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Wed, May 29th - 5:39PM

Maui Day Ten - Aloha - the goodbye kind
After an early morning snorkel at our beach, we came back and had breakfast and decided to make this last day's beach walk a long one.  We strolled the beach and the resort walk all the way to Wailea Point, stopping for shade and water along the way. 

There were lots of honu (sea turtles) swimming about and munching as we made our way along the trail.  This was the most we had seen any day.  It was as if they came out to wish us Aloha.  Some of the tourist boats were moored right out past the reefs and the water was filled with brightly decked out snorkelers. 

We walked in silence for a good part of the way; both of us feeling that bittersweet combination of soaking up the indescribable beauty mixed with knowing that it's our last day. 

I love that Aloha means so many things; we will bring Aloha home with us, in our hearts.  And when we leave, saying Aloha to this island, we can smile and know that we will return, once again to be greeted with Aloha upon our return.  :)

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Wed, May 29th - 12:23AM

Maui Day Nine - OMG! Only one more day!
We once again awoke at the crack of dawn to a gorgeous sky, birds singing and roosters crowing (ahem -since 4:00 am).  After coffee and a decadent cinnamon roll from the place in Kihei under Denny's; we set out to try snorkeling at Ulua.  We figured we would combine a morning walk with the snorkeling - my aren't we just so smart!

Snorkeling was just ok.  Not as good as at our own little Keawakapu beach yesterday - but ok.  Tim swam around a long ways seeing if there were turtles (we had seen some from the shore on previous days and were told that they are ALWAYS there) - honu...:(

It was nice anyway - being in the water on a beach, I think, anywhere in Hawaii, would be nice...can't beat it. So we hung out for awhile and then wandered back to the condo for food and lounging around.

Dinner tonight at MaLa in Wailea (thanks again Lynda for the tip) -  YUM! We did the Prixe Fixe menu for Wailea Restaurant Week - benefits Food Bank.  Got back - barely in time for sunset.  So nice to sit out on the lawn that edges the ocean - sipping another glass of wine and just soaking up the island energy - soft, warm, calming...'everything's gonna be alright..."
such a perfect way to wind down the day...

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