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Fri, Sep 30th - 3:56AM

Egerton Ryerson (1803-1882)
Egerton Ryerson
Egerton Ryerson was a Methodist minister and leading figure in 19th-century Ontario education and politics. Born into a prominent Anglican family, Ryerson was converted and ordained in 1827 in the Methodist Episcopal Church.

He first came into prominence in 1826, defending the character of Methodism and arguing the case for religious equality. In 1829 he became the first editor of the new Methodist newspaper, the Christian Guardian, which became one of the most widely read and politically influential papers in the colony. The company created to publish the paper was renamed Ryerson Press in 1919.

In 1836, Ryerson founded Upper Canada Academy and in 1841, he became first principle of Victoria College. In 1844, he was appointed superintendant of education for the 2,500 elementary schools in Canada West, continuing in this office until retiring in 1876.

In 1852, Ryerson established the Toronto Normal School. At that location Ryerson Institute of Technology was established in 1948 which became Ryerson University.
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Sat, Sep 24th - 4:20AM

Lois Miriam Wilson (b. 1927)
Lois Miriam Wilson
Lois Miriam Wilson, was the first female Moderator of the United Church of Canada, from 1980 to 1982. She was ordained a United Church minister in 1965 after a period of being a homemaker and mother, her husband having previously been ordained a United Church minister, and served in Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Kingston, Ontario and Hamilton, Ontario. In 1983 she was elected one of the 7 presidents of the World Council of Churches. Also in 1983, she became codirector of the Ecumenical Forum of Canada.

In 1998 she was appointed to the Canadian Senate where she served as an Independent until her retirement in 2002. From 1990 to 2000, she was the Chancellor of Lakehead University, Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In 1989 she published an autobiography, Turning the World Upside Down: A Memoir (Toronto: Doubleday Canada, 1989).
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Sat, Sep 17th - 4:16AM

Samuel Hume Blake (1835-1914)
Samuel Hume Blake
Samuel Hume Blake was a lawyer, judge, Anglican layman, philanthropist, social reformer, and pamphleteer. Samuel Blake belonged to an intensely evangelical Anglican family. His mother was the daughter of the first Bishop of Huron.

Blake became a successful business lawyer and counted among his clients the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canadian Bank of Commerce, the City of Toronto, and the University of Toronto.

In 1869, Blake helped found the Evangelical Association, whose most significant achievement was the establishment in 1877 of what became Wycliffe College which federated with the University of Toronto in 1889. He was sometime president, vice-president, or chairman of the international convention of Sunday schools, the Toronto branch of the Evangelical Alliance, the Protestant Churchmenís Union and Tract Society, the Laymenís Missionary Movement, the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society, the Toronto City Mission, the Lordís Day Alliance, the Ontario branch of the Dominion Alliance for the Total Suppression of the Liquor Traffic, the YMCA, the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Toronto Humane Society. All the while, for decades he was a Sunday-school teacher.

On occasion Blake travelled to the United States and England to represent Canada and speak at international gatherings of charitable organizations. Blake gave of his wealth unstintingly and unostentatiously to a multitude of such causes.
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Tue, Sep 13th - 3:32AM

Bruin Romkes Comingo (1723-1820)
Bruin Romkes Comingo window, Lunenburg
In May 1751, Bruin Romkes Comingo was a wool-comber living in the Dutch province of Groningen when he immigrated to Nova Scotia. In 1753, he was part of a group that was sent to establish Lunenburg where he received land and he became a fisherman.

When the settlers at Lunenburg failed to obtain a minister for their German Reformed congregation, they decided to ordain Comingoe, one of their own members, even though he had little formal education. The Presbyterian and Congregationalist clergy of the area, who shared a common confession with the German Reformed Church, declared themselves a Presbytery for the purposes of carrying out the ordination, the first in Canada.

Comingo's congregation flourished which he continued to serve until he retired from full-time duties in 1818 at age 95. A cairn marks his resting place in the churchyard of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia.
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Tue, Sep 6th - 4:14PM

David Laird (1833-1914)
David Laird
David Laird was an editor, politician, lt-governor and Indian commissioner.

In 1859, he founded, edited, and published the Protestant and Evangelical Witness in Charlottetown, PEI. Renamed the Patriot in 1865, the newspaper was to become the leading liberal journal on the Island. Laird became the Liberal leader in the PEI legislature and was elected to Parliament in 1873.

In 1876, he was appointed the first lt-governor of the North-West Territories. Owing to the virtual extinction of buffalo, the Plains Indians neared starvation. An uprising was feared but was averted, in part, because of the mutual trust between the chiefs and Laird based on many personal contacts and his honoured promises.

David Laird had originally intended to become a minister and graduated Presbyterian Theological Seminary in Truro, N.S. Throughout his career he had an unbending devotion to the Presbyterian Church. In PEI, he was an elder in the church, a member of the Auxiliary Bible Society, a vice-president of the Young Men's Christian Association.

Laird returned to the Island in early 1882 to resume his career as editor of the Patriot. He transferred to Ottawa in 1909 and until his death in 1914 he worked as an advisor to the Indian Affairs Dept.

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