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Sat, Sep 28th - 10:54AM

A Easy Way To Get Your Facebook or Google Plus Name Spread Around Cyber Space
A Easy Way To Get Your Facebook or Google Plus Name Spread Around Cyber Space!

This simple and easy technique is used often, but many fail to take advantage of the opportunity. That is, leaving your remarks on a Facebook or Google Comment Box that's on a website, blog, or social network page. By doing this you not only get engaged in a discussion, but you also can receive more exposure that leads back to your own Facebook page or Google Plus circle. In fact, those who left a comment on our Facebook Comment Box which is on the home page of our parent website made if possible for our partners, businesses, friends and visitors to connect with them through Facebook. And the same for our Google circle here on our blogger. Thousand will see comments as they spread like a viral among friends who are connected to other friends. It's like leaving a business card at every discussion or every comment box that you leave your statement on!

I urge you to take advantage of this easy technique when ever possible. You never know who is looking or reading these sources!

If you haven't left your business card (comment) on our parent website yet, this is an open invitation to do so now! Simply Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to locate our comment box! God bless and we are praying for all of you to receive God's devine favor!  

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Thu, Sep 26th - 11:32PM

Lets Expose Your Brand, Services, Products To Thousands of People In A Niche Network
Expose Your Brand, Services, Products To Thousands of People In A Niche Network

Hiya saints! In this blog I will be informing you on one of the most common and leading ways that many small and large businesses get their product or services exposed to thousands in a niche network.

The best way for me to explain this concept is by telling you how Devine Jamz Gospel Network partnered with some of the greatest businesses that used the technique to receive our marketing services among many.

Lets say that you have either a ton of songs you’ve written, sheet music you created, studio services, instrument lessons, or singing lessons you would like to market to the mass media. Most of your time is dedicated to creating the music, running your studio for artists, teaching music lessons through video exchange, and lord knows what else. Oh fellas, did I mention you still have home to attend to? You know wifey is not having it if you can’t manage your projects and also spend quality time with the family right … lol! Yet, you can’t find enough time in the day to create marketing campaigns and the tedious work it takes to effectively market your product and/or services. So you say, “Calgon take me away”, right!

Nope, you just say praise God for the Christian marketers who know how important your ministry is to you as it is for the kingdom of God. We all benefit when your ministry help lead a soul to Christ! 

So how can we “the body of Christ” work together and find a solution for your dilemma? First, I recommend that you partnership and join an affiliate marketing management network. Even more, you can obtain and run your own affiliate marketing program using the software provided by various affiliate marketing networks. 

So what exactly is an affiliate marketing partnership?

Affiliate marketing partnership is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business (with products or services) that belong to an affiliate marketing network or have their own affiliate marketing program rewards the affiliate (Devine Jamz Gospel Network) with a sales percentage for driving customers to your website to purchase your services and/or product. You only pay a percentage to the affiliate when the sale is made for you. Together we form a strategic partnership for all involved. Sounds pretty easy huh!

Now, depending on your product or services you offer for marketing will dictate who among the thousands of affiliates will sell your goods. Every affiliate may have their own type of product and services that they want to sell to compliment their niche. As for Devine Jamz Gospel Network, we are very selective on whom we partner with. if it doesn’t help our artists or ministries gain more exposure and give God all the glory, we will not include the product to our program.

The following information is an example of how we at Devine Jamz Gospel Network determine which business in an affiliate marketing network we will select to market and sell their product (click on application to view on our parent website):

Who can apply to our affiliate marketing partnership?

Those that belong to an affiliate marketing network or have their own affiliate marketing program. The product and/or service must compliment Independent Gospel Artists, Christian Ministries, or related organizations. This includes but not limited to:

  • Merchants
  • Businesses
  • Ministries
  • Organizations
  • Individuals/Sole Proprietors

Why should I belong to an affiliate marketing network?

  • It's one of the the leading ways of exposing your brand, services, and product to thousands of people in a niche network.
  • Diligent marketing publishers are eager to sell your product to earn a commission.
  • It allows you to concentrate on creating the service or product while others do the work selling it.
  • Some affiliate marketing networks charge a decent small fee to start up and join.
  • Others will sell you the software for a good price around 99.00 dollars with options to upgrade.
  • You will be able to view a real time detail report of all transactions, clicks, impressions, etc.
  • You set the percentage that you offer for each sale.

I don't belong to a affiliate marketing network, where can I join or get my own?

Whether you plan to run your own program or you need a team of experts to manage every detail or something in between, check out these networks to get an affiliate marketing management program.

Share Results logo


What do we require of a business affiliate marketing program?

