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Thu, Nov 24th - 8:13AM

True Love Bites
Looking for relationship advice that is both funny and informative?

Check out True Love Bites.

Dating advice, Communicating, Break Ups, Gifts, Long Distance Relationships, Long Term Relationships, Marriage and more.

  • Augmented Reality Speed Dating Platform
  • Politics, Love, Trumpites and Dealbreakers
  • Five Tips for Restaurant Dates
  • Marriage and Popping the Question
  • The Girlfriendzone
  • Jian Ghomeshi, the Sexual Predator and why "Not Gu...
  • Promocode for Couples Archery Lessons in Toronto
  • The Lavishness of Hobby Specific Gifts
  • So-Called "Nice Guys" and the Real Reason Why "Nic...
  • Ashley Madison's Phoney Accounts
  • 10 Tips for Dating Asian People in Canada
  • - New Domain Name
  • Badoo Sucks and I will tell you why
  • Valentines is coming, Rose Colour Meanings + Bizar...
  • Monogamy Vs Monotony
  • How to get a Boyfriend - Chinese Wisdom
  • Funny Text Message Breakups
  • 7 Great Romantic Getaways in Canada
  • Attractiveness, Kissing and Oral Health
  • Would you date a deaf person?
  • 5 Ways to Spot if your Date is a Serial Killer
  • Halloween is a great time of year to meet New Love...
  • The Instant Connection
  • 5 Ways to Spot a Serial Dater
  • Exercise and Common Lies people post on Personals
  • Do's and Don'ts of Dating Vegans and Vegetarians
  • Attractive Things Men Do
  • Dating Academic Cheaters
  • An Essay on Cheating and Breaking Up
  • An essay on the foolish things girls do for a guy....
  • Happy Valentines Day!
  • March 15th - International Breakup Day
  • 5 Valentines Gift Ideas
  • Learning Your Lessons when it comes to Dating
  • Christmas - The Relationship Breaker???
  • Jealousy Fuelled Rage and Temper Tantrums
  • Advanced Kissing Skills 101
  • You Are More Beautiful Than You Think
  • 67 Ways to Save Money and still go on Dates
  • Should I Text Him Flowchart
  • A Good Boyfriends knows what to do...
  • The Coffee Date - Poetry by Maria Jones-Statham
  • The Pre Date Phone Call - Screening your Dates Bef...
  • Lets just stay friends...
  • Chewing Gum = Prepare to get Kissed
  • Advice for First Dates
  • Best Breakup Line Ever!
  • Building Stronger Relationships Towards LOVE
  • 5 Tips to Become a Lady Magnet
  • How to Find Happiness and True Love
  • Lots of Single Chinese Women can't find a husband
  • Breaking Up With An Overly Attached Girlfriend
  • College Relationships
  • Three Dates Equals Sex
  • How to Fake It and get into their Pants
  • What to talk about during a First Date
  • The Fake Out
  • How to Ask a Woman on a Date
  • Are cooking classes really a good place to meet a ...
  • Worst Dating Gifts Ideas
  • 10 Things You Should Never Say To Your Boyfriend
  • What to Wear on your First Date
  • Love, Dating and Long Distance Relationships
  • In the beginning...

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    Thu, Aug 4th - 6:06PM

    Pokemon Go has reached unknown millions of users
    The breakout success of Pokemon Go during its first month cannot be understated.

    Released on July 6th, within the first week it already had 21 million daily active users in the USA (that is 1 million more than Candy Crush ever did, back when it was more popular).

    One month later the game is being hailed as The Fastest Growing Sport in the World and being hailed as a Workout Plan for Losing Weight.

    Whether you play Pokemon Go or not, the game has had over 100 million downloads as of August 1st, keeping in mind that the game has only been released in a few countries so far (the USA, Canada and a few others). In a few weeks the game will have surpassed the total population of Mexico (122 million people live in Mexico).

    Daily revenue for the game is currently over $10 million per day.

    However I would like to point something out...

    You can never really WIN the game.

    Oh sure, you can catch lots of Pokemon, do lots of battles, train lots, but you will never finish the game and "win". The game is a perpetual process.

    Which is arguably a good thing, because this is an amazing game for getting people outside and exercising. Speaking for myself, I have lost 8 lbs in the last weeks.

