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Mon, Mar 31st - 10:32AM

Lowering greenhouse gas emissions

When it comes to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, every business can make a difference, regardless of size. If you're a small, medium or large-sized business looking to reduce your greenhouse gas emissions, here are four key steps to get you started:

Step 1: Know your carbon footprint baseline: Every plan needs a place to start. Today there are internationally recognized standards, like ISO 14064-1 that are a good starting place for organizations wanting to establish their existing GHG inventory or carbon footprint baseline.

Step 2: Establish a credible carbon footprint plan: There are several online registries that are an excellent resource for companies looking to develop or improve their carbon footprint plan. They can provide a framework for reporting an organization's GHG inventory. They also provide information about what other leading edge organizations are doing to improve their carbon footprint.

Step 3: Track and document improvement: Once your business has quantified its carbon footprint you can begin identifying opportunities to implement and track emission reductions and improvements. The Canadian Standards Association's GHG Clean Projects Registry provides a framework and a website for reporting project-based GHG emission reductions based on accepted international standards. Standards also exist to help establish credibility for the carbon reduction improvements through independent verification.

Step 4: Achieve recognition and reward: In addition to the potential to increase efficiency and reduce energy costs, the ability to showcase the success of your GHG reduction plan and receive public recognition can bolster your company's reputation, and generate competitive and shareholder value. There are online registries available that are perfectly suited for this purpose.

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Global Warming

Weather News of 2007
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Sun, Mar 30th - 5:01PM

March 30th 2008 - The Sunday Edition

The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

Letter from the Editor

This week we've brought you something important, but often ignored. The increasing privatization and commodification of schools and education, not just in North America but from vistas all over the world.

A team of university students from York University have voiced their scholarly opinions on the growing trend of private schools and as a high school teacher myself I am quite worried about this trend.

I taught chemistry at a private school in Richmond Hill (Ontario, Canada) briefly and it was not a pleasant place in retrospect. Dress code alone was almost intolerable. Apparently I can't wear sandals when I teach but high heels are perfectly acceptable.

I now teach at a Toronto high school and despite the larger classes and the smaller computer labs, overall the students are basically the same. They may not have parents who pick them everyday in the family SUV, but their reasons for being there remain the same. They all struggle to learn, most of them want to be there and they are all looking forward to college, university and/or the future.

The one defining difference is that some of the private school students have a sense of snobbery, that somehow they are superior just because they have wealth and a supposedly better education (although seriously, the margin of difference can be measured in the size and shape of the computers and computer monitors in the classrooms/labs). To me private schools are a matter of wastefulness and prestige. They don't get you from diapers to university better than a regular school, they just get you there in luxury.

The problems these days however is that there is a growing trend (pressure from the private school industry) to create more private schools and buyout/convert public schools into private schools. Corrupt politicians who favour private schools for their own children are part of the problem. They see the results of their own children going through private schools and assume falsely that the private school is better.

Private school students have more free time, better computers, more complete libraries and pricier sports equipment and more school trips. Those things can make a difference in how much a student learns and how motivated they are to learn, but it is no guarantee they will learn to be successful in life.

And while we waste all that precious cash on wealthy kids what is happening to the impoverishing children who don't even have computers and barely have enough food to eat, let alone cash for the latest school trip? Poverty is a real threat these days and the more we ignore it the larger the problem becomes. Poverty and lack of education leads to crime, destitution, welfare and beggars on the streets.

Many criminals can trace the root of their problems back to school when they were basically told they were too poor / too average intelligence to ever amount to anything of value. Wealthy parents will have little problem sending their kids to university or college (no matter how brain dead their kids are) and the smarter kids will get bursaries and scholarships to go to the schools of their choice. So where does this leave the poor and average students?

It leaves them in crippling debt or worse.

Suzanne MacNevin
Editor of the Lilith eZine

The Art History Archive

Chinese Landscape Painting

Dong Qichang - Chinese Artist

Gong Xian - Chinese Artist

Hua Yan - Chinese Artist

Huang Gongwang - Chinese Artist

Huang Tingjian - Chinese Artist

Giuseppe Castiglione - Italian-Chinese Artist

Ni Zan - Chinese Artist

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The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

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Thu, Mar 27th - 4:18PM

Cyber Feminism

What is Cyber Feminism? Dare we even ask?

It is complicated. Cyber feminism is about two things: The internet, and technology in general. The first is how feminism spreads (and treated) on the internet whereas the later is more about how the female body interacts with technology (ie. cell phones, blackberries, television, radio, etc.).

Overall cyber feminism can make for some very complex and interesting discussions.

Cyber Feminism

  • Where is the Feminism in Cyberfeminism?
  • Feminist Cyborg Manifesto
  • Girls Need Modems!
  • Imagined Bodies, Imagined Communities
  • Grrl Power on the Web
  • The Cyborg, the Scientist, the Feminist & Her Critic

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    Tue, Mar 25th - 10:52AM

    2003 Hydrogen Car
    Great video of a hydrogen car General Motors built back in 2003.

    In the video they estimate hydrogen cars will be taking over the highways between 2013 and 2023.

    See Also

    GM's Hydrogen Equinox

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    Is hydrogen power the future?

    Cost, infrastructure hinder hydrogen

    China auto makers roll out 'clean' cars

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    Mon, Mar 24th - 9:12PM

    Disaster Capitalism Fad?