  • Your products or service should compliment Christian ministries or Independent Gospel Artists.
  • Your Affiliate Marketing Program should have a transparent reporting system and offer at least 10% per sell.
  • Payments must be in U.S. Dollar.
  • Should have a Paypal option or direct deposit option for issuing payments.
  • Your products or services should be listed on a professional looking website with your own domain name.
  • Your website must not contain either obscene language; unlawful content; discriminatory content; drugs/alcohol.
  • Your website should have at least 3 working linked pages.

How do I apply to Devine Jamz Gospel Network's affiliate marketing partnership?

  • Complete the sign up form.
  • Add our email address to your email contacts to insure you receive our reply.
  • We will contact you within 5 business days to notify you if you are accepted or not.

What are some reasons we will not accept your partnership?

  • You do not belong to an affiliate marketing network or have your own affiliate marketing program.
  • Your services or product does not benefit our Christian ministries or Independent Gospel Artists.
  • Your website does not present a professional appearance in our opinion. Thus, making it unappealing to our clients.
  • Your website contain either obscene language; unlawful content; discriminatory content; drugs/alcohol; or smoking.
  • Your prices are too high for our clients in our opinion.
  • The percentage of each sale you offer for our marketing services is below what we think is worth our efforts.

Why do we have an affiliate marketing partnership program?

Devine Jamz Gospel Network pays for each of our upgraded websites monthly expenses without the aid of sponsorship. Donations and purchases from our partners can help us continue our free distribution and advertising out reach that we provide to Independent Gospel Artists and Christian ministries.

The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Thu, Sep 19th - 3:07PM

Christian Sheet Music Savings Alert | 40% Savings On Overstock Music

If you're searching for Christian sheet music from a good source online, check out Sheet Music Plus! They have the world's widest selection of Christian sheet music, from the best new CCM artists to beloved choral classics! They carry over 1000 Christian publishers. I'm quite sure you'll find what you're looking for when you search through their website. 

Be sure to click on the Bargain Bin which is located in the footer. It have savings up to 40% on hundreds of discounted sheet music titles! Browse a great selection of top composers and artists, and more! Take advantage of the overstock pricing while supplies last saints. We hope to save you time searching for good discounts.  God bless and devine favor to you!

The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Wed, Sep 18th - 5:46AM

Add Video Exchange Service To Your Music Website
What do you think about adding video exchange service to your music website?

So I was brainstorming looking for more ways artists can increase music sales. I ran across this Video Exchange website that teach people how to play instruments, sing, and DJ through videos. To be honest, I think many of you that I've seen on video or heard your music should be using this technique like yesterday. Most of you guys already have a ton of videos of your self singing or playing a instrument on YouTube. And many of you have an awesome website that looks professional. Why not gather up your videos, organize them, and place them on your website to use as your teaching tools for new beginners. Not only will you be broadening your talent, you can increase your fan reach.  Click on the banner above to see how the video exchange technique is being used on their website then formulate your own technique to use your videos for teaching.

A great tool that will give your videos a professional appearance is the Viewbix Video Marketing Tool. I wrote a blog about it some time ago. You can go to the blog and explore the benefits using Viewbix. Well, I hope I gave you guys another way of marketing your gift and talent and I pray you receive devine favor!

The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Mon, Sep 9th - 4:46PM

Music Page For Facebook | Free For SongCast Artists

Hi everyone, I have a update to the recent SongCast blog I wrote. Those of you who SIGNED UP FOR SONGCAST, you can now create a cool music page for Facebook! But this offer is only for a short time so get it now! If you missed my previous SongCast blog and would like to get the 411 (information),  Click Here! 

Check Out How This Works Saints: With Music Page for Facebook you are able to better connect with your fans through social media!

  • Promote your music with artist and band bios.
  • Sharable music and a calendar of upcoming events.
  • Fans will be able to purchase and listen to your songs directly from Music Page.
  • Links leading straight to major music retailers.
  • A great addition to your fan outreach.
  • Acts as a tile on your band or artist timeline.
  • Fans can scroll down and comment directly on your Music Page.

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Sat, Sep 7th - 6:54PM

Why Should I Get My Own Website Domain Name?
Why should I get my own website domain name?

I really didn’t think I would have to create a blog to explain why it’s important to have a website with your own domain name. Especially, if you are trying to create sales or market to a targeted audience.

Of course having your own website domain alone will not get you the fans and sales you’re striving for. You certainly need to have a great product or have great service at the very least. But it’s probably the most fundamental step in marketing and advertising.

Unless you plan on going door-to-door or hiring someone to produce traffic and making conversions for you, you’re going to need to utilize the technology and power of a good optimized website! I just can’t see how you are going to get a free website or social network to personalize your ministry or business like a paid domain website can.

