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Fri, Sep 30th - 8:11PM

September 29: Bone Scan

125.4 miles

164 recordings of 60 types. 15% left.

Rasmussen: -20%: 45/53.

Lies, lies....

T-shirt, recycle Rex

It's the feast of Sts. Michael, Gabriel, and Rafael, archangels. So I think they should be doing God's work: Michael should defeat the cancer cells like the devils they are, Rafael should be healing Rich, and Gabriel should be improving his mental state.

Rich was still asleep. I hated to wake him up, but we had to be at the clinic by 10:15.  That didn't last too long, I stopped at the Little Free Library again, but again it didn't have much for me, and so home.  Then at 1:15 back for the bone scan. I'm getting a lot of reading done. I've been carrying Harry Potter.

Yesterday in the morning, my neighbor had seen me pulling a couple of weeds and came over and started weeding our rose garden. I went out to help, and between us we made it look really good. I headed all the dead roses, and it really looks nice.

Leno: Democratic Sen Harry Reid says the Senate will take a week-long vacation. From what? Don't you have to do something before a vacation?

Fast and Furious Smoking Gun. How long can they keep on covering all these things up?

Is 0bama a leader?

Because Solyndra worked so well.

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Fri, Sep 30th - 5:08PM

September 28: Eye Doctor

125.4 miles

163 recordings of 61 types. 16% left.

Rasmussen: -19; 46/53.

My host, uh....

The Boss Emeritus refers to a pertinent quote from the First Lady in June:

    “See, what you all need to know about the President you helped to elect is that when it comes to the people he meets, Barack has a memory like a steel trap[.]”

Mark Huntsman would totally be a better President than Obama.
fossten on September 28, 2011 at 8:12 AM

Is Mark a janitor?
Caper29 on September 28, 2011 at 8:12 AM

isn’t this like the 3rd or 4th time he’s screwed up his hosts’ name?
cmsinaz on September 28, 2011 at 8:12 AM

[Yeah, well, he doesn't need to recognize the common people.]

Just look at all this man has done for his half uncle, his illegal immigrant aunt, brother still living in a hut. Etc.
What do you think he’s going to do for you?
TimBuk3 on September 28, 2011 at 8:20 AM

Well it’s not about Mark, or Jon, or us, or even Michelle. It’s ALL about him. He doesn’t have to remember you, but you’d damn well better remember him!!!
capejasmine on September 28, 2011 at 9:45 AM

T-shirt, Recycle Rex.

It's 950 years since William of Normandy invaded England.  Boooo!

I'm sure getting a lot of reading done in all these waiting rooms.  This time it's the eye doctor.  He says he's never seen anything like this but he gave Rich an antibiotic ointment that Rich says is helping.

Der Spiegel
US President Obama has given the Europeans a harsh lecture on the dangers of their ongoing debt crisis. Offended by the unsolicited advice, Europeans have suggested the US get its own house in order first. Obama’s remarks were “arrogant” and “absurd” German commentators say on Wednesday.

Timothy Vick: Half a million on CONSULTANTS??? ok somebody's getting padded thick. Follow the money. This is just dirty. Worst recession since the depression and we're building a basketball arena for a team that cant wait to leave?? (This about the Sacramento City Council spending money on consultants for an arena.)

'Taint funny, McGee.

Jack Kemp told the Washington Post: "Here's a black guy who stands up with the voice of Othello, the looks of a football player, the English of Oxfordian quality and the courage of a lion."

Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The Introduction to the Devout Life, St. Francis de Sales, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and Acres of Unrest, Max Brand.

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Thu, Sep 29th - 9:00PM

September 27: 46th Anniversary

125.4 miles
getting hot again.

162 recordings of 59 types. 16% clear.

Rasmussen: -20: 45/53.

Team Yarnot shirt for our anniversary.

Rich looks awful,  like a Hallowe'en monster.  He was asleep in the living room when I got up, and I thought he'd slept on the card I left, but it was safe enough. He liked it, I believe. He suddenly asked what had happened to A Taste of Italy. I'm sad now.

I forgot to mention my attempt to get a library book onto the Nook yesterday. First I had to stop at the library and get a PIN code. Then I browsed, discovered a couple of books I'd like to read but I'm on waiting lists. So I looked for something that was available that I would actually read, and settled on a Western by Max Brand. I downloaded it, but couldn't get it up. Then I discovered I hadn't actually downloaded Adobe Digital Editions as I thought I had.  I must have decided I'd do it later when I needed it.  OK, now I need it.  So once that was done, I had the book on the computer. I worked about an hour last night on getting it into the Nook and nothing worked. But today, after re-reading some help files, I got the book onto my ereader, and now I have 20 days to read it.  For some reason, things seem to go faster on the Nook, and I'm well into it now.

Today was the CT scan. How I hope this will show some improvement. That would be the best thing to make him feel better.  He filled the gas tank, so now I don't have to do it before getting Vince.

I'd picked up a fungicide for Rich, who has thrush in his mouth. I hope this will help him get his taste back.

