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Wed, Jun 4th - 7:55PM

Our WebRing Experiment: May

Our WebRing Experiment
On March 8th we began a little experiment to determine the value of advertising on WebRing. Click here to see the original post. You can also see our March results and our April results.

We decided to boost our spending on WebRing by $6/month, to see if there was any noticeable jump in visitors to the Lilith Gallery Network.

There was a jump in statistics, but now that summer is practically upon us we see a shift. The stats are going down a bit.

MonthUnique visitorsNumber of visitsPagesHitsBandwidth
Jan 20081938712332689645737746195162.16 GB
Feb 200821048725414110341578450589176.87 GB
Mar 2008244558294853125267410223899225.68 GB
Apr 200823454428732012227309805778215.28 GB
May 200820934925291711644918622925188.69 GB

We attribute this decrease to the Summer Internet Blahs during which time many people (including people who regularly surf the internet) go outside more often. No one to our knowledge has managed to accurately quantify just what % of people suddenly go outside more often starting in April. Based on our statistics we're going to guess its about 5% in April and 10 to 15% in May. (Based on the previous years data we could guess June will be over 20% and July and August in the range of 30 to 40%.)

These numbers are not directly related to WebRing however, but to provide some background info to our overall performance.

What is important is how many clicks we actually get from WebRing. In February we received 5275 clicks from WebRing. In March we received 5840 (about a 10% increase).  In April we received 7192, which was a huge jump despite our estimated 5% SIB factor.

As for May? 12,116.

Our hits from WebRing skyrocketed in May and we believe it is because WebRing mentioned our blog in their newsletter, which 5067 of the hits came from. That means all hits coming from our blog need to be ignored. (We should note the LGN only receives about 300 to 400 hits during a regular month from our this blog.)

So the real number is 7049, which sounds a lot more accurate when compared to April's stats.

But what about our theory that promoting on WebRing also boosts our Google Ranking and boosts hits from Google and other search engines?

Well during February we received:

- Google97347
- Google (Images)74072
- Yahoo11009
- MSN3553
- AOL1684
- Ask Jeeves1079
- AltaVista798
- Dogpile337
- Other search engines226
- Netscape221

March results:

- Google122550
- Google (Images)81227
- Yahoo11244
- MSN4680
- AOL1844
- Ask Jeeves1181
- AltaVista756
- Other search engines496
- Dogpile367
- Netscape259

April's Results:

- Google129358
- Google (Images)78581
- Yahoo10975
- MSN3930
- AOL1879
- Ask Jeeves1279
- AltaVista742
- Dogpile398
- Other search engines235
- Netscape213

And the new results for May:

- Google9541296426
- Google (Images)73031109459
- Yahoo1131418442
- MSN36744370
- AOL14921698
- Ask Jeeves11091149
- AltaVista732732
- Dogpile362362
- Other search engines245260
- Netscape196200

So there was definitely a decrease in May for search results, but again we believe that is due to the Summer Internet Blahs.

As we've announced previously we are extending this experiment to August at which point we will decide based on the success of our experiment whether to dramatically increase our spending in September. September to December is the "bumper crop" season for internet surfers.

IMPORTANT POINT: We'd like to point out exactly how we've increased our spending for this experiment. We increased the amount we spend on featuring our webrings (which in turn these webrings are loaded with lots of our websites as well as numerous other sites belonging to other people, so technically other people in those webrings are also benefiting from our well spent cash). Every webring we feature costs us a mere 50 cents per month (pretty reasonable when you think about it).

The following is a list of the WebRings we have featured (sometimes in multiple categories):

The Cyberculture Webring
The Fashion, Models & Art Webring
The Gothic Webring
The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
The Politics & Issues Webring
The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring
The Visual Artists Webring
The Great Sex and Romance Ring
The Movies & Television Webring
The Women's Webring
True North, Strong & Free
The United Feminists Webring
The Art History Webring
The Pagan Art & Gothic Fashion Webring
The 2008 United States Election Campaign
The Anti-Censorship & Free Speech Webring
The Business & Politics Webring
The America Webring
The Civil Rights Webring
The Blogs & eZines Webring
The Journalism & News Webring
The Artists & Writers Webring

Part of our experiment will also be to determine which webrings are the most worthwhile to promote. Since WebRing keeps traffic stats on each ring (including statistics on which of our sites are getting hits and how many hits) we will be able to determine which rings are the most popular and which of our sites are getting the most attention.

We're not so much worried about the attention other members of our webrings get. More attention for them means more attention overall for the webring, which in turn comes back to help all of us. The result is a bit like scratching everyone's back and get yours scratched too.

There are other ways to draw attention to a website on webring however. One way is to feature your website in a webring that is very popular and is already featured itself. You get the benefit of being listed twice in the same ring (one as a member and again as a featured website), plus the popularity and the fact the ring itself is featured means more people are visiting that webring from the WebRing directory and from other sites in the ring itself.

Your other option is to just have it in five or more webrings (preferably popular ones). It automatically boosts your listing in search engines like Google (although arguably not as much as featuring it in 5+ webrings).

Note to Self: Create a tally of all the hits we received from WebRing in 2007, summarize it in a 12 month chart and compare it to how much we spent on WebRing during each month.

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Wed, Jun 4th - 7:05AM

Obama and Clinton

We've been deliberately mum on the Democratic nomination primaries. Call it a media blackout if you will, but we've been avoiding that topic for months.

Now that the winner (Barack Obama) has been declared, and now that Hillary Clinton has conceded defeat and said she's open to the vice-presidential post we can finally end that media blackout.

And its about time. The nomination process went on for far too long. Obama and Clinton were so evenly matched it was difficult to determine a winner until the very end.

Obama has yet to declare whether he will accept Hillary Clinton as his running mate, but frankly he'd be foolish not to. No one else has her level of experience, popularity and drawing power. Plus if he refuses there is the possibility it will cause a rift within the Democratic party that might cause people to abstain from the vote (or worse, vote for John McCain).

But we'd like to point out that abstaining from the vote is by itself as good as voting for the opposition.

While we are at it we'd like to talk about racism within the political parties. BOTH the Democratic and Republican parties have their share of racists (more so in the Republican party), and while this does tarnish the parties' reputations from time to time, its just a fact of reality just like sexism is always going to play a part. Racism and sexism may never be eradicated, but it will serve as a constant reminder of our need to improve our society.

Americans have spoken that they want change. Well an Obama/Clinton nomination would certainly help to make such changes. That paints a rosier picture of the future.

The Politics eZine - The Lilith eZine

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