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    Wed, Nov 19th - 8:10AM

    Audiologist and Hearing Aid Services in Oakville and Vaughan
    If you live in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga or Oakville. are looking to having a hearing test, purchase hearing aids or even just want cleaning or repair of your hearing aids I recommend you go to OmniHearing.

    Audiologist in Oakville and Vaughan

    Ear Exam and Hearing Evaluation

    Hearing Products and Services, Hearing Aid Batteries

    Hearing Aid Repair

    Hearing Loss

    Online Hearing Tests

    Hearing FAQ and Hearing Aid Cleaning

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    Fri, Dec 20th - 6:39PM

    Keep on Exercising Toronto
  • 8 Christmas Day Exercises for the Whole Family
  • 15 Health Benefits of Dancing
  • Understanding Weight Fluctuations
  • Free Hand Exercises - No Equipment Necessary
  • Self Discipline Vs Hiring a Personal Trainer
  • 5 Healthy Snacks that help you Slim Down
  • Vegan Smoothies and Rock Climbing
  • December Exercise Motivational Quotes
  • Calorie Crunching in 6 Minutes
  • Exercise Vs Bullies and Depression
  • Variants on Classic Weight Lifting
  • CBC Interview about Archery / The Hunger Games
  • Weighted Bar Exercises
  • Build a Beach Perfect Body - In The Winter!!!
  • 300,000 Pageviews and 150,000 Unique Visitors
  • Movember and Prostate Cancer
  • Whey Protein + French Press
  • The Lowly Chin Up Bar
  • Archery Segment for TSN
  • Yoga Injuries - Be careful, trying to perfect a po...
  • Tips for Marathon Runners
  • Eat Simple, Eat Small, Weigh Less
  • November Motivational Quotes
  • Three Great Compound Exercises
  • Boxing Footwork 101
  • Types of Archery Sports
  • The Piecemeal Workout
  • Is it possible to lose 5 lbs per week doing yoga?
  • The Skinny on Walking your Way to Fitness
  • The 2% Workout
  • 8 Autumn Activities and Sports to keep you fit!
  • What to Look for in a Personal Trainer in Toronto
  • October Motivational Quotes
  • Power Training - Speed and Weight
  • Crunchless Abs Training
  • The Benefits of Fresh Air
  • Balancing your Mirror Muscles
  • Mirror Muscles for Archery
  • Revamping Your Workout
  • The Afterburn Effect
  • You are never too old to start a new sport
  • Where to buy Whey Protein and Protein Bars
  • Sleeping Positions and how they Effect your Health...
  • Scheduling a Personal Trainer
  • Why Good Posture Matters
  • Live Longer, Eat Healthy and Exercise
  • Archery Compliment / Tight Clusters
  • September Motivational Quotes
  • Trampoline Workouts - Fun and Low Effort
  • Rapid Fire Archery - Different Techniques of Fast ...
  • Nose Exercises - Do you actually need them or are ...
  • Pape Subway Station closed - Donlands station now ...
  • The Benefits of Olympic Weightlifting
  • Food Motivation Quotes
  • Hang Jump Shrug
  • All Year Fitness in Toronto
  • Yoga Gloves Vs Fishing Gloves
  • How to do Archery in the Wind and Rain
  • Ancient Techniques of Fast Archery
  • Motivational Cartoon - Treadmill with Laptop

