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Thu, Mar 8th - 7:29PM

Karen Cole Curriculum Vitae / CV

(Ghost Writer, Inc. is the former Rainbow Writing, Inc.)

As of 2012, we have half a dozen or more of our ghost writer books featured in the special archives section of the Library of Congress.


Note: You may readily purchase our team’s ghostwritten books through, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords and Apple Ipad, as well as many other such storefront and planetary book venues.

"The Antichrist Version 666” was authored by CO II and ghostwritten by me. It was published by Port Orchard Publishing in 2006, having been published in New York City in 2005. It's a factually based science fiction novel set to be made into a motion picture, if the deals involved come through. The author and his wife have been featured on "Hannity" and other TV and radio shows, and they have sold an average of twelve copies per day from their website. I copy edited/rewrote a book about a Haitian woman that made the top of the New York Times nonfiction bestseller list, when the author promoted the book widely in Europe; another of my authors recently podcast several radio interviews, selling books through local library and bookstore show signings. Notably, I have proofread, copy edited, ghostwritten, researched or rewritten the contents of the books listed below. But there are many high points of my other published works which I cannot mention, being an avowed and assigned ghostwriter. It's completely up to you whether or not I receive any credit for my paid labors.

Below this paragraph you will find a rundown of some of my recent projects. Over the past 30+ years, I've worked on or assisted with hundreds of works, both fiction and nonfiction, and performed numerous other projects - such as assisting with screenplays. Many of the books I've ghostwritten, copy edited, proofread, rewritten or otherwise assisted with their production have become bestsellers; but I'm not allowed to mention who wrote them, if I ever worked on them or the book titles. Usually when a book becomes a bestseller, the author takes all the credit. It's considered to be the author's privilege - though if you don't mind, I can share credit as a coauthor or through traditional ghostwriter methods, such as by using the phrase "As told to Karen Cole" on the book cover, or "This book wouldn't have been possible without my editor, Karen Cole" on the acknowledgments page, on the spine, or in the rolling credits for any book-related movies, films or TV shows.

