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Sun, May 20th - 3:27PM

Hi Management!

Can ya fix 'MyAccounts' page... 'We Stand With Israel' is still listed and the ring has been deleted.

Thanks! Jody 

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Sat, May 5th - 5:54AM

WOW! Someone is reading these!

My apologies to the management... it appears that at least someone there is reading these entries. Kudos! If nothing else, for me at least, this blog thing is a good way to communicate with them. lol

Thanks for the reply management.



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Thu, May 3rd - 8:24AM

Letting go...

Today I let go of 3 of my rings. I figured out how to put them up for adoption, no thanks to the management around here. Have you ever had a question, even if it's a stupid one, (although I think the only stupid question is one not asked!), and tried to get managements help. Good luck! When their new email system came out I sent an email in for an account. Do you think I ever got an answer? NO! Oh well... I have always supported WebRing since I started my very first ring, "Faith and Beliefs", a long time ago. I can  only imagine what kind of a headache it must be to run this operation. I'm just glad nobody will ever read this, because I usually don't like to rant. 

I have decided to keep "Keep The 10 Commandments" and "Friends of Israel" rings. This leaves me with a total of 5. My credit balance has dropped below $3.00, to $2.89... let's see if they say anything. lol

Thats all for now...

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Wed, May 2nd - 5:54AM

Christian and Patriotic WebRings for Adoption Soon!

If anybody is reading this... and possibly interested in adopting Christian or Patriotic WebRings please contact me. I have too many domains and need to cut down a little. So this year I'm letting go of...

1. Keep The 10 Commandments

2. Friends of Israel

3. We Stand With Israel

4. Wake Up Old Glory

5. Patriot's Place

If interested , contact me here...

Thanks, Jody

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Mon, Apr 23rd - 3:57PM

Welcome to My Blog!

Greetings WebRingers!
Ya know, I have never fully understood the attraction of this blogging phenom... but I thought I'd give it a chance. I have had forums and message boards on my sites and they never were real pleasurable to me, but somehow maybe this will be different. What do you think?

Oh well,... let me tell you a little bit about myself. You can read the same info on my personal website.

I'm a 40 something married man living in beautiful sunny Southern California. The L.A. area to be exact. My wonderful wife is the one responsible for getting me hooked on computers. In 2000 after we returned from our honeymoon she brought home an old obsolete laptop from her work. That night she had me hooked up to the internet and taught me the basics of surfing and windows operations. The rest is history... yes, she created a monster! lol Now my wife is an Executive Administrative Assistant and she knows her computer! But, she is still to this day amazed and impressed at how much I have learned on my own! Not only various software applications but html and website design, etc. And to think, I never thought I'd have any use in a million years for a computer!!

OK... enough about that! If you have seen my 'WebRing' profile page you know that my passion is my "faith". My webrings reflect that as well as my personal website. My latest mission is a Christian Fellowship/Directory called "International Organization of Associated Christian Webmasters" (IOACW). Any of you Christian webringers out there, come and join us!

Well, enough of this for now... let's see what happens, huh? You all have a great week and may the good Lord Bless You!!!

Your Brother in Christ,
aka Used2gofast

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