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Sun, Jun 15th - 6:59PM

Tobacco and Smoking Habits

I personally can't stand the smell of tobacco. Cigarettes, cigars, it doesn't matter. They all stink. Marijuana smells too, but nowhere near as bad as tobacco.

I won't even consider dating a smoker. I've kissed one girl who was a smoker before and the idea of kissing another ashtray like her mouth just doesn't appeal to me. I'm very picky about dental hygiene and kissing. Kissing anyone who tastes bad or has bad teeth.... bleech!

Now admittedly maybe I do have a sensitive nose, and taste buds for that matter. But so what?

If you totally ignore the health problems such as lung cancer, breast cancer, liver cancer and all the other kinds of cancer that smoking causes the stench alone is reason enough for me to not want to be around people who smoke. It really is no surprise it smells bad either. The human nose is a miracle of evolution and can recognize harmful smells as things that smell bad. It is no wonder that cigarette smokes smells so awful either. A single puff pumps a plethora of carcinogenic toxins into your system.

Imagine for a moment if we made hamburgers made of toxic chemicals that were obviously harmful to the body. Would you eat it? Fuck no. You'd take one whiff of the thing and look for something tastier and actually smells good.

The only reason, the absolutely only reason to smoke is the nicotine in it. And the silly thing is there are plenty of other nicotine products on the market these days, ranging from Tim Hortons coffee (they add nicotine to the coffee to make it more addictive) to nicotine gum, nicotine patches and now they even have smokeless cigarettes that uses a nicotine mist.

So why the fuck are people still smoking regular cigarettes when they could buy smokeless cigarettes or some other nicotine product instead?

I think its simply: They don't even realize they have other options. Ignore the fact that they're addicted to the action of lighting a cigarette and puffing on it. They simply don't know that they could easily replace their regular cigarettes with smokeless ones.

And here's the funny tidbit, because there are no laws against smokeless cigarettes people can use them at work, in a school, a hospital, etc. Its the same as nicotine gum or the patch. Nobody cares where you use them.

Mind you, you will raise some eyebrows the first time you start puffing a smokeless cigarette in a public place. People will ask, "Hey, what do you think you're doing?" and you'll have to explain what it is.

But once you do you'll get a ball rolling. People will go "Hey, really? That's weird. How come I've never heard of this?"

Well now you have. Tell a friend and spread the word. Lets get rid of the stench.

Cigarettes Get A Technological Facelift - Smokeless Cigarettes

Three Ontario entrepreneurs have created a smokeless and tobacco-free cigarette and are hoping to capitalize on the province wide smoking ban. ...

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