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Wed, Feb 27th - 3:51PM

Feminist Quotes
"I myself have never been able to find out precisely what feminism is: I only know that people call me a feminist whenever I express sentiments that differentiate me from a door mat or a prostitute." - Rebecca West.

"Women belong in the House... and in the Senate."

"I think it's about time we voted for senators with breasts. After all, we've been voting for boobs long enough."

"[Feminism is] a socialist, anti-family, political movement that encourages women to leave their husbands, kill their children, practice witchcraft, destroy capitalism and become lesbians." - Pat Robertson (being sarcastic).

"If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament." - Florynce R. Kennedy.

More Feminist Quotes: 1001 Feminist Quotes

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Tue, Feb 26th - 7:17PM

Art for Adults
  • The History of Lovers in Art

  • The History of the Kiss in Art

  • Nudes and Prudes

  • 20th Century Nudes in Art

  • Erotic Art of Japan

  • Erotic Art of Europe

  • The History of Pin-Up Art

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    Mon, Feb 25th - 8:14PM

    Funny Painting by Jennifer Linton

    The Terrorist : 2001, click to see larger version.

    Jennifer Linton - The Terrorist - 2001

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    Sun, Feb 24th - 10:29AM

    February 24th 2008 - The Sunday Edition
    Letter from the Assistant Editor

    Suzy isn't available this week so I am taking over the newsletter for today.

    The Oscars are tonight and as usual I have no intention of watching it. Celebrity gazing and buzz is not my thing, and apparently a lot of other people feel the same way. The Oscars have been going downhill in recent years due to poor ratings and a lot of people dissatisfied with the results.

    I'm not surprised. The Oscars are basically a gimmick to sell movies to the mass populace. Movies that win big at the Oscars get bragging rights that boost their profits and sales. But most of the movies that win I don't really care for.

    Lets take the example of The Aviator (which won a tonne of Oscars several years ago). I've watched it 1.5 times and I have no intention of watching it again. It may have won awards but I couldn't care less about it. The Oscars tend to give awards to artsy flicks, those that are perceived as such at least, but that doesn't mean the movie is actually any good.

    In contrast to The Aviator I've watched The Hulk over twenty times, but it didn't win a single award and had horrible movie reviews. True, most of the movie was CGI, but the same can be said about a lot of blockbuster movies these days. There is no Oscar for Best CGI.

    Conclusions? Just because it wins an Oscar doesn't mean the movie is worth watching again and again. I'd rather watch any of the Indiana Jones movies a hundred times than watch an Oscar winner once.

    Charles Moffat
    Assistant Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    The History of Zimbabwean Artists: Marshall P. Baron, Charles Fernando, Joseph Muzondo, Thakor Patel, Robert Paul and Kingsley Sambo.

    The Group of Seven - Canadian Landscape Artists

    Franklin Carmichael - Canadian Landscape Artist

    Lawren Harris - Canadian Landscape Artist

    A.Y. Jackson - Canadian Landscape Artist

    Frank H. Johnston - Canadian Landscape Artist

    Arthur Lismer - Canadian Landscape Artist

    J.E.H. MacDonald - Canadian Landscape Artist

    Frederick H. Varley - Canadian Landscape Artist

    Tom Thomson - Canadian Landscape Artist

    The Automotive eZine

    Recession Hits the Automotive Sector

    The Canada eZine

    Should Canada peg the loonie to the US dollar to boost exports?

    The Entertainment eZine

    Boycotting 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons

    The Environmental eZine

    Home Energy Saving Tips

    The Theory of Rapid Climate Change: Is there a real threat?

    The Fashion eZine

    Supermodels and Fashion Models: History, Health & Controversy

    The World's Top Supermodels

    The Health eZine

    i'm fat and lovin' it: McDonald's and Obesity Rates

    The Politics eZine

    Afghanistan's Terrorist Warlords: No Peace in Afghanistan

    The Technology eZine

    The Next Generation of Computer Processors: 5 to 6 Ghz

    The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

    To REMOVE yourself from this mailing list simply reply with the word REMOVE in the subject line.
    (Make certain you are replying with the same email address that you used to subscribe.)


