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Mon, May 27th - 10:00PM

Maui Day Eight - No Jellyfish
We grabbed our gear first thing this morning and went next door to Keawakapu beach to snorkel.  I admit, I felt a bit out of practice, but decided it has to be like riding a bike, right?  Well, it pretty much is :) .  I was trying to be on the lookout for jellyfish at first, but decided it was ridiculous for any number of reasons; just to name a couple:  1) I can't see much detail without my glasses, 2) I would miss out on seeing all the colorful fish and sea life if I tried to focus on watching out for damn jellyfish.  BUT - just so you understand why I was a teeny bit obsessed about it, I will give you some background not before mentioned in this blog.
- The day before we left, looking for suitcases in the storage unit, Tim got bit by what we assume is a spider.  His right forearm got a nasty looking blistery sore about the size of a silver dollar.  He said it didn't hurt and he didn't feel it when it happened, but we still kept our eye on it in case things got worse.  Luckily they didn't.
- On our 3rd or 4th day here (love how I lose count!) on one of our leisurely morning beach walks, Tim stepped on a bee and got stung on his little toe!  Again, fortunately not too bad, but enough to be annoying and itchy.
You know what they say about things happening in threes! So when the kid at the snorkel place said, 'jellyfish' - Tim and I both looked at each other.  Outside we said to each other, "hmm...spider bite - one; bee sting - two...." And we didn't need to finish that one.  Needless to say we were both relieved that no jellyfish were sited or felt this morning :) .

Lynda and Dave - thank you for all the 'local' tips!  We went and picked up cinnamon rolls from the place under Denny's for coffee tomorrow :) and had yummy Jaws fish tacos for lunch!

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