional is very important for a website's reputation, especially depending on what business you are in. ie. Architect, doctor, lawyer, politician, website designer... even the lowly plumber wants to look professional about their work.

That is why many websites out there prefer to use Pass L on their websites. Because they're professionals and they want to continue looking like professionals so they can bring in the necessary clients (which in turn pays for their mortgage and puts bread on the table).

If webring masters/mistresses only limit their webrings to people who Pass (but no Pass Link websites) they are limiting themselves only to the amateurs of their particular field. This is bad for their webring's vitality and also bad for the reputation of WebRing as a whole because it denotes that only amateurs use webring (while I would argue WebRing is an untapped goldmine for businesses).

We urge WebRing and its webring masters/mistresses... ALLOW PASS L websites into your webrings. If you are truly vigilant in maintaining the quality of your webrings, then you won't regret it. True, there are some websites out there which try to extort the webring system via Pass L, but that is why you are supposed to be vigilant and check each website before you approve it anyway. Vigilance is a virtue.

Plus WebRing now has its wonderful preview mode, another deterrent against Pass L abusers.

We would argue however that Pass L abuse is extremely rare however and a little vigilance on the part of the webring masters/esses is all that is needed.

Speaking on behalf of the Lilith eZine's 300+ webrings we have NEVER had a problem with Pass L abusers. Mind you we are rather vigilant and we've been members of WebRing since the days of Geocities (ah, that brings back memories...)

And since our lack of problems despite managing so many webrings makes it pretty clear (to us at least) that Pass L abuse is really more of a bogey man, it becomes self evident that other webringers must feel the same about this fictional scary webringite who tries to abuse the system. Its like leprechauns, weapons of mass destruction and the tooth fairy.

True, we suppose its possible that there is WMD out there somewhere in Iraq... true there might be real Leprechauns hoarding gold, or real tooth fairies stealing people's teeth... but somehow we highly doubt it. And really its not worth fretting about because such worries are so minor.

What is worth fretting about is the quality and professionalism of WebRing and its community of people (regardless of whether they are professionals or amateurs, use Pass L or not).

The Lilith eZine Staff

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