    We've been getting a lot of submissions lately from university students talking about "Disaster Capitalism", based on the book "Shock Doctine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism" by Naomi Klein.

    Here's what we're talking about:

    Privatizing Education in China

    The Impact of Disaster Capitalism on England's Education System

    New Orleans: Natural Disaster or Disaster Capitalism?

    We're not sure why so many university students are suddenly interested in writing on this topic. We think professors just made the book mandatory reading.

    So is this just a fad? We don't think so. When university professors pick books for mandatory reading they don't choose them lightly.

    I will admit however it has a really kewl cover.



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    Sun, Mar 23rd - 11:33AM

    March 23rd 2008 - The Sunday Edition
    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

    Letter from the Editor

    The next 12 years are going to be exciting ones.

    It is not like the 1960s when people thought we'd be driving flying cars or visiting Mars for our vacations. No, now we have much more practical aspirations. We're going to communicate more through the internet, text messaging and cell phones will become increasingly cheaper and affordable world wide.

    We're going to watch the rise of hydrogen power filling stations across continents and car manufacturers switch to a clean burning fuel that doesn't pollute. A whole new hydrogen industry which will bolster electricity production and renewable energy.

    We're going to see the world develop less borders, not more. The success of the European Union has shown that there is economic benefits of working together. South America, Africa, Asian and Middle Eastern countries are already discussing trade unions. Immigration between continents (and the flow of communication) will become more commonplace.

    We're going to see education, literacy and women's rights slowly spreading across the poorest nations of the world. It won't be rapid progress (it never is) and there will be roadblocks and problems along the way, but like Pandora's box it is something that has been unleashed and is unstoppable.

    We're also going to see governments stop playing this stupid game of global warming "denialism". There will still be scientific stooges from the oil and coal industries that deny it, but with time (and lots of wild weather and droughts) politicians and people will see that we've made some disastrous mistakes and now we have to change our ways. The economic consequences of ignoring it will outweigh the economic benefits of using cheap coal to make electricity (coal-electricity plants is responsible for roughly 30% of greenhouse gases).

    This era of inter-continental trade will begin to take its toll on the economy. Already the United States is feeling the effect of cheap consumer goods from China and overseas. Continents need to learn to trade amongst themselves and form continental trade unions. It may be cheaper to build things in Malayasia, but it is not worth it when you could build the same products in Mexico or Canada and still reap the economic benefits in the same continent. We will still be trading raw materials like wood, minerals and metals, but we need to stop outsourcing our manufacturing needs to other countries. It may take longer to realize this, but it is something governments should be thinking about.

    Lastly there is the issue of technology. Mankind has made some dramatic steps in the last 12 years in terms of genetics and DNA research. Scientists just this month discovered how to prevent blindness in mice. Will we be seeing a future that blindness is no longer a problem? I don't know. We will make small steps over the years, but we will likely see some dramatic results.

    I personally think that we need to be studying the DNA breakdown in cancerous cells from samples taken from cancer patients. I think there is a lot of potential to learn how cancer and DNA effect each other and we can possibly find solutions and cures wherein we could discover the direct causes of cancer (different types of toxins and toxicity levels in the cancerous cells) and maybe even reverse the effects of some kinds of cancer.

    Scientists have already determined that there is a direct link between toxicity in our air, water and food and the amount of cancer cells in our bodies. Regular smoking for example roughly doubles a woman's chance of developing breast cancer. Which is silly frankly. Why smoke cancer-causing cigarettes when scientists have already managed to create Smokeless Cigarettes? All the nicotine without the carcinogenic smoke.

    Surely if we can make smoke-free cigarettes that scientists can think of other ways to better our society? It is whether governments pay attention however that is the problem. Sometimes the public has to shout really loud to get politicians to pay attention.

    Suzanne MacNevin
    Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    Armenian Artists - Soviet Artists from the Middle East

    Azerbaijani Artists - Soviet Artists from the Middle East

    How to Draw and Paint People

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    Calories: Food Vs. Exercise - How Much Exercise do you need to burn off that cheeseburger?

    The History of Breastfeeding, plus Breastfeeding Tips for Young Mothers

    Worth Repeating: Smokeless Cigarettes

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    America's Economic Meltdown

    The Impact of Disaster Capitalism on England's Education System

    The History of Oil Prices

    The Religion eZine

    Atlantis Forgotten - The Search for Atlantis and Eden

    The Sex eZine

    Sex Jokes and Cartoons IV - Because Sex is Hilarious!

    The Technology eZine

    Blu Ray Disc Boycott - Why purchase something that will be obsolete in 2 years anyway?

    The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

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    Sat, Mar 22nd - 9:01AM

    America in worst recession in 40 years

    1. The collapse of Bear Stearns, America's 5th largest bank and investment firm, has collapsed and been bought out by J.P.Morgan Chase & Co. (America's 3rd largest). The global banking and financial sector have seen their assets dry up in the sub-prime/credit crisis and the economy is collapsing.

    2. The American dollar has plunged to new lows and is slowly becoming worthless.

    3. The housing collapse in the USA is fueling widespread unemployment as the sub-prime mortgage crisis effects other sectors such as construction, automotive, manufacturing and others.

    4. Foreign investors are "decoupling" themselves from the plunging US economy and investing in superpowers China, India and the EU.

    5. American stores have been flooded with cheap Chinese goods that are pushing American manufacturers out of business (or forcing them to move to Asia). The squeeze between cheap goods from overseas and the collapsed housing sector places American manufacturers between a rock and a hard place and makes it very difficult for them to stay profitable.

