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Mon, May 7th - 11:28AM

Not Dead
Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.  I apologize to anyone who was worried;  but with only one comment, I'm guessing nobody who doesn't work here has started to read my blog.  That's cool, I guess.

So the first season of Heroes is about to wind up.  Three more episodes, and the first one's tonight.  I can't decide whether to be excited or disappointed.  It's better than most of the superhero shows on TV, but that's not saying much (*coughmutantxcough*).  Then there's the Hiro Nakamura vs. Hiro Protagonist.  If you're wondering what the crap I'm talking about, read some Neal Stephenson.  He has some non-fiction (sample here), but his fiction is his best work, and is all by purchase only.

I guess I should get back to work.
Ta, ducks.

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Tue, Apr 24th - 1:31PM

Max is sick today.  Ooooh so sick.  I think I'll go home, sit on my couch, and have a bowl of soup.  Hopefully nobody's accounts burn down in the meantime.

Goodnight, world.

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Thu, Apr 19th - 1:47PM

Let my love open the door . . . to your blog.
I hear that we've opened the blogs to 2.0 members for testing. Hoorah! Welcome, all of you. Coat check is to your left. We'll be passing out those champagne popper things with the confetti in them precisely 2 minutes before midnight.

In all seriousness, though, please try the system out. Stress-test it. See if you can break it. And, of course, tell us how you got it to break so the techies can figure out how it can be fixed.

Have an awesome day great job!

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Fri, Apr 13th - 12:24PM

Firefox test
Wahoo! The WYSIWYG editor does work in Forefox! The current kludge (if you're having trouble): Click the <> (toggle HTML source) button, wait a second, and click again. Ta-daa!

Keep the peace, my beautiful donuts.

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Thu, Apr 12th - 11:57AM

Hello, world!

Greetings to all you WebRingers, and welcome to my blog.  My name is Max, and I'm a member of the incredible WebRing Member Services team.  I mostly handle personalized support for WebRing 2.0 members, but I also work "in the trenches" handling general support, and I help the Get Started team when I can.

Right now, we're deploying WebRing's new blogging system, and I've been asked to help out by stress-testing it.  Can you handle my unmitigated optimism and cheeriness, blog system?  CAN YOU?

I suppose that's a yes.  Well, there's always more to do here.  Ciao, bellae e belli!


P.S.  Has anyone else noticed how Kyle Sampson looks like a younger (and balder) Karl Rove?  Creepy.

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