Our neighbor surprised me by coming over with a present, a lovely spiced apple candle and a note pad block. Nice!  Later Roni called to wish us happy anniversary and it seems the kids have decided to pay for lawn care for us!  Yay! The same neighbor helped them set it up.

0bama was warned.
Despite consistent opposition within his own economic team and the “colossal failure” of Solyndra, Obama wants to throw billions of dollars more into risky loan guarantees to the green-tech industry.  That’s not just reckless, it’s nearly insane, politically and economically.  We gave $38 billion to this same sector in the stimulus package, and that wasn’t enough to make Solyndra competitive even after getting 3% of all the disbursed funds in that bloc.

Politicians don’t pick winners and losers with taxpayer cash.  They pick losers, because winners don’t need subsidies in the first place.  Government subsidies go to market losers in the hope that investment can turn them into winners, but that’s almost always a bad bet — and in Solyndra’s case, that was obvious from the start, which is why investor George Kaiser’s connection to Obama as a fundraiser seems to have been the most important factor in getting that bet placed.

I'm getting really tired of this dictatorship.

Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Acres of Unrest, Max Brand, and Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer.

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Thu, Sep 29th - 7:38AM

September 26: My New Li'l Buddy, Snotty

125.4 miles
mild, nice

161 recordings of 56 types. 18% clear.

-22: 44/54.

T-shirt: Yolo Basin Wetlands

And so begins the week of doctor visits.  Today's was to his primary care provider, or actually, that one's supervisor since he's on vacation.  It was fairly unproductive: no eye doctor appointment till Wednesday. Rich looks dreadful, like he's ready for Hallowe'en already.

The good thing is, he's ordered some geocoins (one arrived today, a gold 9-11 commemorative coin) and wooden nickels.

While he was in the doctor's office, I walked across the street and picked up one geocache, then on the way home I drove to another and that was, at last, #7800.  It's taken since our Monterey trip to get this last 100.

I went shopping, got a housewarming card for my niece and a cute anniversary card for Rich.  "Do I still love you? HELL NO!" but the last phrase opens up to say things like of course I do. Then a little green snot monster insisted I take him home. If you pick his nose, he says obnoxious things.

Snotty, my New Little Buddy!

Rich's sister called.  That was nice.  And I got a summons to jury duty. (I declined, there is a box to check for this situation.)

Intercontinental railroad.

Janitor, Jew, what's the difference?

Fr Samuel Medley Solt: Dear Doctors, today we pray for you through the intercession of Sts Cosmas and Damian, an ancient example of living in Christ the Physician. Your witness is difficult amidst the complex bioethical issues of today and the powerful forces that seek to manipulate medicine, trying to replace it with lucrative business or pain management. —

Daily Caller:
At least 80 people were carted away in police vehicles and up to five were hit with pepper spray near 12th St. and Fifth Ave., where tensions became especially high, police and organizers said.” What brutal savagery and so on. Well, ladies, if you’re marching in the street for equality, why should you expect special treatment when it’s time for the pepper spray? P.S. You may be wondering how many Tea Partiers have been pepper-sprayed by the cops. This is just a rough count, but it’s approximately: Zero. Give or take a nil.

Don Surber
After 40 years, perhaps affirmative action should go teh way of the pet rock as it has not reduced black unemployment.

Paul Havemann Neither has the minimum wage. Oh, but we have spoken heresy!

Stan Burton but it did give us the first Affirmative action president.... as if that is a good thing....

Don Surber:
Obamacare is a loser issue for the president. Most of its implementation takes place after 2012. No one has seen much benefit from this overhaul of health insurance. Two years after its passage, most voters want it repealed. those who support it support the president anyway. By dumping Obamacare now, the president would eliminate a reason to vote Republican as you cannot repeal something that no longer exists.

And who knows? The Supreme Court may be crazy enough to uphold Obamacare.

[he's too stubborn, though]

They're already giving up on the long term care.

La Nina

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Wed, Sep 28th - 8:27PM

September 25: Busy Day!

124.9 miles
mild, nice

154 recordings of 53 types. 20% left.

Rasmussen: -23: 44/54, but be sure to enjoy that golf, Mr. President.

Too easy.

T-shirt, pink Sharing God's Bounty shirt.

I had a busy busy day.  After church (7:30 and I saw a few people I knew there) I policed the yard, harvested some veggies (OMG the cukes!  Three of them, 5#!) and vacuumed. Naturally, after I emptied the container and went to put it back onto the vacuum, it popped open leaving a lot of dust, so that took some time.

I had let Spooky out while I was gardening.  He was at the back fence when I wanted to come in, so I called him and promised him "treat."  Boy, he knows that word!  The black streak came charging into the house. He may have to return his certificate of felinity if he keeps this up!

Bernadette brought by the reunion picture.  It's gorgeous.

Family Portrait from the Reunion.

Once she'd left, I went to the commissary.  And after that, I pretty well was through with the day: no zucchini bread, no vacuuming. I can always do that tomorrow.