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    Fri, Feb 22nd - 3:48PM

    Our Most Popular WebRings

    The following is a list of the Lilith Gallery Network's most popular webrings. We operate and manage over 250 webrings, but these are the most important and popular ones.


  • #1 Art Galleries
  • Art of the Female Form
  • Artists & Writers Exhibit
  • Images of Men & Women
  • Pagan Art & Gothic Fashion
  • Philosophers & Artists
  • The Andy Warhol Ring of Postmodern Fine Art
  • The Art Gallery Webring
  • The Art History Webring
  • The Art Marketplace
  • The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
  • The Oil, Blood & Cleavage Ring of Contemporary Fine Art
  • The Ring of Fine Art
  • The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring
  • The Visual Artists Webring
  • The Writing & Art Webring
  • Art Cafe
  • Art History Cafe
  • The Fine Arts Network
  • The Greatest Artists in the World
  • Worldwide Photography & Art
  • #1 Acrylic Painters
  • #1 Video Artists
  • Antiques & Art Express
  • Gothic & Fantasy Art
  • Modern Art
  • Philosophers & Artists
  • Photographers & Artists


  • The History of Art & Architecture


  • Gasoline Cars


  • True North, Strong & Free
  • The Canada Webring
  • The Canadiana Webring
  • The Canadian Culture Webring
  • The Canadians Webring
  • Fine Arts Canada
  • Canadian Women
  • Politics of Canada
  • Canadian Politics
  • Canadian Business & Politics
  • The Conservative Party of Canada
  • Liberal Canadians
  • NDP Canada
  • The Canada & USA Webring

    Civil Rights

  • The Civil Rights Webring
  • The Anti-Censorship & Free Speech Ring
  • The Equalitarian Webring
  • Voting & Statistics Express


  • The Ecofeminist Webring

    Fashion & Fitness

  • The Fashion & Fitness Webring
  • The Fashion, Models & Art Webring
  • Women's Health & Fashion
  • The Beauty and Glamour WebRing
  • Beauty & Fashion


  • Body of a Venus
  • Feminist Guru
  • Feminists
  • Grrl
  • Grrl Power
  • Grrl Punk Riot
  • Icky Grrl Germs & Feminist Cooties
  • Lilith Webgrrls
  • Proud to be a Feminist Bitch
  • Radical Sheep
  • Respect Women
  • Revolution
  • So Called Bad Girls
  • The Rebel Grrl Webring
  • The United Feminist Webring
  • The Women's Webring
  • Women with an Edge
  • The Angelic Reality of Feminism
  • The Women's Studies Webring
  • Womyn of the Web
  • A Woman's Choice

    General Interest

  • The Cyberculture Webring
  • The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
  • Aborted Society
  • beautiful imperfections
  • Modern Life
  • The CultureSluts WebRing
  • The Amazon Faeries Webring
  • Nerd Culture


  • Gothic Unity
  • Pagan Art & Gothic Fashion
  • The Gothic Vampire Express


  • The Archaeology & Mythology Webring
  • The World History Webring
  • 21st Century History
  • Modern Life

    Movies, Music & Celebrities

  • The Music & Movies Webring
  • The Female Celebrities Webring
  • The Male Celebrities Webring
  • Art & Movies Express
  • The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
  • The Artists & Celebrities Webring
  • Indie Rock

    Mythology & Religion

  • The Archaeology & Mythology Webring
  • Atheism
  • Politics & Religion Express
  • Israel & Jewish Culture

    Poetry & Writing

  • The Ultimate Poetry & Art Webring
  • Artists & Writers Exhibit
  • English Poetry & Writing Express
  • The Incredible Art, Culture & Music Webring
  • The Journalism & News Webring
  • The Writing & Art Webring
  • beautiful imperfections
  • Seduction of Words
  • Stuff Sucks
  • The Philosophers & Thinkers Webring
  • The Poetry Pipeline
  • The Sexy Anarchist Ring

    Politics & Countries

  • The Politics & Issues Webring
  • The America Webring
  • The Middle East
  • Left Wing Express
  • The Anti-Censorship & Free Speech Ring
  • The Journalism & News Webring
  • The Libertarian Webring
  • The World Issues Webring
  • Voting & Statistics Express
  • Liberty & Freedom
  • Military & Politics
  • Peace
  • Politics & Economics
  • Politics Cafe
  • The 2008 United States Election Campaign
  • The American Politics & Freedom Ring
  • The Business & Politics Webring
  • The Issues Forum & Webring
  • United States Business & Politics
  • Korea & Japan

