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Sat, Jan 27th - 4:10AM

Social Media Results for Gustavo Luna
Gustavo Luna, Energy Trader

Gustavo Luna, Commodities Trader

Gustavo Luna of Bismarck, North Dakota

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Wed, Jan 17th - 11:39PM

SEO Toronto

Toronto SEO Archive



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    Thu, Nov 24th - 8:13AM

    True Love Bites
    Looking for relationship advice that is both funny and informative?

    Check out True Love Bites.

    Dating advice, Communicating, Break Ups, Gifts, Long Distance Relationships, Long Term Relationships, Marriage and more.

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    Thu, Aug 4th - 6:06PM

    Pokemon Go has reached unknown millions of users
    The breakout success of Pokemon Go during its first month cannot be understated.

    Released on July 6th, within the first week it already had 21 million daily active users in the USA (that is 1 million more than Candy Crush ever did, back when it was more popular).

    One month later the game is being hailed as The Fastest Growing Sport in the World and being hailed as a Workout Plan for Losing Weight.

    Whether you play Pokemon Go or not, the game has had over 100 million downloads as of August 1st, keeping in mind that the game has only been released in a few countries so far (the USA, Canada and a few others). In a few weeks the game will have surpassed the total population of Mexico (122 million people live in Mexico).

    Daily revenue for the game is currently over $10 million per day.

    However I would like to point something out...

    You can never really WIN the game.

    Oh sure, you can catch lots of Pokemon, do lots of battles, train lots, but you will never finish the game and "win". The game is a perpetual process.

    Which is arguably a good thing, because this is an amazing game for getting people outside and exercising. Speaking for myself, I have lost 8 lbs in the last weeks.

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    Wed, Nov 19th - 8:10AM

    Audiologist and Hearing Aid Services in Oakville and Vaughan
    If you live in Vaughan, Woodbridge, Mississauga or Oakville. are looking to having a hearing test, purchase hearing aids or even just want cleaning or repair of your hearing aids I recommend you go to OmniHearing.

    Audiologist in Oakville and Vaughan

    Ear Exam and Hearing Evaluation

    Hearing Products and Services, Hearing Aid Batteries

    Hearing Aid Repair

    Hearing Loss

    Online Hearing Tests

    Hearing FAQ and Hearing Aid Cleaning

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