    And these don't even take into account America's two wars to pay for (which means higher taxes/national debt in the future), America's 8 trillion national debt and oil prices over a hundred dollars per barrel.

    Want more reasons to worry? Read America's Economic Meltdown.

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    Fri, Mar 21st - 8:06AM

    Painters of the World
  • A. Andrew Gonzalez
  • Abdul Qadir Al Rassam
  • Ala Bashir
  • Albrecht Altdorfer
  • Andy Warhol
  • Antoine Wiertz
  • Arshile Gorky
  • Artemisia Gentileschi
  • Arthur Lismer
  • A.Y. Jackson
  • Bertram Brooker
  • Berthe Morisot
  • Braco Dimitrijevic
  • Charles Demuth
  • Charles Prendergast
  • Daphne Odjig
  • Darmin Veletanlic
  • E.J. Hughes
  • Eleanor Bond
  • Elisabeth Vigee-Lebrun
  • Emily Carr
  • Faeq Hassan
  • Frank Frazetta
  • Frank Johnston
  • Franklin Carmichael
  • Franz Pforr
  • Franz Von Stuck
  • Frederick H. Varley
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Friedrich Overbeck
  • Gabrijel Jurkic
  • Georgia O'Keeffe
  • George Ault
  • Gustav Klimt
  • Henry Fuseli
  • Hovsep Pushman
  • Iba N'Diaye
  • Ivan Aivazovsky
  • Jack Bush
  • J. E. H. MacDonald
  • Joyce Wieland
  • Karen Aghamyan
  • Ken Danby
  • Kosta Hakman
  • Lawren Harris
  • Lawrence Alma-Tadema
  • Martiros Saryan
  • Mersad Berber
  • Minas Avetisyan
  • Mordechai Ardon
  • Nesim Tahirovic
  • Olivia De Berardinis
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Patrick Nagel
  • Paul Gauguin
  • Paul Peel
  • Rosa Bonheur
  • Suad al-Attar
  • Tamara De Lempicka
  • Tom Thomson
  • The Group of Seven
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Vann Nath

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    Thu, Mar 20th - 9:35PM

    Brent Chua Fans
    We've received a lot of comments regarding our recent Brent Chua supermodel posting.

    The attention directed to Brent Chua (and our new site) is a bit mind boggling. Indeed, if you Google Brent Chua our website is already in the top 20 (place #14 on a regular search, #12 if you use quotations around his name). That is pretty impressive. Hopefully it will continue to go up.

    What is more unusual about the Brent Chua posting is that we did it on REQUEST.

    So if any of you gals out there want to request more male supermodels, all you have to do is tell us and we'll get a staff member working on it ASAP. Depending on the number of different requests it may take awhile.

    Comment (13)

    Thu, Mar 20th - 9:31AM

    American Economy continues slide into recession...

    The American economic index collapsed again in February, for the fifth month in a row.

    "The economy may be grinding to a halt," said Ken Goldstein, the Conference Board's labour economist, in a statement. "Growth will be weak this spring. A small contraction in economic activity cannot be ruled out."

    The stock markets slid rapidly yesterday, with commodity prices diving and stocks crashing. Oil prices dove briefly below $100 US for the first time in awhile, after reaching a height of $111.80 US. Gold prices dropped suddenly to $904.70.

    Today's markets fared better, but otherwise there was overall a feeling of uncertainty as America's economic woes seem to keep piling up during this unusual recession.

    For more info see:

    The American Recession of 2007, 2008 and Beyond - The Politics eZine

    American Economy Collapsing - US Economics - The Politics eZine

    America's Retail Economy Worst in 40 Years - The Politics eZine

    American Economy Lacks Manufacturing - The Politics eZine

    Redefining a Recession - The Politics eZine

    Recession Hits Automotive Sector - The Automotive eZine

    Comment (1)

    Wed, Mar 19th - 10:46AM

    The Iraq War fiasco, five years later

    When U.S. President George W. Bush launched Stealth bombers at Saddam Hussein's regime on March 19, 2003, five years ago today, roughly 60 per cent of Americans backed the war. Most were convinced Saddam had weapons of mass destruction. Most believed he had ties to Osama bin Laden, their 9/11 nemesis. And most felt sure Iraqi democracy would rise phoenix-like and strong from the cinders.

    Those certainties have long since been exploded. In the twilight of the failed Bush presidency Americans are left contemplating a ruinous $3 trillion bill for a war former defence secretary Don Rumsfeld once haughtily predicted would cost $60 billion. Nearly 4,000 U.S. soldiers have died. And U.S. credibility internationally has suffered a devastating blow. Iraqis, meanwhile, mourn 151,000 violent deaths by their own government's estimate, as they struggle amid "tears and blood" to patch together the broken political pieces, rebuild a civil administration and economy, bring home millions of refugees, and fend off a stubborn insurgency and civil war.

    Despite the fears the Bush administration fanned at the United Nations before attacking Iraq, there never was a pressing need for war, beyond Bush's demand for "regime change" in an "axis of evil" state. And most Canadians and much of the world knew it. The UN inspectors were right. Saddam had long since given up his nuclear, biological and chemical ambitions. Nor did he have the ties Washington claimed with the 9/11 attackers, who were from Saudi Arabia for the most part.