Anyway, I will now give you a partial list of some of my acknowledged work since we hit the Wild W. Web in 2003. Please bear in mind that publishers often give books new titles, so many of the titles mentioned below have been replaced with newer ones. I am available for work, but you must ask: a wide variety of jobs performed from 2005 through 2012, assigned by me to professional writers and workers on our team and overseen by me, including: nonfiction and fiction novels and movie scripts involving ghostwriting, copyediting, proofreading, photography, cover art and illustration, book and screenplay formatting and any needed related documents; plus book proposals and book/film sales platforms, and book/film marketing and promotions plans, created by RWI, GWI and our partners; basic line, color editing and proofreading by me on a YA/self-help business book about polar bears entitled “Do You Dare To Be Yourself?” and authored by a Swiss hydropower engineer, to be published in 2012; copy editing and proofreading by me on a politically important book on Rwanda, completed in September-October 2011, with copies sent to important government officials in the State Department, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; line editing, copy editing, formatting and proofreading by me in August-September 2011 on the nonfiction memoir “Razor’s Edge” by a “military contractor” over in Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran, published in November 2011; work by me on a fiction book by a man who was a 9/11 responder, April 2011; a book review by me on "The Lonely Walk," completed in November 2010, used by the author for marketing purposes and also published at Amazon and Ezine Articles; a nonfiction book on scandalous behavior involving airlines, fully formatted, copyedited and proofread by me, with the book proposal and publisher also arranged by me, November-January 2010-2011; a series of professional articles on Search Engine Optimization, written from June to October 2010 and published by Ezine Articles; a letter signed by several Nobel Laureates, written by Akbar Azizi, the Save Ashraf Campaign Coordinator, copyedited/proofread by me and sent to federal government officials in June 2010; a writing contest through LinkedIn's Aspiring Writers group, judged by me, based in the United Kingdom, from March to August of 2010; a YA (young adult) Sci-Fi fiction book, copyedited/proofread by me in May 2010, first in a planned YA series of seven such books, to be published sometime in 2011; "Ashes to Ashes," a humorous poem written by me and published by "Living MS" magazine in March 2010; a full book proposal created by me in January and February of 2010, for a fiction-based-on-fact memoirs by a Fijian-Indian retired championship boxer, about his close relationships with South Sea cannibals, multiple worldwide women and the original Beatles foursome, planned to be republished in 2011; several book proposal documents, including a query letter, a synopsis and short and long versions of an in-depth overall literary analysis, created by me through early 2010 for the first fiction novel in an ongoing GWI client's Mexican-CIA book series, published sometime in 2010 or 2011; a fiction novel written by me about "scruffiness" and living in Washington State, "The Rainbow Horizon," set to be published in 2012-2013; a memoirs about a Holocaust survivor's experiences, ghostwritten by me out of transcripts, coauthored, filmed as a documentary, set to be released with the published book, and also set to become a feature film produced under oversight of a world-class entertainment company and its Los Angeles partners, screenplay written by one of RWI's screenwriters in September 2010 and commercial film to begin production circa 2012; a YA fiction chapter book about a Hispanic girl with leukemia, copyedited, rewritten and proofread by me in May 2009, to be published in 2010-2011; a fiction book about home foreclosures, copyedited, rewritten and proofread by me in April 2009, published late in 2009; a detailed synopsis for the science fiction book listed above by CO III and other related documents, completed in March 2009; a fiction-based-on-fact memoirs about corrupt Florida government, murder and money laundering in the Caribbean, copyedited, rewritten, doubly proofread and the full project overseen by me, finished in February 2009; a nonfiction memoirs of a Mafia hit man, my work completed toward the end of 2008; a nonfiction book on English home party sales, rewritten by me, finished in September 2008; a nonfiction book on yoga by a Singapore teacher, rewritten and further researched by me, completed in May of 2008; "Timeless Wisdom," a book of wise and timeless quotes on how to become a success in life, by João de Saldanha, copyedited, proofread and further researched by me, finished in December of 2007; a nonfiction book telling the story for the first time ever about the FBI team which found Dr. King's assassin, authored by someone else, copyedited, content and developmentally edited, proofread, researched and rewritten by me, first edition completed in July 2008, first published in August 2009 and set to be republished in 2011, also set to be be made into a feature-length film; "The Tin Gods," a fiction novel about major corporations and how they control the world, by Dave Taylor, copyedited, proofread and rewritten by me, begun in mid-2007, to be finished sometime in the future - if Dave, a U.S. serviceman, comes back from the Middle East; "Maid of Heaven: The Story of St. Joan of Arc," a book-length poem published in mid-2007, by Ben Kennedy, proofread and copyedited by me; "Blending Botany and Budo," a nonfiction book about the martial arts and Chinese herbology, by Thomas Joiner, copyedited and proofread by me, published in 2006; "AC 666," a heavily researched science fiction novel based on much factual data by CO III, ghostwritten and doubly proofread by me and assisted with new material by a team of others, first published in late 2004, republished in early 2005; "Love's Dark Kiss," a dark fantasy novel by Michelle Krogh, copyedited, proofread and rewritten by me in 2004; "Escape Into Hell," a mystery crime thriller by Vincent DeCampo, copyedited, proofread and rewritten by me and published in 2004; "A Tale of Pangaea - Thais," a Latin-based fantasy novel by Christopher Brown, copyedited, proofread and rewritten by me in 2003; "DevilGod" and "Sarlakk," an adult dark fantasy novel and an adult science fiction novel, both by graphic artist Claudia San Luis, copyedited, proofread and rewritten by me, published in 2004 and 2005 (I have also rewritten her award-winning short stories); "A Life Less Ordinary," an autobiography, original version, copyedited, proofread and rewritten with added color by me in 2003; "Dragon Valley," a fantasy children's chapter book by Jack Orr, ghostwritten by me in 2003; "Why is America so Fat?" a medical information book by Ben Kennedy, copyedited and proofread by me in 2003, published in 2004; "Forever Young and Beautiful," a book about health, beauty, nutrition and childcare by Joanne Parrotta, researched and rewritten by me in 2003, published in 2004; a mid-length short story called "Fanfiction: A Most Genre-ous Offer," about Christmas, the Twilight Zone and Batman, written by me in 2003-2004 and published in the November 2008 issue of "Twisted Tongue" literary arts online magazine; several short stories and poems written by me for various issues of "The Jimston Journal" online literary arts magazine, in 2006 and 2007; an article written by me and published by Woman's Corner Magazine, their March 2006 issue; several articles on various topics, ghostwritten and/or copyedited by me, published in various news, print and online venues; and finally, website copy ghostwritten and/or copyedited by me for various clients.

