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Thu, Jul 17th - 10:46PM

More help needed: Frank Frazetta

A fan of Frank Frazetta's fantasy art contacted us today asking if we know the name of a painting she believes is one of his works. We've never seen it, but maybe somebody else will know the work she is talking about.

The painting she described is similar to "Cat Girl", the painting to the right.

Except in the painting she is looking for the woman is semi-clothed, in a swampy pond, and has her hands in front or near her breasts.

If you know the piece she is speaking of, or know the name of the equine artist I am looking for, please post your answer in the comments section below.

If you like Frank Frazetta or Fantasy Art in general feel free to visit and check out what we've written on his work and the genre.

Talk about Freudian imagery...

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Thu, Jul 17th - 8:30AM

Help, name the artist...

Help me if you can.

I'm trying to remember the name of an artist. I believe he's Native American or Native Canadian, and he paints equine art (in layman's terms, that is art about horses).

Specifically he paints wild mustangs. Herds of wild horses racing across the plains, that sort of thing. He doesn't paint horses at the race track or anything like that, he primarily paints mustangs and broncos and his work tends to have rather brilliant colours and is rather stylized.

I saw a book about him published in the 1980s so he's being doing this for a long time. He might not even be alive anymore. He is quite famous however, despite the fact that I can't seem to find his name online (there is a tonne of equine artists out there).

I've already checked crappy Wikipedia and he is not listed in there.

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Thu, Jul 17th - 8:04AM

General Motors trying to avert bankruptcy by slashing NASCAR
See Previous Post:
General Motors is going bankrupt...

And they need $15 billion US just to prevent bankruptcy.

The solution? Start by slashing their spending on NASCAR. Seems like a no-brainer to me. NASCAR has been defunct and slipping in popularity for the last 10-15 years. In this era of multiplex cinemas, the internet and all-you-can-watch sports channels NASCAR is a diseased dinosaur near the brink of extinction.

Cutting NASCAR is part of General Motor's plan to cut $10 billion from their budget, and to sell $4 billion worth of their assets. GM is also cutting funding to other sections of motor sports, areas dominated largely by Italian supercar makers Lamboghini, Maserati and Ferrari.

Industry insiders say the entire motor sports industry is in jeopardy because other financially strapped companies like Ford and Chrysler are likely to follow suit. If the current recession continues many smaller companies may pull back on their motor sports spending as well.

Ford narrowly avoided bankruptcy in 2007, but is still in the hot seat.

Chrysler is currently closing automotive plants in a bid to stave off the chances of a near bankruptcy, which could hurt their stock value. In June 2008 there was a rumour circulated that Chrysler was filing for bankruptcy, which they flatly denied.

The current economic decline is expected to last until 2010, barring unforeseen events in the world economy.

The American Recession of 2007, 2008 and Beyond

Redefining a Recession

Recession Hits Automotive Sector

American Economy Collapsing

American Economy Lacks Manufacturing

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