    While Iraq's new democracy led by President Jalal Talabani and Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is incomparably better than Saddam's murderous Baathist autocracy, it is also fractious, unstable and weak. It has yet to agree on laws to hold Kurdish, Sunni and Shia regions together in some kind of federation, or on a plan to fairly divvy up Iraq's oil revenues. Many Iraqis now live in mortal fear of a U.S. military pullout, anarchy, and the breakup of their nation. If they break up into smaller countries they will undoubtably run into problems with corruption, fiscal mismanagement and possibly become training grounds for terrorist groups.

    As leading U.S. Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton recognize, the Iraq war has also been a costly distraction from the effort to repair Afghanistan after decades of Soviet occupation, civil war and Taliban misrule, which included playing host to Al Qaeda. President Hamid Karzai presides over a democratically elected but desperately weak government, with insufficient military forces to preserve order. Bin Laden is still on the loose. And the Taliban remain a threat. Meanwhile, 157,000 U.S. troops are too busy in Iraq to help in Afghanistan.

    When the history of Bush's years in the White House is written, the accidental president of 2000 will get due credit for rallying a shaken nation after 9/11 and for confronting Al Qaeda and their Taliban hosts. But Bush will be remembered as well as the president who scare-mongered Americans into a debacle in Iraq that sapped their nation's psyche and treasury, eroded its political and moral credibility, and misdirected resources that were needed in Afghanistan to fight terror. Bush's attack on Iraq defined a failed presidency.

    And five years later today Americans are still tallying the cost.

    Bush should have used the 157,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq to eliminate the terrorist threat in Afghanistan first and given weapons inspectors ample time to determine whether there was any need to attack Iraq.


    Want more? Visit the Politics eZine.

    Comment (1)

    Wed, Mar 19th - 9:25AM

    Oil prices fall below $108 a barrel
    Oil prices fell below $108 a barrel for the first time in awhile. On Monday, oil hit a record trading high for a front-month futures contract at $111.80.

    But according to
    Platts Chief Economist Larry G. Chorn, this is only a temporary lull.

    The rate reduction by the Federal Reserve "could result in oil prices rising to the $112 to $115 (a barrel) range over the course of the next weeks, assuming the other (Group of 10 industrial nations') central banks hold their rates constant," Chorn wrote.

    Oil prices are expected to soar to $120 to $150 during the summer driving period.

    Learn more at Hundred Dollar Oil.

    Comment (1)

    Tue, Mar 18th - 11:37PM

    Eliot Spitzer
    I'd like to take a moment and say I actually understand Eliot Spitzer paying $4000 to a prostitute to bind and whip him while he wore naughty school girl clothes and the working girl dressed in dominatrix garb. Stuff like that... well, you are really paying her to keep quiet on the matter (which she did do).

    Paying for it with tax dollars however, and doing a shoddy job of covering it up... that is just pathetic and he deserved to get caught eventually.

    I would hazard a guess his wife even knew that he liked to crossdress and get whipped by dominating women, but his wife just wasn't into that kind of thing.

    I'd also like to thank the press and the media for being so quiet about the whole BDSM thing. When it was Bill Clinton people kept saying blowjob this and blowjob that, and oral sex, sex, sex. But this time around the media has been very hush on the topic, or perhaps that is because the investigators haven't been disclosing all the details just yet.

    What is known is that Mr Spitzer was doing something "extra kinky" and it required the prostitute to travel on a train (instead of a plane) with luggage filled with whips, handcuffs, anal dildos and god-knows-what-else... so kudos to the investigators for keeping hush so far and only leaking minor details.

    Frankly I can't get enough of the idea of Eliot Spitzer dressed up like Britney Spears and screaming "baby, hit me one more time" while the dominatrix whips him. F---ing hilarious!

    I can't imagine why in the world the investigators and the press wouldn't want that all over the newspapers. Parents had a helluva time explaining oral sex 10 years ago during the Clinton/Lewinsky impeachment, now they would get the chance to explain why Eliot Spitzer likes to crossdress and get whipped for being a "bad little girl".

    For more funny and sexual humour...

    Funny Cartoons and Humour

    Sex Jokes and Cartoons I
    Sex Jokes and Cartoons II
    Sex Jokes and Cartoons III
    Sex Jokes and Cartoons IV
    Papal Impropriety
    Sex Trivia & Cartoons

    Comment (2)

    Tue, Mar 18th - 2:01PM

    Brent Chua
    As requested, a biography and photos of Brent Chua:

    Comment (9)

    Mon, Mar 17th - 9:50AM

    Bear Stearns Fallout and the American Recession
    The collapse of America's 5th largest investment bank has badly shaken the American economy, which is already in a recession.

    The American dollar is down 18% from last year, GDP growth is a stagnant 2.2%, oil prices have soared beyond $110 US (it reached almost $112 earlier today) and the hardest hit are low income families and the financial sector which has lost billions on risky mortgages.

    Bear Stearns stocks last week were worth $70 each and today went down to $2 each, and have been bought up by rival JP Morgan Chase for US$236.2 million.

    Meanwhile the markets are also being rocked by massive recalls of faulty chinese products, most notably toys that pose a choking or poison hazard. The United States has a trade deficit with China and the communist country is destabilizing the American economy with mass amounts of cheap/faulty consumer goods.

    Our advice? Buy Canadian or American products only. It is worth it to pay the extra amount for quality.

