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Thu, May 23rd - 5:40PM

Maui Day Four - And the Winds Came
The mornings here have been soft and slightly blurred; like an impressionist painting.  There is a misty, cloudiness that hangs in the air, surrounding the island with a subtle mystique.  All is calm, save the birds, noisily competing, each with their own song, in the trees and brush that abound.  The sun lazily pokes itself in and out of the clouds until it decides to stay for awhile, sending glittering shards across the azure sea.

Our walk took us south again, down into Wailea.  The sea had finally worn herself out and the waves had calmed.  Beaches were scattered with paddle boarders, boogie boarders, a few surfing students and the snorkelers decided to check out the murkiness below. 

We dined oceanfront for breakfast at Sarento's on the Beach, just a couple doors down.  I tried the tasty omelet with kula onions and lots of other veggies, while Tim stuck with a tried and true eggs benedict.  Both were hot, fresh and yummy along with real good strong coffee (not the brewed-in-old-socks kind we have often found on the island ;) )

After putting in our order with Jeanne the bread lady for some homemade cinnamon rolls to be delivered to our condo tomorrow, and picking up a couple of movies and putters from the office, we decided to re-sunscreen and go out by the beach and read.  By now the trade winds were picking up, but we positioned our lounge chairs carefully and relaxed into reading mode.  Aside from fighting us to turn the pages, the wind wasn't bad.  It was not lessening, however, nor was it giving the slightest hint of abating.  So after an hour, we came on back up to the condo. 

The winds have the strength of those we've felt often on the Oregon coast, but none of the chill!  It is even pleasant to sit and have them whipping around you, sending bits of ocean spray up when a big swell comes in.  The ocean has changed from her calm glassy surface to a whipped up blue with white meringue peaks covering her entirety.  Tim swears these trade winds will stop around sunset as abruptly as they started....we'll see...

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