Also, I have been a freelance writer or ghost writer on: an article/blog called "The Sims Online Hosts the Mafia," written by me in 2005 as a researched investigative report/expose and published in a wide variety of venues - which helped bring down “The Sims Online,” a T-For-Teens RPG that was exposing teenagers to online and real life prostitution, and also real adult gambling - my infamous article was often cited as helping to end this criminal game activity; an article/blog on RSS, Atom, ROR and Google Sitemap XML/RDF codes for Web Pro News, the Internet newsletter for serious webmasters - this article has been used by thousands of people in order to better understand XML codes and their applied usages; ad copy for e-books from Thomas Wallace of Human Imagineering; two ghostwritten science fiction stories, which were sold in PDF format on the Internet; several articles for newspapers, including “Seattle Downtown News,” “Single’s Life,” and “FishHeads”; pieces for magazines and university research, including “If Puget Sound is Falling Down,” about earthquakes in the Pacific NW, "Hippies of Ohio," for Athens Magazine, and “Improving Team Management,” for AIU Magazine; “Office Politics” and “Three Nights of Awesome Splendor, two formula writing adult fiction stories involving catfights, for a New York City Internet-based company; “Bubbleator 2050,” a science fiction story for “The Crusader” literary magazine of Seattle; a ghostwritten article, published in Deaf Community media, about gossip and slander among Deaf People; several other articles, including one for Starbucks on a coffee-pouring superhero wearing a beverage machine, which contained an interview with the device's inventor; an interview with Seattle area mental health authorities; an interview with huge warehouse party music scene personnel; an interview about UFO national government cover-ups; an interview with the University of Washington's seismology department; and two independent writings for published book anthologies: "I Wish It Could Have Been Otherwise" and "How a Head Cold Got Me Married," both award-winning and favorably criticized stories. And I have several poems on file with the International Library of Poetry at Poetry.Com, where I've won prizes such as their Editor's Choice award.


I am a member of several writers and editors groups, including "The National Association of Women Writers," with which I'm affiliated; "Today's Woman," a prestige group of poetry writers who "bring poets together"; "Working Writers," a discrete, highly discriminating and limited-membership group of working writers, editors, and publishers; "Copy Editors," an Internet-based group devoted solely to the fine art of copyediting; "The Floating Gallery" of Arbor Books on Madison Ave., New York City, where I work occasionally as a ghostwriter; "The eWriters' Guild," which is described as 'a society of talented and noteworthy writers of the Web'; "Freelance Writers," which is for all kinds of sophisticated freelancers; "Authors Den," of which I am a Bronze Member; and the "Comic Writing and Humour" and "Journalism" groups of Write Words, a premier writers association of the UK. I was a Staff Editor and Writer for about one year on the Human Imagineering Company's "WebZine." I have joined the "Writing Mafia" group at LinkedIn, and am a member of dozens of other writing, publishing, arts and humanities related groups. GWI also lists at LinkedIn under Karen Cole as a professional freelance writing agency - using and hiring copy and ghostwriters, editors, artists, photographers, marketers, publicists, promoters and screenwriters.

I was accepted for membership in an exclusive group of writers and other creative artisans called “Phenomenal Women of the Web” - and we at RWI were welcomed into their upper circles, becoming the "Epitome of a Phenomenal Woman." Also, I was active in Simply Enchanting Angels, a philanthropic group of the Web. Both of those societies are now defunct. I joined Mike's Writing Workshop, and I am also an ongoing member of, where many of our very best filed Internet worldwide news stories are kept. I am currently listed with WriteSight, Authors Den and WritersNet. I am an Expert Author at Ezine Articles, having attained their Platinum (10% of the Expert Authors) membership, which is only given (without fee) to a few top writers. And I am also an Expert Author at and a listed writer for Associated Content. I write regularly for the American Chronicle/California Chronicle as well.