    From the White House: George W. Bush says he will take "strong and decisive action", but his rhetoric failed to provide examples of what he would actually do. He said the White House would monitor the situation, which implies he is just waiting it out and continuing a "do nothing" approach when it comes to the US economy.

    Meanwhile gold prices are soaring (as it usually does during a recession), reaching a new record: US$1,033.90.

    Comment (1)

    Sun, Mar 16th - 11:36AM

    March 16th 2008 - The Sunday Edition
    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

    Letter from the Editor

    Years ago I kept overhearing people talking about a hotel in Paris. I wondered why they kept mentioning the Paris Hilton this, Paris Hilton that, until I eventually clued in... Oh, some idiot billionaire named his daughter Paris Hilton, and she's one of the heirs to the Hilton hotel chain.

    The amount of media attention dedicated to Paris Hilton (and Britney Spears) is ridiculous. Certainly we have better things to talk about than some snobbish rich person's sex video and drunk driving charges?

    Like the war in Iraq. Or Afghanistan. Or the American Recession. Or obesity rates in Canada and the United States. Or global warming and climate change.

    Except we can only take so much of such topics. Sometimes we just want to tune them out and listen/watch/read something that is braindead and vaguely humourous. That is where Paris Hilton comes in. She satisfies the basic human desires of curiousity and mocking rich people. It is entertainment in the lowest form, but we still enjoy to mock celebrities and their mistakes (and in Paris Hilton's case mock how she even became famous).

    We should talk more about controversial issues, but will it do any good in some instances? In many cases lengthy talks always end in stalemates and nothing happens. Wars continue, the White House continues to ignore the economy, fat people still eat more and more because they're depressed and corporations refuse to change or slowly change.

    So reading the latest braindead gossip about Paris Hilton is basically a favourite past-time for some people. It keeps their minds off of issues that bother them, but can't do anything about. We can protest the war all we want and demand George W. Bush pay more attention to the economy, but Bush doesn't listen to polls, or protests and doesn't give a shit about the economy.

    But hearing the latest stupid thing a celebrity did brightens our existence for the moment and take our minds off these pressing concerns. We laugh, and laughter may not fix the economy or bring peace to the world in a hurry, but it certainly helps. Paris Hilton reminds us that we are human, alive and that we all make stupid mistakes.

    Suzanne MacNevin
    Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    Mordechai Ardon - Polish-Israeli Abstract Painter

    The Canada eZine

    Lose Weight Canada, Get Lower Taxes

    Canadian Obesity Statistics

    Should We Stop Coddling the Obese?

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    The Fashion eZine

    Nike Sweatshops in China

    Lars Burmeister - Male Supermodel

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    The Ten Worst Countries for Women to Live In.

    The Politics eZine

    American Economy Collapsing - The US Dollar slipped 18% in 2007 and GDP went up 2.2% = Economy Down approx. 16%.

    Don't Teach English in South Korea

    The Sex eZine

    Sex Jokes and Cartoons III

    Comment (2)

    Fri, Mar 14th - 11:01PM

    What's in a Supermodel?
    Supermodels are weird creatures. They inhabit urban jungles and are hunted by fashionistas toting Visas and Gucci bags. Contrary to popular belief however, the supermodel is not extinct. During the 1980s supermodels were quite popular but during the 1990s they were nearly hunted into extinction by rival carnivores from the movie and music industries.

    These days however supermodels seem to be breeding in mass numbers and are becoming popular again, despite society's tendency towards Vegan eating habits or over-eating. In order to keep the supermodel population down we recommend creating a supermodel hunting season complete with licenses to shoot (photographs) of these mysterious creatures.

    They are almost as rare as Loch Ness monsters and other sea serpent monsters.

    Next week for discussion: Leprechauns Vs Unicorns. Who would win in a fight?

    Happy St. Patricks Day!

    Male Supermodels

    Alex Lundqvist
    Andrew Stetson
    Arjun Rampal
    Brent Chua
    Chad White
    David Witko
    Eli Roth
    Enrique Palacios
    Evandro Soldati
    Gabriel Aubry
    Hoyt Richards
    Lars Burmeister
    Marcus Schenkenberg
    Mark Vanderloo
    Mario Lekkas
    Rusty Joiner
    Simon Yam
    Steven Z. Schreiber
    Sylvain Grenier
    Travis Fimmel
    Tyrone Edmond
    Tyson Ballou
    Tyson Beckford
    Will Chalker