    Sex & Romance

  • The Great Sex and Romance Ring
  • The Playboy Webring
  • The Gay Rights Webring

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    Sun, Feb 17th - 3:04PM

    February 17th 2008 - The Sunday Edition
    Letter from the Editor

    I think my favourite article this week is "Get Great Abs - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Abdomen", which was a collaborative effort of several writers and myself. It details not only the health benefits of a muscular abdomen, diet, methodology and over 20 different abdomen exercises.

    I've been doing ab exercises for several months now, in addition to my weightlifting routine (see Weightlifting for Women), and I've seen some remarkable changes and made a discovery: Girls with six-packs are hot and I am now one of them.

    It happened last week when I looked in the mirror and realized: "Damn! I look hot!" Ever since then I've been riding a wave of giddy emotion, as if I had just climbed Mount Everest AND won the lottery. I can't stop smiling.

    Six years ago when I was in university and overweight from too much junk food and lack of exercise I would have never thought it possible. So to me helping to write "Get Great Abs" was part of a personal journey and a completion of that journey, but not the end. I feel as physically fit as I have ever been in my life. I have never felt stronger, faster or more flexible than I do right now, and I know if I keep this up my life will continue to improve.

    Now that I have reached my goal I want to help other people to realize theirs. I encourage everyone to at least read Get Great Abs - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Abdomen, and try to set a schedule for doing some of the exercises mentioned within and change your diet. If you stick with it you will be as happy as I am with the results.

    Suzanne MacNevin
    Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    Bosnian and Herzegovinian Artists

    Mersad Berber, Braco Dimitrijevic, Gabrijel Jurkic, Kosta Hakman, Nesim Tahirovic and Darmin Veletanlic.
    The History of Pin Up Art
    Olivia De Berardinis - American Pin Up Artist

    The Automotive eZine
    The Hottest Cars in the History of Television

    The Canada eZine
    Smoking Bans working in Toronto

    The Environmental eZine
    Jellyfish Swarms caused by global warming and over fishing

    The Fashion eZine
    Supermodel by Heidi Klum

    The Feminist eZine
    High Aspirations for Women
    Misogynists being left in the Gutters

    The Health eZine
    Get Great Abs - The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect Abdomen
    Inuit Women Birthing Practices and Midwives

    The Sex eZine
    Sex Jokes and Cartoons

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    Sat, Feb 16th - 11:38AM

    The Value of WebRing Advertising
    We'd like to take this moment to point out the value of WebRing's system of promoting websites.

    The Lilith eZine and Lilith Gallery Network currently pays 33 cents per day to promote the various webrings we manage, plus the yearly 2.0 membership fee of $24. It works out to roughly $144/year.

    If we went to Google Adwords and wanted to spend $144 on advertising, at 1 cent per click, we would get 14,400 clicks.

    On a monthly basis we get approx. 5300 clicks from WebRing (over 63,000 per year), plus WebRing boosts our Google ranking, which means LGN gets even more hits from Google. In 2007 LGN received over 1.3 million hits from Google searches.

    There are companies out there paying $30 to $50 US for a single text link (for one year) to their website. WebRing provides the same service for comparatively little.

    It is amazing to us that WebRing staff haven't clued in and promoted the benefits of advertising via WebRing. Imagine if large corporations decided to promote their products on WebRing and devoted just a portion of what they spend on TV advertising.

    We at LGN are currently contemplating DOUBLING our advertising expenditures on WebRing (just to see what happens).

    We've noticed in recent months that other WebRingites seem to be pulling back on how much they are spending on WebRing. Maybe it is the recession in the USA, but we think people should be doing more and spending more with respect to WebRing.

    We also like the idea that WebRing feels more like a community (even though we might not like some of our noisy neighbours). It reminds us of the Glory Days of Geocities, before they got bought out by stinking Yahoo Yuppies.

    We do like what Yahoo did with WebRing, buying it and transforming it with SSNB codes, but selling WebRing seems like they made a mistake when they could have grown WebRing and used it to rival Google's ad programs.

