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Sat, Jun 28th - 7:56PM

Linkfarming Vs Excellent Content Vs Graphics/Video

Today WebRing mentioned on their Blog how linkfarming is being used to boost a website's ranking on search engines and how Google has recently changed their rules for how ranking is boosted so that linkfarms will basically be ignored.

I'd argue however that linkfarming isn't a very effective tool in the first place. Good quality content will always come first. Make a website with excellent content and other people will link to it anyway and the next thing you know you'll have plenty of visitors.

If you have really good graphics, videos, etc. on your site is another way to draw in people to your site.
If you are trying to sell a product however it will only go so far as the product is a good one.

For example lets say your website sells cheap, crappy widgets. You could spend a fortune on website design and incredible mindblowing graphics, but if the widgets are crappy and its obvious that they're crap your website and your widgets are doomed to fail.

The fact that search engines don't rate or rank videos/graphics very well isn't going to help you.

Lets take YouTube as an example... there's an interesting phenomenon wherein people put a scantily clad female figure in the middle of the video for 1 second (or less) just so that the image people see as the thumbnail for that video is a scantily clad female. The result? Completely crappy videos will get hundreds of thousands of hits (sometimes millions) even though there is only a 1 second clip of scantily clad ass, bosom or whatever.

So having a really good video isn't going to help your website either unless you're lame and stick scantily clad females in the video.

Sex sells and we all know it (which is one more reason why I firmly believe radio is going to die in the next 20 to 40 years because there's no visual imagery).

Here's a question though: If you're not going to write good content, why are you bothering to write anything at all? Doesn't it seem like a complete waste of time telling the world that your dog's name is Furball and your favourite colour is puke green? Seriously WTF do you need your own server for? The majority of people out there need a website like Facebook and nothing more than that. Who else but your friends are going to look at your silly dog photos in his puke green hemp sweater that you knitted him?

If you're going to write something worthwhile you're going to want to write it properly the first time and make it the best damn website on that particular topic you can. Make it better than the stupid wikipedia page (which as we all know is full of crap) and other websites will probably be linking to yours.

Also, and this is something we've paid close attention to at the Lilith eZine, don't crowd your website with tonnes of advertising. Stick a little bit on the right or left side, maybe some at the bottom and that is it. DO NOT CROWD THE PAGE WITH 90% ADVERTISING! Its just really annoying...

Yes, we realize that people are just learning the full potential of the internet as a moneymaking and advertising tool, but when push comes to shove you're better off spending your time making great content and letting word-of-mouth do its job.

For us? We spend $16/month advertising the Lilith Gallery Network on WebRing. That is it. Less than $200/year, and yet our network is incredibly popular. Everything else is word of mouth.

While you're at it please use proper spelling and grammar. MS Word does have spellcheck and grammar check, just use it already people. Other people will take your website more seriously as a result. People could cut back on the cussing and swearing too and get much better results as well.

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Sat, Jun 28th - 9:03AM

Men and Abortion

 I've always wondered why men are allowed to decide laws that primarily effect women, especially with regards to abortion.

Think about it. Traditionally 90% or more of lawmakers and politicians have been men, and yet it is these same men who pass laws regarding abortion.

Even now women are still a pathetic minority in politics.

Sweden 47.3%.
Rwanda 45.3%.
Costa Rica 38.6%.
Cuba 36%.
Netherlands 34.2%.
Canada has 21%.
Britain 18.5%.
United States 16.3%.
Italy 16.1%.
France 13.9%.
Japan 11.1%.
Russia 8%.

But here is the thing. What RIGHT do men have to decide the rights and freedoms of women? None. So why are men passing laws on the bodies of women and how they reproduce? In theory such a law should be decided by a committee of accidentally pregnant women.

52% of all pregnancies in the United States are accidental. Its not like we have a shortage of such women.

Open Letter to Anti-Abortionists

Abortion: It's every Woman's Right to Choose

A Woman's Choice - The Right to Privacy and the Right to Choose

Criminalizing Women

Female Rights In Retreat: Abortion, Rape and the American Way

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