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Fri, Aug 1st - 2:14AM

Greyhound passenger stabs stranger to death and beheads him
Today a passenger on a Greyhound bus near Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada stabbed a fellow sleeping passenger to death with what witnesses described as a Rambo-style army knife. The man then sliced off the dead man's head with the knife, and chased fellow passengers off the bus with the knife in one hand and the decapitated head in the other.

The bus driver (with the help of a trucker who stopped wondering what was wrong) managed to close the bus door and barricade the crazed man inside with all of the other passengers safely off the bus.

Statistically, Canada's crime rate is dropping, so this sort of thing is quite rare. Indeed the murder rate in Canada is the lowest in North America. Its not just Canada's gun laws either. Canada has long had a history of less crime than the Americans to the south.

The last time a crazed killer struck in Canada was two years ago in 2006. Kimveer Gill, the gothic self-proclaimed "angel of death" went on a shooting rampage in Montreal, injuring 19 people, but thankfully killed only one person. It could have been a lot worse.

In Kimveer Gill's case it was a clear case of suicide by cop.

But what about "Mr Headhunter" on the Greyhound bus?

The man he killed was a complete stranger who had fallen asleep listening to a mp3 player. Maybe he didn't like the man's music and just lost it?

Or did he just figure "what the heck" and go berserk? Sanity if often described as saying NO to that voice in your head that says "You know, you could kill that guy right now if you felt like it..."

But why bring a huge "Rambo" knife on the bus in the first place? That shows intent, not deciding something at the last moment and spontaneously killing a stranger.

He brought the knife, he picked a seat near the back, chose his target (a young white man in his 20s who was sleeping and posed no threat), and even took it a step farther to chop the man's head off.

Clearly crazy people can pop up anywhere. In this case I am very curious to find out whether the man had prior mental illness, a history of violence, was he recently fired from work... or did he just decide "Hey, I feel like making the news tonight... lets kill complete strangers."

I don't believe people just spontaneously go wacko. I believe in cause and effect. There has to be something that caused this man to carefully plan out this murder. He wanted to do something gruesome, and he wanted to get caught.

Which makes him not so different from Kimveer Gill, who wanted to die in a "hail of bullets". Kimveer Gill had a history of being a loner, hated society and hated authority figures like police and teachers.

"Mr Headhunter" is presumably quite similar.

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