    Female Supermodels

    Adriana Lima
    Ajuma Nasenyana
    Alessandra Ambrosio
    Aline Nakashima
    Ana Beatriz Barros
    Angelica Pamintuan
    Anna Bayle
    Atsuko Sakuraba
    Ava Gardner
    Ayumi Sakurai
    Barbara Allen
    Betty Brosmer
    Betty Grable
    Beverly Johnson
    Bridget Hall
    Camila Finn
    Carla Bruni
    Carol Alt
    Caroline Trentini
    Carolyn Murphy
    Carré Otis
    Cheryl Tiegs
    Christie Brinkley
    Christy Turlington
    Cindy Crawford
    Claudia Schiffer
    Colleen Corby
    Cori Nadine
    Daria Werbowy
    Doutzen Kroes
    Elle Macpherson
    Emi Andoh
    Ève Salvail
    Gemma Ward
    Gia Carangi
    Gisele Bündchen
    Grace De La Rosa
    Heather Marks
    Helena Christensen
    Heidi Klum
    Hilary Rhoda
    Ho Chia Shuan
    Hzu Chi
    Iman Abdulmajid
    Inez Sastre
    Inna Zobova
    Irina Lazareanu
    Iselin Steiro
    Janice Dickinson
    Jerry Hall
    Jessica Stam
    Jun Kusanagi
    June Allyson
    Kai Hosihiko
    Karen Mulder
    Kate Moss
    Laetitia Casta
    Lily Cole
    Lin Chi-ling
    Linda Evangelista
    Lisa Fonssagrives
    Liya Kebede
    Lola Corwin
    Marisa Miller
    Melanie Marquez
    Miho Saito
    Milla Jovovich
    Mimiko Shimada
    Mizuki Kanno
    Natalia Vodianova
    Naomi Campbell
    Ninja Sarasalo
    Olivia DeHaviland
    Paris Hilton
    Patti Hansen
    Paulina Porizkova
    Pinsuda Tanphairoh
    Pui Yii
    Raica Oliveira
    Raquel Zimmermann
    Reiko Kaito
    Rita Hayworth
    Rose McGowan
    Sasha Pivovarova
    Selita Ebanks
    Senna Matsuda
    Shalom Harlow
    Stephanie Seymour
    Sung Hi Lee
    Takako Uehara
    Tasha Tilberg
    Tatjana Patitz
    Tila Tequila Nguyen
    Tyra Banks
    Veronica Webb
    Vlada Roslyakova
    Yasmeen Ghauri
    Yasmin Warsame
    Yuka (or Yuuka)
    Yuko Aoki

    Comment (11)

    Fri, Mar 14th - 3:54PM

    Freak wave washes over Spanish town
    What has been described as a "freak wave" washed over a seaside town in Spain, turning over cars and frightening passersby.

    Though the waves broke Monday over the city of La Coruna, images and video of the enormous wall of water didn't emerge until late in the week, El Pais reported online Friday.

    The wave was reportedly caused by a nearby storm that lashed the area and higher sea levels. No one was reportedly hurt in the incident.

    Meanwhile in eastern Canada:

    Rising sea levels has Canadians concerned. The melting of polar ice caps has reduced pressure on the earth's crust causing the crust to buckle. Ocean levels have been rising dramatically, already up 20 cm in the last 50 years. Sea levels are expected to rise faster in the future, with an estimated 10 meter (30 feet) increase by 2030.

    Comment (2)

    Thu, Mar 13th - 7:56AM

    Oil continues to skyrocket!

    Oil prices soar again to new heights:

    $110.70 US per barrel.

    Read more at Hundred Dollar Oil:

    Comment (1)

    Wed, Mar 12th - 8:06PM

    Website Design Services
    Looking for quality website design? Need a website designer with 12 years of experience? Look no further.
    Comment (1)

    Tue, Mar 11th - 11:49AM

    Oil prices near $110 US per barrel while US dollar slumps and America goes into Recession
    Oil prices skyrocketed again today, nearing $110 US per barrel.

    The highest point was $109.72/barrel, a new all time record, even when adjusted for inflation. Learn more at Hundred Dollar Oil.

    Part of the reason why the price is soaring so much is because the American dollar is becoming worthless, mostly due to the current American Recession. Unlike a normal recession the US economy is still growing in GDP (or at least holding stable), but the housing crisis and too much credit has created a credit crisis that undermines the actual value of American currency.

    Think of it a bit like if someone pumped millions of dollars of counterfeit into the US economy, and then somehow the media found it. It would undermine the overall value of the American dollar and its value would plummet.

    In this case however it isn't counterfeit (although technically speaking US currency is one of the easiest to counterfeit), it is simply too much credit. Americans have too many mortgages, too many credit cards and too much national debt. They rely on foreign imports from China and other nations and their own economy has become too service oriented and not enough actual manufacturing.

    The result is that that the American dollar isn't actually worth much when you think about it. It is just paper after all. For decades its value has been boosted by strong overseas demand as banks used it as base currency because it was stable and strong. In this era of the Bush Administration however, with George W. asleep at the wheel, economic prosperity has been given a backseat and basically totally ignored while the White House focuses on international terrorism.

    There was once a time when currency had to be backed up with actual substance such as gold in Fort Knox, but that era is long gone. Now a currency is valuable because the government and the markets say it is, but when a society bases most of its purchases on credit and isn't making enough to support those purchases the value of the dollar ends up plummeting.

    Think of it like this: A group of Americans buys 120 million widgets for $1 each in a single year and pays for it with credit. They pay for the interest and the next year they buy another 120 million widgets and buy it on credit also, and keep doing it every year. They pay the interest on the widgets but they never actually pay it off. After 5 years they've bought 600 million widgets but have bought it on credit and have never paid any of the balance off, paying only the interest. Eventually the bank says: No. We're not giving you any more credit. You have no intention of ever paying us back in full.

    Imagine if I bought your old TV, but instead of paying for it with gold or something of value I gave you an IOU instead. If I kept buying stuff with IOUs and never paid them off you would eventually say "Hey, these IOUs are worthless!"

    Unlike the widget example above the IOUs don't gain interest. But what is the point of interest if the value of things keeps going up due to inflation? The price of grain, food, oil, gold, and other basic commodities are all skyrocketing in value, much higher than the actual rate of interest.