I was an in-house poet, writer and staff Poetry and Fiction Editor at "Literary Magic" online literary arts magazine for three years, since 2007. They hosted my editor's brief biography and occasionally take my story and poetry contributions. I was also on staff as a poet at another literary arts online magazine, "The Jimston Journal," until it folded. "Twisted Tongue" literary magazine of the UK accepted one of my short stories as its leading fiction piece for the winter of 2008 issue. I was nominated for membership in the International Society of Poets, and I have attained their advanced membership. I am a member of the Canadian Federation of Poets, where they run my brief biography.

My work is often poetical in its nature, but I also write fiction and nonfiction prose capably. However, in 2007 and 2008 I was nominated for Poet of the Year and appointed a Poetry Ambassador by, which as of 2009 is known as Lulu Poetry and run by, a well-known self-publishing service. They host the International Library of Poetry, and I have won two of their "Outstanding Achievements in Poetry" awards. My poems were published in their 2006, 2007 and 2008 anthologies. "Pregnant Because I'm Pregnant" - which won an Editor's Choice Award at in 2007 - was included, along with "Woes = Two Dozen Bears," which also won an Editor's Choice award. I have won ten Editor's Choice awards from them, including one for "You are NOT 'Disabled, Too'" in January 2008, and I've won two Poetry Fellowships there, plus three of their Best Poet awards. And my "Winter Calls the Way of Life" poem led off their winter 2008 anthology edition, also being published in "Eternal Heartland: Route 70" by Eber and Wein Publishing in August 2010. I won their Certificate of Achievement in Poetry, too.

Other companies than have been intrigued by my poesy. My poem "Autumn Leaves Never Die" was accepted into the poetry anthology "Centres of Expression," which was published by Noble House. Two of my poems were accepted for inclusion in the Reese Tyler Poetry Anthology, and I won their best poetry award. I also copyedited and proofread a book length poem about St. Joan of Arc in 2007 for B. Kennedy, which was published in 2007. I didn't write much poetry in 2009, and am not planning on writing poetry from 2010-2013. I want to work on my novel instead; however, I am open to your worthwhile ghostwriting and editing jobs by either me or my GWI team of workers.

I have also contributed articles and corrections to Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. I successfully entered and corrected an article on RSS codes and one on Center Park, the first apartment building in the United States built specifically for people with handicaps. I have written many service related blogs which are starting to get higher Google rankings, and will be writing several more. One of my favorite blogs, which is hosted on Google Blogger, features fan fiction I wrote about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. It helped land me a job in 2007 as the editor of a book about the FBI's investigation of his assassination. Also, I have worked on a nonfiction book by a Mafia widow, which revealed how the entire Italian-American Mob was brought down by just two men in the 1970s. One of that jaded mobster pair stopped an assassination plot to kill President Kennedy - by "erasing" his potential other mobster murderer.
For the last eight or so years, however, I've been outsourcing to our GWI professional team many of the ghostwriting and copyediting jobs that come into this company, as well as graphics, screenplays, general freelance writing and whatever rolls in. But when it comes to my own work, among other unlisted projects, I have managed to: ghostwrite a promo literature manual on ghostwriting, for a New York City-based book publishing company; proofread and copyedit a Russian textbook on new methods of reaching the minds of children; copyedit/rewrite a book on general sales techniques and another book about a system for winning at English horse races; and rewrite a three dimensional artist's annual statement of purpose. We also sent out a book about ice-cold murder, political cover-ups and money laundering in the Caribbean to one of our RWI ghostwriters - one of many such “hush” books. As I have said before, a lot of our work involves keeping matters a secret to the public.

Lastly, I am the ongoing President and Executive Director of Ghost Writer, Inc. As I have previously stated, RWI’s / GWI's workers include freelance and contracting ghostwriters, copyeditors, proofreaders, manuscript rewriters, cowriters, coauthors, and book authors of several published and soon-to-be-published book manuscripts. And I have been hired as a ghostwriter, copyeditor and proofreader for multiple websites, write and edit text copy for websites, articles and business documents, and have many returning satisfied customers. We are also now supplying our clients with affordable book, manuscript and screenplay marketing, sales and promotions services.

Please also reference:

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