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Wed, Jul 9th - 9:32PM

Our WebRing Experiment: June

On March 8th we began a little experiment to determine the value of advertising on WebRing. Click here to see the original post. You can also see our March results, our April results and our May results.

We decided to boost our spending on WebRing by $6/month, to see if there was any noticeable jump in visitors to the Lilith Gallery Network.

There was a jump in statistics in March and April, a slight downturn in May as more people started going outside and enjoying the summer weather, but in June statistics went back up and actually surpassed our stats from February.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20081938712332689645737746195162.16 GB
Feb 200821048725414110341578450589176.87 GB
Mar 2008244558294853125267410223899225.68 GB
Apr 200823454428732012227309805778215.28 GB
May 200820934925291711644918622925188.69 GB
Jun 200821699826078412065478577835190.59 GB

The Summer Internet Blahs seem to have been negated for the month of June, despite the warm weather.

These numbers are not directly related to WebRing however, but to provide some background info to our overall performance.

What is important is how many clicks we actually get from WebRing.

February 5275.
March 5840.
April 7192.
May 7049.

June? 6517.

We also received an extra 2401 hits from our WebRing blog.

So there is some mixed results. Overall we're up compared to March and May, still down compared to April. So perhaps the Summer Internet Blahs are still affecting our hits from WebRing.

But what about our theory that promoting on WebRing also boosts our Google Ranking and boosts hits from Google and other search engines?

February Results:

- Google97347
- Google (Images)74072
- Yahoo11009
- MSN3553
- AOL1684
- Ask Jeeves1079
- AltaVista798
- Dogpile337
- Other search engines226
- Netscape221

March results:

- Google122550
- Google (Images)81227
- Yahoo11244
- MSN4680
- AOL1844
- Ask Jeeves1181
- AltaVista756
- Other search engines496
- Dogpile367
- Netscape259

April's Results:

- Google129358
- Google (Images)78581
- Yahoo10975
- MSN3930
- AOL1879
- Ask Jeeves1279
- AltaVista742
- Dogpile398
- Other search engines235
- Netscape213

May's Results:

- Google9541296426
- Google (Images)73031109459
- Yahoo1131418442
- MSN36744370
- AOL14921698
- Ask Jeeves11091149
- AltaVista732732
- Dogpile362362
- Other search engines245260
- Netscape196200

New results for June:

- Google9459197630
- Google (Images)74089121177
- Yahoo979515809
- MSN32293852
- AOL14801610
- Ask Jeeves808832
- AltaVista638638
- Dogpile313313
- Netscape229238
- Other search engines223229

Our May and June results have been almost identical.

What has us excited is what will happen in September. Every year, almost like clockwork, internet surfers seem to go on a spree from September to December. Take a look at our unique visitors, visits, pages, hits and bandwitch usage for 2007 to see what we mean:

Unique visitors: 192701Number of visits: 225590 Pages: 394588Hits: 3177108Bandwidth: 79.67 GB Unique visitors: 110354Number of visits: 131007 Pages: 294505Hits: 2038891Bandwidth: 48.97 GB Unique visitors: 95501Number of visits: 115992 Pages: 336645Hits: 2075599Bandwidth: 43.64 GB Unique visitors: 121334Number of visits: 146802 Pages: 452666Hits: 2803938Bandwidth: 60.92 GB Unique visitors: 104317Number of visits: 126503 Pages: 406583Hits: 3815949Bandwidth: 75.32 GB Unique visitors: 89279Number of visits: 105790 Pages: 346695Hits: 3263214Bandwidth: 60.67 GB Unique visitors: 128495Number of visits: 148210 Pages: 504788Hits: 4127349Bandwidth: 79.02 GB Unique visitors: 131446Number of visits: 153354 Pages: 541560Hits: 4605653Bandwidth: 88.09 GB Unique visitors: 145285Number of visits: 172341 Pages: 628051Hits: 5349192Bandwidth: 103.71 GB Unique visitors: 162862Number of visits: 196985 Pages: 713607Hits: 6329105Bandwidth: 129.11 GB Unique visitors: 174395Number of visits: 210172 Pages: 765774Hits: 6611816Bandwidth: 132.46 GB Unique visitors: 229498Number of visits: 273752 Pages: 1125615Hits: 9019392Bandwidth: 188.00 GB  


Our plan, based on our experiment's results, will be to boost our expenditures in September so that we can reap the most bang for our buck. So far, based on our results, WebRing is worth approx. 4 hits for every cent we spend, and helps to boost our ranking in search engines.

