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Mon, May 28th - 12:36AM

'Misery Loves Company'

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I was going to 'Leave a comment' for you, Linda, but then I decided that what I was going to tell you should be told to everyone that reads, answers and supports all the blogs, forums, support groups, etc., etc.  So here goes....

Thank you so much for posting, Linda.  I've been working on my website for a long time now and finally felt it was done enough to start putting it 'out there'.  I started leaving a copy of my homepage, or an original post like the one on which you commented, on sites I felt it could get the most exposure and this site ring was one of the first places I started posting on.

I'm anxious to check out the sites you've pointed me to including yours!  I'm always interested in stories from other people.  One of my doctors felt that participating in support groups (including reading blogs and journals) was detrimental to my 'mental health' stating that 'misery loves company', but I don't agree.

First of all, as long as I remain ill, why shouldn't I continue searching for a cure or at least a better life than the one I'm living now?  I'm angry that my doctors don't feel the same way!  As far as 'misery loves company' goes, I couldn't disagree more.  Sure, there's some people who may 'live to be miserable', but that's NOT a symptom of mine!!  When I receive a reply to a post I've written or a comment to a reply I've given to someone else's post, it makes my day!!!  Maybe if doctors cared about our health as much as perfect strangers did, our websites wouldn't hold such meaning -- good , bad or otherwise.

As far as I'm concerned, EVERYthing I do on the computer is special to me.  Although I didn't mean to hop on a soapbox in response to what my doctor said, I felt I HAD to take this opportunity to post this to let EVERYbody know just how important the time we spend in front of the computer screen really is and to express my appreciation to all the readers and writers who make somebody's day each and every day.  Kudos and plaudits to EVERYONE!

**passing out kudos and plaudits all around (whatever the heck THEY are! LOL LOL)**

"Even the smallest piece of information could very well be the piece I am missing...."  I couldn't have said it better myself -- oh, that's right.  I did say that.  Actually, I wrote that.  It's from the front page of my website and I meant what I said about appreciating all the information I can get my hands on.  In closing, thanks again, Linda.  If we all keep at this, sooner or later we'll figure this stuff out -- even if we have to do it ourselves, right?  [;}]


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Thu, May 17th - 8:22PM

The Fibromyalgia/Arnold Chiari Malformation Controversy

Visit 'The FMS/ACM Controversy' Homepage

Hi!  I'm SBernheart....First, my title.  Although my blog here (as well as my personal website) is geared towards Fibromyalgia (FMS), my title includes another illness offered for discussion.  "Arnold-Chiari Malformation, sometimes referred to as 'Chiari Malformation' or 'ACM', is a congenital anomaly of the brain in which the cerebellar tonsils are elongated and pushed down through the opening of the base of the scull blocking the flow of cerebrospinal fluid" as described by Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Second, I've experienced both of them, thus the title.  I have Fibromyalgia and suffer with chronic pain on a daily basis.  I'm looking for information concerning a possible connection between Fibromyalgia and Arnold Chiari Malformation.  I had an operation for Chiari in '86 and had no medical problems thereafter until a car accident in February 1994 changed my life forever.
Since then, I started noticing subtle changes like not being able to see as well as I always had in the past.  Unfortunately, I didn't know then what I now know -- that I wasn't simply 'getting old'.  In June '95 I was only 38 -- hardly what I would have considered an 'at my age' stage, especially since I had perfect vision to begin with!
I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia in June '98 along with Hypothyroidism and 'poor vision' just to name a few.  Nine years later and a lot's happened, but I've already said too much.  I'll be telling my whole story over the course of many posts so....until next time!


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