    Imagine you have $10,000 in the bank and the yearly compound interest rate is 5%. Over a year you would get $500 in interest. But imagine for a moment if the value of food, gasoline and all commodities doubled in price in one year. Your $10,500 isn't really worth the same as it used to be... it is now worth approx. $5,250 in terms of actual purchasing power.

    And so this is the situation the USA is in right now. Commodity prices are skyrocketing, which means our GDP is going up because prices are going up. But if you adjust the GDP to make up for the loss of currency value you realize what has really happened is the USA is now in a recession and just doesn't realize it because the numbers still look up, but they haven't clued in that the GDP's value has actually gone down.

    In the last year the American dollar has dropped in value by approx. 18% compared to the Canadian dollar and the Euro (and numerous other commodities). So even though the US GDP increased 2.2% in 2007 in the amount of US dollars, the actual value of that GDP has shrunk by about 16%.

    Couple that with a mortgage and credit crisis and the United States is in for a wild ride in terms of economics.

    Politics wise it should make for an interesting 2008 election campaign.

    Comment (1)

    Mon, Mar 10th - 4:03PM

    Oil Soars to New Heights 2
    Oil prices skyrocketed again today, reaching $107.90 US per barrel.

    Learn more at Hundred Dollar Oil.

    Comment (1)

    Sun, Mar 9th - 7:58AM

    March 9th 2008 - The Sunday Edition
    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

    Letter from the Editor

    I know I've hit the nail on the head when I start getting a tonne of hatemail. It means I've provoked people to actually think about the subject and possibly have made some great insight.

    In this case it is not so great as it is: "Why didn't I realize this sooner?"

    For over 11 years now I've been writing about feminist issues. Then back in January I decided to go "behind enemy lines" and do some research. I went to anti-feminist websites and started recording the major complaints and keeping track of which ones were the most frequent complaints. It was a non-scientific survey, but it garnered interesting results.

    Child support and spousal support ranked at the top, vastly outnumbering all the other complaints put together. The complaints included a variety of smaller comments about lack of money, that spousal support was like "ex-husband slavery", that they weren't sure if the kids were even theirs because they thought their ex-wife/ex-girlfriend was a slut/bitch/c-word, that women are just looking for free money/blank cheques, that they were tricked into marrying their ex-wives, that their girlfriend forgot to take their birth control pill and just wanted their money, etc.

    Which made me realize that the anti-feminists, despite all the posing and maliciousness, were mostly just a bunch of Deadbeat Dads paying (or refusing to pay) child support.

    So I wrote an article called "Dealing with Anti-Feminism" in which I explained my results. And then the hatemail started pouring in... from guess who? Deadbeat Dads.

    Surprisingly they didn't refute my results. They didn't disagree at all. Instead they just bashed me, told me to go back to the kitchen, called me a lying c-word, a lesbian, compared me to Hitler (like WTF?) and accused me of being a communist.

    It all made me laugh and I pondered the question: How does communist countries with dictatorships deal with deadbeat dads? I believe the only remaining countries where this applies is Cuba and North Korea. Do they execute them? Put them in work camps? Do they get off Scot-free?

    Somehow I doubt men in Cuba and North Korea are going around impregnating women without paying some kind of social consequence.

    Suzanne MacNevin
    Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    The Christian Art History Archive

    Albrecht Altdorfer: Painter of Christian Mythology

    The Fashion eZine

    Shock Absorbing Sports Bras: Get the support you Need.

    The Feminist eZine

    Feminist Film Theory: Looking Back at the History of Film

    Feminism and The Female Eunuch: Book Review

    Where have all the Feminists Gone?

    The Health eZine

    Bulimia and Depression: Symptoms and Treatment

    Women's Fitness, plus 12 Daily Healthy Activities

    The Politics eZine

    Redefining a Recession: The United States is in a Recession, but not the normal definition of one.

    The Sex eZine

    Sex Jokes and Cartoons 2

    Older Women Getting Trophy Boy Toys

    The Technology eZine

    The Most Popular Keywords Online - What are people searching for?
    Comment (1)

    Sat, Mar 8th - 11:25AM

    WebRing value for dollar.
    We're increasing our funding to WebRing. We just sent WebRing another $24 and have featured another 10+ of our webrings in various categories.

    We're conducting an experiment to see just how good WebRing is at website promotion. Our hypothesis is that we will see a dramatic boost for only an extra $5 to $10 per month in advertising expenditures.

    We've noticed previously (as mentioned in our February 16th post) that WebRing provides great value for dollar advertising.

    Value wise WebRing provides about the same value as Google Adsense but at one quarter the cost.

    We usually spend about $10 per month promoting our WebRings and we are increasing that amount to approx. $16/month while we conduct a 4 month experiment.

    We currently receive about 5300 clicks per month from WebRing. We're expecting that number to go up to approx. 8000.

    More importantly however, we think this added boost will also boost our Google ranking in search results. In 2007 LGN received over 1.3 million hits from Google searches. We're aiming for 2 million this year.

    If our experiment succeeds we will be increasing our expenditures on WebRing dramatically.

    Comment (1)

    Sat, Mar 8th - 9:39AM

    Oil Soars to New Heights
    On March 5th the price of oil soared to $104 US.

    On March 6th it soared even higher, $105.97 US.

    On March 7th (yesterday) it went to $106.54 US.

    Oil prices are expected to soar even higher in the summer driving season, with estimates of $120 to $150, and even some analysts suggesting that geopolitical problems could push prices as high as $180.