Why should I get my own website domain?

1. For one, free websites may not appeal to industry leaders or sponsors.
2. Some have pop ups and/or unrelated ads that is not consistent with your niche
3. You cannot index a free website and place it on Google and bing/yahoo search engine.
4. You have limited control regarding space, html coding, gadgets, etc
5. And most importantly, if you won’t invest in your own business or ministry why should anyone your seeking invest in you.

For those five reasons alone is enough to educate you on why you’re possibly lacking in sales or reaching your potential fan base. I’m sure if you Google “What is the benefit to having your own website domain” you will find many more important reasons.

It’s time to invest in your self more. If you already have a free website that you like and the upgrade service is pretty good, make it happen!

If you need a website and you’re not sure which site to invest in. Search on the net what’s available according to your budget. There are many out there and most of them can be index by search engines. Our partners at Wix offer great html5 templates with plenty of add-on for upgrade websites. But ultimately, the goal is to present your self with a paid domain website that can showcase your ministry with SEO capabilities! 

The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network

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Fri, Sep 6th - 7:36PM

I Hope You're Using The Viewbix New Video Marketing Tool
I Hope You're Using The Viewbix New Video Marketing Tool!  Click here and Save 20% in September on any Viewbix package with promo code "promo20".

You most certainly may want to consider getting this saints! Why? Because using video marketing tools online is probably one of the best techniques to advertise and promote your business or ministry! In a world where everyone have little time to view hundreds of demos or a pitch, the last thing you want to do is hand a potential sponsor or industry leader material that they must take time out of their busy schedule to read. And if they do read your material, it's more than likely that they will do a fast scan looking for what's important to them and overlooking what you truly want them to see. Lord knows they are not going to want a pitch that's extensive in details if they have several other projects to look at. As the saying goes, a picture can say a thousand words. Well, a Viewbix video can seal the deal if you use the tool to your advantage! You might only get that one shot at presenting your work to the potential sponsor or business connection your seeking. So use a tool that will get folks attention and will get you a faster reply! Get Viewbix as your attention grabber!

Galleries & Sitemaps - New Features For Viewbix Users

Galleries – Galleries are a brand new way to easily and cleanly display your videos. They enable you to feature one video on the top and multiple rows below with your Viewbix video players in perfectly lined, sized and easily readable formats. This is a new feature that is getting a ton of success.

Here are a couple of sites using galleries:


Sitemaps – Viewbix has added a new series of video SEO tools to our packages. One of these tools is that they generate a video sitemap for you to add to your sitemap page and feed into the search engines. The tool is something that was being asked for by numerous clients and is now readily available.

Let us know what you think about this marketing tool in the comment area below. And if there is something that you would like to share with our viewers, don't hesitate to drop us a guest blog by using the form on the top right of this page! As always saints, our payers are with you and may the Lord bless you with His Devine Favor!

The Admin Team
Devine Jamz Gospel Network
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Wed, Sep 4th - 9:42PM

A New Partnership With Ticketmaster Links Devine Jamz Gospel Network To Events In Both The U.S. & Canada
Devine Jamz Gospel Network (DJGN) is now partnering with, the world's #1 online ticket store! The partnership links DJGN to events in both the US & Canada. It will also provide members who joined our Linkedin Group to receive compelling content about Ticketmaster's business, events, and shows.
For those who don't know about Ticketmaster, they feature events delivered by over 9,000 venues and event promoters. Ticketmaster is the global event ticketing leader and one of the world's top five eCommerce sites, with over 26 million monthly unique visitors. In 2010, Ticketmaster and Live Nation merged to create Live Nation Entertainment. Live Nation Entertainment is the world's leading live entertainment and eCommerce company, comprised of four market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, Front Line Management Group and Live Nation Network.

Live Nation Concerts produces over 20,000 shows annually for more than 2,000 artists globally. Front Line is the world's top artist management company, representing over 250 artists. These businesses power Live Nation Network, the leading provider of entertainment marketing solutions, enabling over 800 advertisers to tap into the 200 million consumers Live Nation delivers annually through its live event and digital platforms.

Now you have more options than ever to enjoy live events, and things are only getting better. Our direct contact with their Program Manager cuts out the middle man and connects us straight to the source for first hand information! It's almost as though we have a front row ticket to all the upcoming events, activities, and shows!

So, stay tune to our upcoming featured events and activities where we will be posting in our FREE MEMBERSHIP Linkedin Group for our dedicated members who share their content with us. In the mean time, cruise through Ticketmaster's website and search for events at a city near you!

