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Fri, May 24th - 3:18PM

Maui Day Five
Hangin' loose.  Makin' no plans, man.  LOL.  Likin' the island pace better every day, for sure...letting go of 'shoulds', 'have-to's' and 'agendas'. 

We are still on mainland time, though.  We are up and moving by 6:00 each morning, even if we manage to stay awake past 10 - (I know, you are all laughing at us ;) ).  But hey, 10:00 here is 1:00 there - WAY past our bedtime at home!  Naps are nice, though and seem to fit right in with the island lifestyle.

We went to Wailea for dinner last night - Ruth's Chris and had an outstanding steak - yes, this, my second time ever eating at Ruth's Chris and I made sure to order the steak - a tender petite filet to be exact. The first time I ordered fish which, although it was very good, as I recollect; was by no means any comparison to the steaks they specialize in.  Ok...enough food talk.

Trades are back with gusto today.  Serene loooooong morning beach walk, back here for breakfast and Tim's off for his first run of the trip.  I think the pool may be calling to me today...

Oh, on our walk we stopped to watch a group we are calling the 'Senior Noodle Gang'.  Just down the beach there is a group that meets every morning and they go out with their noodles, you know, those floaty things, and they just all gather a ways out from shore, past the surf break and hang out on their noodles! They don't all appear to be 'seniors', but I don't think there is anyone under 45.  I swear, I was looking really close to see if they had mimosas or bloody marys out there, because it is definitely a social event!  We have at least one noodle in the closet here, I'm tempted to go out and join them and see what it's all about :)

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