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    Thu, Aug 1st - 1:05PM

    Exercising in Toronto - Personal Training, Archery Lessons, Boxing Lessons, Oh my!
  • Archery Lessons for Kids in Toronto
  • Most Popular Topics
  • August Exercise Motivation Quotes
  • Extreme Heat effects your Workout and Diet
  • How to do the Splits
  • Exercising while Sick - Pros and Cons
  • How fast / slow should I lift weights?
  • Proper Archery Form
  • How to use Hand Grips - Hand Grips for Beginners
  • Old School Cycling
  • How to Make a Hearty Vegetable Soup in a Jiffy
  • Learning Instinctive Shooting for Archery
  • 8 Ways to Lose Weight using Photography
  • Boxing - David Vs Goliath
  • How Long does it take for Muscles to Grow?
  • Training with Hand Grips Every Day
  • The Benefits of Marching or Speed Walking
  • July Exercise Motivation Quotes
  • Splitting an Arrow Down the Middle
  • Fixing a Crooked Nose using Nose Exercises
  • DIY Fusion Workout
  • Swagger while you Walk
  • Exercise Wisdom from Bruce Lee
  • Preparing Nutritious Meals with Little Time
  • Do Hot Saunas burn Fat? Myth Busting
  • YMCA free one week gym and pool membership
  • Attacking the Excuses: Fitness Tips
  • The Exercise Regimen of a Personal Trainer in Toro...
  • The Free Gym Business Model + Investment Opportuni...
  • Attaining the Beach Perfect Body using 6 Minute Ca...
  • The Dangers of "Skinny Fat"
  • Are personal trainers worth the expense?
  • June Exercise Motivation Quotes
  • Building a Stronger Grip using Grip Exercises
  • High Intensity Interval Training pays off well - b...
  • Lawyer suing NY personal trainer
  • Whey Protein isn't just for Bodybuilders
  • Worthwhile Fitness Goals
  • Stabilizers for Archery - How do they work?
  • Things to do in Toronto for the Bicycle Savvy
  • Consistency and Arrow Clusters
  • Dance Aerobics on the Treadmill
  • Hearing Loss from Bodybuilding?
  • Whey Protein Burger
  • Olympic Archery Equipment - Does more expensive eq...
  • Age is NOT a barrier to what you can accomplish
  • Thinking about raising my rates, demand skyrocketi...
  • Weightlifting Split Squats and Side Squats
  • Sunrise, Sunset, and Daily Weather Forecasts for F...
  • May Exercise Motivation Quotes
  • Anti-Depressants Vs Sports for Kids
  • 10 Weightlifting Tips for Archers
  • May Boxercise Deal - Boxing Lessons for Less
  • How to do Proper Deadlifts
  • 10 Tips for Morning Joggers
  • Archery Warmup Exercises + Stretches
  • 5 Slimming Fruits that help burn calories!
  • Weightlifting Front and Back Squats
  • Excuses to Not Go Jogging - and why many of them a...
  • Correcting Errors in Archery Release
  • Archery Testimonial
  • Spectator Sports Vs Activity Sports
  • How to Train for Archery at Home
  • An Interview with Lou Ferrigno
  • How to Reduce Stress using Exercise, Diet and Slee...
  • How to Hire an In Home Personal Trainer
  • What the eff is FOC Weight? Plus Archery Acronyms
  • April Exercise Motivational Quotes
  • Seven Strange Competitive Sports
  • Dog Jogging for Beginners
  • Balancing Your Carb Intake
  • 5 Tips to Help You Live Longer
  • Dominant Eye for Archery and Other Sports
  • Mmm... Chocolate!
  • 12 Exercises for Building More Sensitive Ears usin...
  • Bored of exercising indoors? Time to find a friend...
  • Working Out Despite the Winter Blues
  • How to Make Lifestyle Changes More Flexible
  • Three Inspirational Videos for Weightlifters
  • March Exercise Motivation Quotes
  • 100 Healthy Snacks
  • Three Inspirational Videos
  • Cycling Season 2013
  • How to Reward Yourself and Stay Motivated
  • Sun Salutations in Yoga
  • How to do a Proper Bicep Curl - and get better res...
  • Hallmarks of the Successful Weight Loss Plan
  • Belly Dancing for Exercise
  • Want to Beat Fat? Learn Your Enemy!
  • When To Detox Diet
  • 12 Tips for Running a Marathon
  • Moderation in Dieting Vs Outright Banning Foods
  • General Wellness - Mind, Body + Soul
  • St Patricks Sale - 43% Off
  • Winter Weight Gain - What to do about it!
  • How to Build Your Own Rowing Machine
  • 12 Valentines Resolutions
  • How to get a Thigh Gap
  • BOSU Exercises - Take it up a notch?
  • Make Your Family Eat More Veggies
  • Understanding your Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Healthy Habits of Fit People
  • Kung Fu Abs Workout
  • Understanding the Glycemic Index
  • Stairs and Steps - Frugal Exercising
  • Yoga Class Etiquette 101
  • How to Stop on Ice Skates
  • Yoga can do Amazing and Inspiring Things
  • Weight Lifting Sets + Self Control
  • Breathing Exercises during Yoga
  • How to Buy a Yoga Mat
  • Exercise Quotes for February
  • Have you given up on your New Years Resolutions ye...

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