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Fri, Nov 14th - 10:34AM

WebRing Auctions
We applaud WebRing for finally auctioning off all the abandoned webrings in the system and we've categorized them a bit.

#1. Far too many of the webrings have only 2 to 5 sites in them.

Ask yourself, which is better: 20 webrings with 3 sites in each of them, or 1 webring with 60 sites? This basically comes down to the idea of Less is More. There are literally hundreds of small webrings in WebRing which are divided into their various categories that have less than 5 sites in the webring. Not a lot of selection for someone browsing them and certainly not an incentive for people to join them.

Which explains why they were abandoned in the first place. The owners realized it takes a lot of work to grow and build a webring, and that they either didn't have the time or interest in making the effort.

What is needed therefore is to amalgamate a lot of the small webrings with the same topic (WebRing has been known to do this). Otherwise its not really worth bidding on a webring with only 2 sites in it.

#2. Webrings with 6 to 29 sites, more worthwhile.

These webrings are better for bidding on, but they are more scarce. Pay attention to the number, the activity point price and you should actually visit the webring so you know what you are bidding on. You should be able to spot these ones because they will typically have a more generic name (webrings with long winded names tend to only have a few sites in them).

#3. Webrings with 30+ sites in them = Hot Tickets

The large webrings are the ones that are worth bidding on and we imagine they will be snapped up quickly. The larger the webring, the more people will be bidding on them.

Undoubtedly there will be some serious competition and bidding for the webrings with 100+ sites in them.

Fixing It Up

Once you do get the webring(s) you bidded on and won, we recommend fixing up the navigation code so it looks better, suspending any sites that have a failing navigation code and cleaning up the look, description, the logos and maybe even the title of the webring(s) [a poor title tends to discourage people from joining]. Once that is all done you could Google the topic of the webring and maybe invite some other people to join it.

We've noticed recently that they logo upload tool seems to be broken and WebRing should look into fixing that.

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