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Tue, Jan 1st - 9:13AM

How to Promote Your Website (on WebRing)

1. Make sure your site is easy to read.
2. Spellcheck your site. Bad spelling (or grammar) can annoy visitors.
3. Make sure all of your images work properly.
4. Size your images accordingly. Do not use images that are too big or too small for your site. (Download Paint Shop Pro 3.11 and resize your images if you don't already know how.)
5. Learn to use tables. Tables make everything "neater" when used properly.
6. Do not clutter your site up with TOO MANY images. It looks bad.
7. Actually have words on your site. If the entire thing is images, its very boring.
8. Do not use too many banners or advertisements on every page. Two or three is enough.
9. When using advertisements, I suggest Google Adsense (its the best).
10. Do not use images that are not compressed. IE. giant BMP files or uncompressed JPGs. A JPG should have a compression level of around 45 for good quality images.
11. Don't use large annoying gifs or visual javascripts (unless you have a site about such things, like a javascript gallery). Some visual javascripts are quite good looking, but many can be annoying.
12. Don't use annoying midi music. Most people like listening to mp3s while surfing, so a midi just messes up their music on them. So DON'T.
13. Avoid using pop-ups or having any form of advertising that uses pop-ups. Pop ups are evil.
14. Don't use sneaky javascripts/etc to find out a visitor's email and then spam them later. Spam is evil.
15. Read what you write. Sometimes people forget to write a word here and there, and then their sentences don't make sense.
16. Its a good idea to have your email listed on every site you make, but be wary of spam. My suggestion is an "antispam" email that you list on your websites, which only forwards good emails to your main email. Its also a good idea to add a blank in between the two halves of your email address (like I just did) just so that "web-spam-bots" can't find your email address and store it for sending spam to.
17. Don't use slang too much. Its okey dokey to do it once in awhile, but it just gets freaking annoying if the entire page is basically just slang after slang.
18. Don't swear too much. Same reason as #17. Use a warning sign if necessary.
19. Make love, not war.
20. Drink Jolt Cola and buy stocks in Enron.


1. Submit your site to a lot of webrings.
2. Build extra "thematic" sites that deal with topics you enjoy (art, feminism, politics, fashion, whatever), and submit them to webrings on those topics.
3. Submit your site(s) to large/popular "free for all" webrings like "I'm a Webring Whore" which let in anyone (except porn).
4. Talk in the webring forums in the webrings which you belong to. This is best for when its a popular forum.
5. Feature your site in a webring that has a popular forum.
6. Feature your site in a large/popular webring that gets a lot of hits.
7. Feature your site in webrings that are featured webrings that are large/popular. (This is often the best method.)
8. Feature your site in multiple large/popular webrings.
9. Feature your site in webrings that promote themselves in multiple categories.
10. Build your own webring(s) and invite many other similar sites to join it.
11. Feature your site(s) in your own webrings. (This only works if your webring is large/popular.)
12. Feature webrings that you made.
13. Adopt webrings that you like, fix them up and make them better (and feature your site in the adopted webring).
14. Feature adopted webrings.
15. Feature your webrings in multiple categories.
16. Submit the website of your webrings to search engines, in order to gain extra traffic.
17. Create webrings that cross-wire themes such as "art and writing" and feature it in both art and writing categories.
18. Create special homepages for your webrings to help promote one or more multiple rings.
19. Create a Ringmaster page that lists all of your websites, and all of your webrings.
20. Be nice to the other people in the webring community. Being rude never helps. Being helpful to people is a good idea. Sort of like being an honest businessman.
21. When writing a description for your site, DON'T USE CAPS ALL THE TIME.
22. Go to webring every day, just for fun.

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