IMPORTANT POINT: We'd like to point out exactly how we've increased our spending for this experiment. We increased the amount we spend on featuring our webrings (which in turn these webrings are loaded with lots of our websites as well as numerous other sites belonging to other people, so technically other people in those webrings are also benefiting from our well spent cash). Every webring we feature costs us a mere 50 cents per month (pretty reasonable when you think about it).

The following is a list of the WebRings we have featured (sometimes in multiple categories):

The Cyberculture Webring
The Fashion, Models & Art Webring
The Gothic Webring
The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
The Politics & Issues Webring
The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring
The Visual Artists Webring
The Great Sex and Romance Ring
The Movies & Television Webring
The Women's Webring
True North, Strong & Free
The United Feminists Webring
The Art History Webring
The Pagan Art & Gothic Fashion Webring
The 2008 United States Election Campaign
The Anti-Censorship & Free Speech Webring
The Business & Politics Webring
The America Webring
The Civil Rights Webring
The Blogs & eZines Webring
The Journalism & News Webring
The Artists & Writers Webring

Part of our experiment will also be to determine which webrings are the most worthwhile to promote. Since WebRing keeps traffic stats on each ring (including statistics on which of our sites are getting hits and how many hits) we will be able to determine which rings are the most popular and which of our sites are getting the most attention.

Our experiment will be ending in early August, at which point we will be analyzing WebRing's more detailed data and making decisions on how to maximize our advertising on WebRing.

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Wed, Jul 9th - 11:59AM

High oil prices hurting Canada and America's economies

Soaring oil prices are hurting North America. It may help Alberta's oil industry, but overall our dependency on oil is causing a combination of high fuel prices, higher food prices, stronger biofuel demand, inflation, lost jobs and an economic downturn.

Overseas the demand for biofuel is causing food riots as farmers sell their crops for biofuel instead of growing traditional food. The problem with biofuel however is that it is not environmentally friendly. Its basically like setting fire to whole fields of crops. Due to the fuel used in planting and harvesting biofuel actually causes more damage than conventional gasoline and oil.

An analysis by Bank of Montreal economist Douglas Porter argues that oil prices at about US$120 or US$130 a barrel have passed the ``tipping point" where they become a net drag on the economy.

"The received wisdom in recent years is that the Canadian economy benefits on net from higher oil prices, given the country's status as a significant and growing net energy exporter," Porter writes in a report released today.

"There's a strong case to be made that the surge in oil prices crossed the tipping point this spring from providing some economic ballast for the domestic economy to acting as a heavy anchor."

Crude oil was trading at about US$137 this morning, down from a record high of just over $145 set last week. And Porter says that's a good thing.

The bank report says when high oil prices began taking off in the spring and stayed at record levels, they began to sap U.S. and world growth, with serious implications for Canadian industry and consumer confidence.

One key impact was collapsing American auto sales, which hurt Canada even more than the United States because Canada produces twice as many vehicles per capita.

"The real breaking point came when oil hit $120 because that's when we saw U.S. auto sales really crumble," Porter said.

The report adds that high energy prices have also undercut consumer confidence in Canada and leading to higher inflation.

And for good reason, Porter says, since sky-high gas, natural gas, fuel oil and electricity prices are now likely burning up about seven per cent of Canadians' disposable income, a record high.

High oil prices are even becoming a case of diminishing returns for Alberta, he adds, since the oil producing province's economy is already overheated and unable to fully benefit from continued price spikes.

Ontario rethinking ethanol and biofuels

OPEC Predicts $170 / Barrel Oil

Two Hundred Dollar Oil - $200/Barrel Oil

Ontario's Untapped Oil Reserves

The Trans-Arabia Oil Pipeline to China

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