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Mon, Jul 7th - 10:55PM

Wolverine Fans


Fans of Wolverine are getting impatient. The movie won't be out until May 2009, but already the fan attention is dwarfing some of the current releases like The Incredible Hulk (which I give 3 stars out of 5), and Iron Man (which I give 5 out of 5). The fan fuss about the eventual Avengers movie (due out 2011) is good too, thanks to the appearance of Nick Fury in Iron Man, and Tony Stark appearing in The Incredible Hulk (and presumably more appearances to come in Thor and Captain America).

But despite the fuss about the Avengers and other comic book movies either currently out or waiting to come out, Wolverine fans still seem to out do and out shout all the others combined. Something about Wolverine tends to bring out the obsession more than other characters. (If Wolverine was marketing a cologne, Obsession seems suitable.)

 In addition to Wolverine, there is also plans for:

Punisher: War Zone 2008
Iron Man II 2010
Thor 2010
Captain America 2011
Spider-Man IV 2011

Meanwhile in the DC universe (home of Batman, Superman, etc), as opposed to Marvel (which includes X-Men, Avengers, Fantastic Four and more), there is plans for:

The Man of Steel 2010
The Flash 2010
Green Lantern 2010
Wonder Woman 2011
Justice League 2011

Devoted fans of all of these must be foaming at the mouth, but I'd like to point out that out of all the Marvel and DC comics, only 1 of these movies has a woman as the hero. Apparently She-Hulk and othe female superheroes just aren't popular enough.

Cross your fingers guys and gals, she's big and green and kicks butt.

The Entertainment eZine

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Mon, Jul 7th - 10:38AM

Talking to Pro-Anas

What is the proper way to respond to a pro-anorexia person?

Think about it.

Anything I say to such a person will feel like I am preaching to them. Like talking to a smoker who doesn't even want to quit, or an obese person who loves eating/being lazy and has no intention of changing their habits. What could I possibly say to someone pro-ana that would change their way of thinking?

Its not just psychology either, its bio-chemistry. The endorphins in an addicts brain are wired to react whenever a person feels pleasure while eating, laughing, during sex, etc. A pro-ana person has come to enjoy their feeling of starvation, self-loathing, all the attention people pay to their physical appearance. Its this weird paradox of body paranoia that feeds on the positive and negative responses to their (and society's) warped sense of beauty.

When a person reacts negatively, it raises the pro-ana's adrenaline levels because they get angry, and because rage can be an enjoyable experience it can trigger the endorphins as well (see rageaholics for example). When a person responds positively it will cause feelings of self-satisfaction, pride, etc. Even if a person responded with a nonchalant "don't care" attitude, that would still be an affirmation of acceptance, which again triggers the sense of pride and the release of endorphins.

So any way I responded to a pro-ana would cause the release of endorphins. If there was a perfect way to deal with such a bizarre mental condition I'm certain psychologists and doctors would be treating anorexia and curing it quite quickly, but there isn't.

There's also the binge eating, which gets into another whole complicated set of feelings... wanting to be normal, to be accepted, but its a conflicted state of emotions and afterwards many anorexics "purge" (vomit up everything) to get rid of the food they had just consumed.

One can hope that negative responses, and perhaps isolation from the thin-obsessed mass media, would eventually trigger a mental switch in their brain that says "it's okay to be an average/healthy weight".

There are studies into pills that can block the release of endorphins, not just for anorexia, but also for obesity, gambling addiction, heroin/cocaine addiction and a variety of other mental conditions... but the problem is that the blocking of endorphins can be just as hazardous, leading to depression and potential suicide.

Many pro-ana people also report being suicidal and even attempting suicide. How do you talk to a person who is suicidal? Its a very tricky matter. You have to do two basic things: #1. Give them something to live for. #2. Strike fear of death into their hearts.

For a pro-ana person what is there to live for beyond their aspirations of being ridiculously thin? I'd argue that hobby-therapy would be a good place to start. Painting, drawing, writing, singing, performing... give them something to express themselves. Clay-modeling for example might be especially useful because it makes them realize that a structure needs more substance if it is to stand properly, in addition to being both tactile and sensually pleasing to both the eyes and hands.

So what should a person do? Provide negative feedback, be nonchalant or applaud her choice of "lifestyle"? Clapping in admiration would be like hammering in the last few pegs of some poor girl's coffin.

I'm all for showing a person kindness and mercy, but there are also times when you have to use tough love.

Anorexia on the Internet - Pro Ana Websites Banned

Anorexia Vs Obesity in North America

Carre Otis - A Supermodel's Journey from Anorexia to Healthy

Hellbent on Anorexia in Asia

Teen Magazines Vs. Adolescent Girls

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