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Sun, May 26th - 11:53PM

Still Sunday
We went over and got snorkel gear today.  It was 'the day' - the one where you go, 'oh...this vacation IS going to be over in a few days...this luxuriously slow paced lifestyle will cease and we will be back in REAL life!  OMG!'

Soanyway...we go in to get the snorkel gear and the kid is really nice, making sure masks fit right, etc.  So we get it all set and he says, 'Oh and one more thing...not to freak you out or anything..." And I instantly interject, " SHARKS!??" 'No...NO...not at all," he says, grinning, 'jellyfish. You should just be aware that there have been a couple incidents out there.  The full moon brings them in on the tide for a few days after and the high winds increase it. In case you do get stung, the worst thing to put on them is cold water."  Tim pipes up (having seen FRIENDS, like we all have), "yeah, peeing on them is best."  Without missing a beat, the kid says, ' Yeah, pee or vinegar works, too." mantra tomorrow morning.

Back to our 'hangout' at the 5 palms for happy hour, we get seated next to a young couple with two little kids.  The little girl (about 3) is obviously tired and has had enough for the day; she is beginning to melt down and the tears start.  Mom says to her, in a totally serious tone, 'Oh, Honey - you can't cry - it's still Happy Hour!"  TOO cute - and of course the little girl stops - can you imagine the image that 'happy hour' must bring to a 3 year old??

After another pupu feast, we walked back up the beach a bit and over to the condo and observed how interesting it is, we walk immediately in one door and out the other to the lanai. Loving the indoor/outdoor life's too short in Ashland. 

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Sun, May 26th - 4:18PM

Maui Day Seven - Sunday
Somehow I lost a day - lol - island time...
The post that is Saturday on here, was actually from Friday, the night of the full moon.  I guess the time difference doesn't affect the blog - it is still posting on Ashland time?  Not sure...

Anyway, today is Sunday.  Just had brunch next door at what I guess now is officially our hangout - the 5 Palms.  It is just way TOO easy to hang close here with as little effort as possible made to eat. ;)

This morning on our walk we veered off the beach and took a self-guided tour of the Grand Wailea.  Lynda gave us a good tip about Wailea restaurant week (starts today).  A lot of the restaurants have special prixe fixe menus for this week only.  She suggested the Humuhumu.....etc.  you know - the long named fish.  So we thought we would take a little tour of the place and check it out.  It is amazing!  Not sure if we will make it over there for dinner or not, but if we do, I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience.

We got quite the sunset show last night - one of those that looks like it isn't going to be anything special because of the clouds, and then surprises you by exploding and filling the sky with such glorious shades of oranges, pinks, purples and blues that you just can't look away (or stop snapping pictures) until the last bits of color get swallowed up by the night sky.  Wow. 

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