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Wed, Sep 4th - 3:21PM

Brand New Single by Bobby Wells | "We Talk About Jesus"
Bobby Wells brand new single "We Talk About Jesus"
 This hit single takes you back to the back porch, stomp your feet, clap your hands, full of rejoicing kinda days! Uplifting the only Name whereby we must be saved, Jesus Christ! We live in a world where our Lord's name is slowly being eliminated in all areas of the industry. But one thing for sure, you know who Bobby is talking about when you hear his song "We Talk About Jesus"

Get the single now at CDbaby!


I'm very excited about my new direction in the Christian Music genre! I believe it's where my Lord has called me to be. "We Talk About Jesus" has been such a blessing. May God's grace be with you and I hope to receive your comments and responses soon.



Through my life experiences, seeing mountain tops, very low valleys and even shadows of death, these life lessons helped create a real desire for me to reach out to a lost soul, uplift a sorrowed heart, make a call to come back to the sheepfold and sharing the gift of songwriting that Christ gave me. Through His Word & songs we find peace and comfort. I'm so glad this new direction is not about fame and all the silly stuff that comes with the music industry. It's about souls and I thank you for allowing me to share the joy with you. So, the office jackets tell me that I need to share with you some of the things I've achieved, ok here it goes.

Past Accomplishments

Bobby's passion has always been to create and compose music and lyrics that soothe the soul. In fact, this Colorado based producer/songwriter's music has been coined as feel-good music. He received a call and letter from White House Tippor Gore in 1993 for his community involvement and promotion of peace at "Racial Harmony Day" created by my friend Mimi Segal. His "JUST BELIEVE IT" from Bobby's first album Wait a Minute written and produced by himself, was released in 1994. See Channel 9 interview by Karen Karsh about "Just Believe It."

Bobbys success story reached new heights in 1997 as he took part at the "Summt Of Eight" event President Clinton and 7 other World Leaders.

KHIH (95.7/DENVER, CO) BAND OF THE YEAR 1995 | voted by the KHIH radio staff and the people's choice after a dynamic and electrifying performance.

Wells was called on by Major League Baseball and the Colorado Rockies to perform his instrumental song "A True Hero" and "Just Believe It" for the 50th Anniversary Tribute to Jackie Robinson, with Jackie's wife Rachel Robinson and Buck O'Neil in attendance. Bobby also created Colorados first family baseball CD, Born To Go The Distance supported by Hershey's and King Soopers, both major sponsors for the Rockies
All-Star Game season in 1998. Yvonne Brown joined Bobby in singing the National Anthem at the Home Run Derby which was part of the All-Star Celebration.

Bobby's 3rd CD "Its About Time" features on saxophone KIRK WHALUM, NELSON RANGELL and DARREN RAHN

Bobby was presented with a Proclamation from Denver, Colo. Mayor Wellington Webb establishing August 10th, 1998 as BOBBY WELLS DAY.

JONATHAN WIDRAN writes in JAZZIZ magazine | Wells - experiments with synth sounds and rhythmic possibilities with the aplomb of George Duke.

Another quote by JONATHAN WIDRAN for Bobby's present release - BAYSIDE CD "Immediately likable results" featuring Eric Marienthal and Michael O'Neill.

Inducted in the Omaha Black Music Hall of Fame 2007.

"America, Don't Throw It Away" CD was released due to the issues facing Americans today and some of the directions it which it is choosing. It is a wake up call.

I look forward to meeting other Christian artist in this genre as well as the believers of the gospel and followers of Jesus Christ. GBY (God Bless You).

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Tue, Sep 3rd - 7:06PM

Submit SoundCloud Gospel Song Free And Receive More Exposure
Submit SoundCloud Gospel Song Free And Receive More Exposure

We are now accepting FREE SUBMISSIONS to your Gospel song that's on SoundCloud. We begin creating SoundCloud Playlist (5), which we also advertise and promote on our Gospel Radio Promotions and Advertising website and our Parent website. The SoundCloud Playlist widget only accept songs that's listed on SoundCloud website. So please understand we can't include your mp3 or links to other sites, etc.


The procedure is simple and easy! Just complete our easy requirement by liking our Facebook Page and fill out the quick Submission Form linked to the Music sub menu. If selected, your music will be listed on Playlist (5) within 48 hrs. Also, once Google crawl our playlist your music will also be listed in Google search engines world wide! (Ex. go to Google search engine and enter these key search words: devine jamz gospel artists music).  The results will list our SoundCloud playlists with your music, thus giving you more buzz and exposure!

What are you waiting for? Start making it happen now!

(Click Here To Check Out The Recommended Radio Broadcasters Below For Affordable Airplay)

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