    Gasoline prices are expected to rise anywhere from 30% to 60% in the coming year.

    Wow... those hybrid, hydrogen and electric cars sure are looking affordable now...

  • GM's Hydrogen Equinox
  • Ford Escape Hybrid 2008
  • Toyota Prius Hybrid 2007
  • Toyota Camry Hybrid 2007
  • Saturn Aura Hybrid 2007
  • Lexus GS Hybrid 2007
  • Honda Accord Hybrid 2007

  • Comment (1)

    Wed, Mar 5th - 8:23PM

    Experts predicting $1.40 gas / litre in Canada
    High energy prices will help oilpatch, but will hurt manufacturers and consumers, analysts say...

    Gasoline prices in Canada could rise to about $1.40 a litre in a few months if oil prices stay at current record levels and demand picks up for the summer driving season, oil industry observers say.

    Average Canadian gasoline prices were more or less steady at 111.60 cents per litre today, according to, a website that tracks retail gasoline prices in Canada and the United States.

    But the cost of a barrel of oil surged to more than US$104 on energy markets today after OPEC said it would keep global production steady for the time being, despite U.S. calls to step it up.

    Investors who had also expected U.S. oil inventories to rise were also jolted by news that there was, in fact, a decline in U.S. stockpiles of crude.

    (US$ equivalent is $5.60 per gallon.)


    For more on the high prices of oil: Hundred Dollar Oil

    Comment (1)

    Tue, Mar 4th - 8:02PM

    Sex is Funny
    Have you ever noticed all the funny faces men make during sex?

    It is HILARIOUS.

    In fact sex in general is hilarious. As a species we look pretty darn ridiculous when we are mating.

    Whether it is Kama Sutra positions...

    Or sloppy kisses...

    Those stupid jokes we tell when the boss isn't around...

    Or the silly facts and trivia we learn about animals and human sexuality...

    Or historical examples of Popes having sex and behaving improperly...

    And then there is the battle of the sexes... not so funny, but interesting...

    Comment (1)

    Mon, Mar 3rd - 7:44PM

    Gay Marriages
    On the topic of gay marriages, here is some interesting links:

    And here is a Christian conservative... who questions whether we should stone homosexuals to death...

    He says no, but it is still disturbing for his reasons why he thinks they should kept alive temporarily...

    Comment (3)

    Sun, Mar 2nd - 1:35PM

    March 2nd 2008 - The Sunday Edition

    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition

    Letter from the Editor

    I am so upset I feel like screaming.

    A fundamentalist Christian group called
    the Canada Family Action Coalition has succeeded in convincing the Canadian conservative government in passing a bill that will see tax refunds be pulled for any movie that contains sex, violence or homosexuality... basically anything that is remotely controversial. The end result is that any Canadian film containing sex, violence or homosexuality will be censored.

    A prime example is the movie "Breakfast with Scot", a comedy about two gay men (one of which is a hockey player) raising a young boy.

    On television today
    Charles McVety, the president of the Canada Family Action Coalition verbally attacked the director of "Breakfast with Scot", saying that the new bill would cut funding for such controversial films that promote "gay propaganda". McVety claims that the gay men in the movie molested the boy, but he obviously hasn't even seen the movie at all. It is a COMEDY! Not a porn film.

    So apparently gays and lesbians can get married in Canada, but we can't make movies about it?

    Unlike the United States, Canada has a very unstable film industry. We NEED the government tax credits to make films in Canada. Without them our directors and producers would make their movies in the USA or overseas where it is cheaper.

    Charles McVety argues that he doesn't want his tax dollars going towards filth and pornography... except Canada's porn industry doesn't get these tax credits (please note they are TAX CREDITS, not tax dollars as he claims).

    Currently, the federal heritage department tax credit program excludes talk shows, game shows, advertising, corporate videos and pornography from receiving tax credit support. The new bill would also exclude films containing any sexual, violent or homosexual content.

    Canadian actors and movie directors are not taking this action lying down.
    Canadian directors David Cronenberg and Sarah Polley are actively protesting the proposed changes which are currently before the Canadian senate.

    Under the new changes directors making any film that contains sex or violence would be financially impossible. Canada's film industry would fall apart and only boring non-controversial films would be made. Anything controversial would have to be made in the USA or overseas.

    It makes me so angry... I wish religious wackos would just mind their own business. The rest of us still enjoy those movies and we have rights too.

    Suzanne MacNevin

    The Art History Archive

    Iraqi Artists: Suad al-Attar, Ala Bashir, Faeq Hassan and Abdul Qadir Al Rassam.

    Vann Nath: The Cambodian Artist who was forced to paint propaganda for the Khmer Rouge.

    The Canada eZine

    Conservative Christian groups want to censor sex, homosexuality and violence in Canadian films.

    The Environmental eZine

    Climate Change, Food Shortages and Overpopulation

    Skyrocketing Commodities Prices

    The Fashion eZine

    Carre Otis: A Supermodel's Journey from Anorexia to Healthy

    Carre Otis: Anorexia out of Control

    The Health eZine

    Obesity in China Skyrocketing

    The Politics eZine

    Oil Prices spike at $103 per barrel.

    The Technology eZine

    A Beginner's Guide to HTML and Website Design

    Tech Savvy Teens Vs. Adults: Who is really more technology inclined?

    Crackberries Blackberries - Addicted to your Blackberry? You are not alone.

    Comment (3)

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