    Yahoo's ad program in comparison stinks. A shoddy Google replica, with ridiculous rules with respect to US residents only. (We went through a phase where we compared different ad programs and determined that all of them stink compared to Google.)

    Except WebRing. Which is funny, because WebRing markets itself as "Creating Communities, Connecting People", not as an advertising firm.

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    Thu, Feb 14th - 9:17PM

    Valentines and Kissing
    Happy Valentines Everyone!

    Tips on Kissing

    The History of the Kiss

    The History of Lovers in Art

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    Wed, Feb 13th - 1:37AM

    Hatemail we receive
    Check out some of the hatemail we've received over the years:

    Comment (1)

    Tue, Feb 12th - 12:21PM

    The Canadian Art Survey
    The Canadian Art Survey

    Can you pick your 10 favourite Canadian artists?
    Fill out our survey.

    Kenojuak Ashevak Eleanor Bond Jonathon Earl Bowser Claude Breeze Bertram Brooker Florence Carlyle Emily Carr Alex Colville Emily Coonan Martha Fleming/Lyne Lapointe Henry George Glyde Lawren S. Harris Robert Harris Prudence Heward Edwin H. Holgate Jack Humphrey A.Y.Jackson Cornelius Krieghoff Joseph Legare Jennifer Linton Arthur Lismer Attila Richard Lukacs Laura Muntz Lyall J.E.H.MacDonald Pegi Nicol Macleod Charles Alexander Moffat Norval Morrisseau Kathleen Munn Lilias Torrance Newton Lucius O'Brien Paul Peel Alfred Pellan Bill Reid George Agnew Reid Carl Schaefer John Scott Michael Snow Tom Thomson Frederick H. Varley Victoria Van Dyke Homer Watson Colette Whiten Joyce Wieland Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun

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    Mon, Feb 11th - 12:48AM

    Sunday Edition Mirror Site
    The Lilith eZine Sunday Edition now has a mirror website at the following location:

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    Sun, Feb 10th - 9:48AM

    February 10th 2008 - The Sunday Edition
    Letter from the Editor

    We take a lot of things for granted in our western culture. Freedom of speech for example.

    You may think nothing of your ability to read things on the internet, but in some countries (depending on what you are reading) you can be sentenced to death.

    That is what has happened to Sayed Pervez Kambaksh, a journalist from Afghanistan who downloaded a feminist report about women's rights. He's been sentenced to death for supporting women's rights, which the Afghan government claims is a form of blasphemy.

    I'd like to know where it is written that women's rights is somehow blasphemous, but it does remind me of how low our own culture can sink sometimes. The Anti-Feminist movement (mostly made up of deadbeat dads who don't want to pay spousal/child support) who want to take away a woman's right to get a divorce, get child support or even make decisions like when or if to have an abortion.

    Imagine for a moment if the father had the right to decide if his sexual partner should have an abortion? To essentially force her into it.

    I am sure it happens already, wherein boyfriends force their girlfriends to have abortions, but what if she refused and somehow the man got the legal right to force it? That would be, essentially, slavery.

    And that is the problem some countries still face. Women's rights in Afghanistan is like emancipation from slavery, and trying to help free slaves or even reading about it, punishable by death.

    People think or say that feminism and women's rights are over, that we've won, but frankly we haven't even scratched the surface of the globe. We may have women's rights guaranteed by our western governments, but the global fight has only barely begun.

    And don't think for an instant that we ourselves have had much success either. How many female heads of state have we had in western culture? Kim Campbell of Canada was Prime Minister for a mere 6 months and Margaret Thatcher of Great Britain was Prime Minister for 11 years. That is it.

    Pretty pathetic when you think about it.

    Margaret Thatcher did prove however that women could be very successful as leaders.

    Suzanne MacNevin
    Editor of the Lilith eZine

    The Art History Archive

    Frank Frazetta - Fantasy Art Legend.

    The Canada eZine

    Privatization of Canada's Schools, Electricity and Two-Tier Healthcare.

    The Entertainment eZine

    Ani DiFranco - Biography, quotes and mp3s by folk legend.

    The Environmental eZine

    The War on Plastic Bags - The world is banning the lowly plastic bag.

