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Thu, Oct 15th - 3:54PM

Climate Ch-ch-changes
"It was so hot this summer," said one of my Alaskan relatives.

"It snowed here in Mass. It rarely if ever snowed here before and never this early," said a former college classmate.

"Our vineyards are drying up," said a Sonoma Valley winery.

For each of these expressed woes, there is an inverse of praise.

"It was so warm this summer," said a second-year Alaskan resident.

"It snowed here in Massachusetts. I even got to build a snow person," said a long-time Boston resident on CNN.

"Our vineyards do better every year," said an Rogue Valley, Oregon, winery.

The only constant in life is change, and the climate is no exception. Where some regions are experiencing the adverse effects of climate change, others benefit from it.

Climate change is indeed cyclical, as many global warming naysayers claim. However, the rate at which the world's climate is changing is not normal.

Too many of the signs point to the sad fact that it's too late to stop this accelerated period of climate change. That doesn't mean we can't do our utmost to slow it down, though.

Here are some things you can do to combat climate change:

Park the car!
This is a huge one. Vehicle emissions account for the single largest factor in creating the pollution responsible for global warming. If you can walk to your destination in 15 minutes, then leave your rig in the driveway. Walk or bike instead.

Resist Gadget Glut!
Whether it's the latest iPhone to come out, the newest version of Amazon Kindle, a brand spanking new GPS, or a margarita making machine, all these cool gadgets are created in factories. Most often, these factories are located in countries with almost no pollutant restrictions.

Boycott Excess Packaging!
Ever get a Lunchable for your kid or sibling? Every single item is sealed in its own little piece of cellophane. And what about that nifty little container? All of these items eventually wind up in a landfill, where they remain for decades. The result is massive piles of trash producing an excess of toxic methane gases.

Don't Be a Green Sheeple!

Too many people trust that the products they purchase are better for the environment. All because the packaging says the product is ecofriendly. People buying organic cotton, for instance, believe that they are doing the right thing for the earth. What they don't know is that it takes 4 times as much land to produce organic cotton, which represents a tremendous drain on already meager water resources. A better alternative is to purchase used clothing from a thrift store or clothing produced from recycled fibers, or even better, hemp!

Consider your options. Put them into play. Fight climate change by changing your habits. As for that wacky weather and its effects on your environment, I say, "Roll with it and embrace the change."
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