    The Fashion eZine

    Fashion Waifs Disappearing - Designers going for more voluptuous and busty models.

    Laetitia Casta - Fashion Supermodel

    The Feminist eZine

    Wombs for Rent - Hire a womb for $2500.

    The Gothic eZine

    Gothic Bikinis and Swimwear

    The Health eZine

    Anorexia on the Internet - Yahoo! Bans Pro Ana Websites.

    The Politics eZine

    America's Retail Economy Worst in 40 Years.

    The Afghan who dared to read about women's rights - And was sentenced to death.

    The Religion eZine

    An Easy to Understand Introduction to Numerology

    The Sex eZine

    Teen Sex Obsession - Are Teenagers Really Obsessed with Sex? Opinion and Statistics.

    The Technology eZine

    Statistics about the rate of Internet Growth around the world.

    The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

    To REMOVE yourself from this mailing list simply reply with the word REMOVE in the subject line.


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    Wed, Feb 6th - 12:14PM

    Popular Topics
    The following is a list of some of the most popular articles on the Lilith eZine. Small surprise quite a few are related to sexuality.

    The Lolita Complex: Sex in Hollywood.

    The Top Topless Beaches from around the World.

    The Economic Collapse of the United States (we predicted the current recession 3 years ago).

    Pablo Picasso - Biography, Artwork and Quotes.

    Subverting Feminism for Guns - Why is the NRA using feminists to promote guns?

    Sex Trivia - Funny and informative.

    Chastity Belts and Corsets - The Next Thing in Fashion?

    Interesting Facts about China.

    Solar Power: Myth Vs Fact.

    Tyra Banks - Biography and Photos of America's Top Supermodel.

    Comment (1)

    Sun, Feb 3rd - 6:15PM

    February 3rd 2008 - The Sunday Edition

    Letter from the Editor

    Of all the silly things people in North America do, I think Groundhog Day (which was yesterday, February 2nd) is one of the silliest. It apparently dates back to German Mennonites living in Pennsylvania and a folklore tradition that if the groundhog pops out of its hole in the ground on February 2nd and sees its shadow it means there will be 6 more weeks of winter. And if not, its a month and a half... What is the difference?

    By the time March 21st (the Spring Equinox) rolls around does it really make a difference? By that time we're all sick of winter anyway. Plus there's the whole March "In like a lamb, out like a lion" superstition. More nonsense to get people excited about Spring.

    Here's another one from Germany: Spring Fasching (it means festival). You dress up like monsters, run around the neighborhood and make tonnes of noise all in order to scare away the evil spirits of winter (and get candy from your grandparents). It is a lot like Halloween in many ways. It is also an excuse for teens and adults to get rip-roaringly drunk.

    I guess wherever you go you're going to see people having silly festivals (and getting drunk). Tis human nature to wanna have a good time!

    Suzanne MacNevin

    The Art History Archive

    Neo-Pop Art of the 1980s and onwards. Pop Artists of the last 30 years.

    The Canada eZine

    What is happening to Canadian television? The CBC sucks this year.

    A overview of Canada's Political Spectrum, Parties and their Policies.

    The Environment eZine

    How high will the sea level rise if the antarctic and arctic ice caps melt?

    The Fashion eZine

    Arm Warmers: Hot and Sexy

    A Guide to Long Gloves and Fingerless Gloves: Keep your hands Warm and Fashionable

    Classic gowns and dresses and who wore them: Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor,
    Audrey Hepburn

    The best of European Ecofashion and where to find it.

    Rusty Joiner - Male Supermodel

    Andrew Stetson - Male Supermodel

    Mark Vanderloo - Male Supermodel

    The Feminist eZine

    Russian Women after the Communist Revolution

    The Technology eZine

    Microsoft bids $44.6 billion US for dinosaur Yahoo. Will Google bid too?

    The Art History Archive, Feminist eZine and Lilith eZine are subsidiaries of the Lilith Gallery Network.

    Comment (1)

    Fri, Feb 1st - 1:21PM

    Blogs Worth Mentioning

    Celebrity Farm - Farciful stories of celebrities.

    Native Myths, Legends and Lore

    Clean Air Canada

    Feminist Truths

    Afghan Women's News

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