Instapundit: GOOD QUESTION: So Why Can’t We Call The New Deal A Wrong Turn? The answer is that doing so would threaten an entire comfy system. Nowadays, to be “progressive” is to be nostalgic for a time before I was born, and such nostalgia must not be challenged. Never mind that the system is collapsing under its own weight anyway . . . .

“Come to the edge.”
“We can't. We're afraid.”
“Come to the edge.”
“We can't. We will fall!”
“Come to the edge.”
And they came.
And he pushed them.
And they flew.

- Guillaume Apollinaire

Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer.

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Tue, Sep 27th - 10:02PM

September 24: Children's Book Fair

124.6 miles
cloudy, cooler

155 recordings of 54 types. 20% left.

Rasmussen: -21: 44/54

I'm 1.2 pounds up for the week, with high borderline blood pressure.  Grump.

T-shirt, Bookwoman because we were going to the Book Festival at Fairytale Town.

Google doodle du jour: Jim Henson would have been 75 today.  This one was animated... they each opened their mouths if you hit them, and the one guy lost his glasses and hair: even better, the one on the right suddenly devours the tall green one next to it. Heh.

I loaded a bunch of caches in Bernadette's area onto the GPSr. Then, on my way to the car, I dropped it. I forgot that having the batteries come out didn't mean it had lost the caches, so I just dumped the mess in the house and went to Bernadette's without it.

When we got to Fairytale Town we found a great parking place.  The park was open before the event started, so we went on in.  I took Gareth to his favorite slide from last time, the owl house.  He went up the stairs, but there were people up there, and after they slid down he apparently got scared.  Bernadette went up and helped him start down, but he was off that slide from then on.  Next time we go I'll go up with him so that he's not afraid.
There's plenty of other things to do, though.  We did the Crooked Mile twice, and the Rabbit Hole I don't know how many times.  Gareth wasn't interested in the train at all, to my surprise, but enjoyed Jack and Jill's Hill.  He got to see Clifford. Last year he didn't have a clue with the mascots, but this time he knew Clifford. (I'd just bought him a Clifford book, too.)

He sat for awhile to hear a story, lasting longer than he has in the past. I took him over to the Old Lady's Shoe.  He needed reminding on waiting in line (he wasn't the only one, but some of the kids didn't have parents insisting on good manners) but got it eventually, and he liked this slide. Bernadette was taking Joanna around other places.  We went into King Arthur's Castle.  I showed Gareth a braille Very Hungry Caterpillar and told him about blind people. I think it was over his head, but who knows.  We watered Farmer McGregor's garden and went on the pirate ship.

I saw someone who looked like Kristi Yamaguchi.  Not too surprising, because that's who it was!

Then we took advantage of my zoo membership to go there for lunch. (Which I tried to pay for with all the wrong membership cards.) There we saw the new otter exhibit, and the anteater up close (Gareth is about the same size. He wasn't afraid, but it was probably as well I was holding his hand!)  The chimps and orangutans were active and one giraffe came really close.  Gareth paid a lot more attention than he has up till now, and announced "we go home now."  Just about the right timing. Joanna is also beginning to talk English "I go I go!" when it's time to take her out of the car.

I'd had hopes that after the transfusion, Rich would have some energy and we could go to Taste of Italy, but it was not to be.  His eyes are really bothering him and he's still sleeping a lot. Sigh.

How I wish actors would stay out of opining about politics.

but the bottom line as Kid Rock put it a while back “I truly believe that people like myself, who are in a position of entertainers in the limelight, should keep their mouth shut on politics,” sums it up nicely.

Netanyahu is the only grownup in the room.

John Hawkins: Liberals: People who create jobs are the devil! Get 'em! Wait, why aren't you creating jobs anymore! It's cause you're mean, isn't it?

What the Hell do they Want? Hahaha!

JenniferL 14 hours ago
"The Wall Street Protesters: What the Hell Do They Want?"

Neurons. Wonderful central nervous system neurons.

So magical.  So useful.  So totally absent in the skulls of these spoiled arrogant complete buffoons.

 JeromeFJ 17 hours ago
"We were going to say something about him not having a job, but thought better of it. Why bust on the kid?"
Exactly. That's what you have commenters for ... like me:

Umm...Mr. I-Don't-Have-a-Job-or-a-brain-or-a-mortgage Vasquez? Why are you protesting 300 years of common law property and lending rights when you don't have a fucking clue what a mortgage is, how to get one, or how to earn money to pay one? Why...precisely? I don't mean to harsh your buzz, but you are giving unemployed, illiterate, stoned musicians a really bad name right now, and you might want to take it down a notch.

0bama goes Golfing while the stock market tumbles.

Michelle Antoinette.

Florida Straw Poll Update: Not only did Cain pull it off, it wasn’t close. The numbers: Cain 37%, Perry 15%, Romney 14%.

Vince Yarnot: Eric LOVES his circuit building kit. He's already on project 6 of 305 (he started 30 minutes ago). I'm pretty sure the plan is to step through each one.

Sounds like me the Christmas I got my microscope.  Mom just let me go... and I finally stopped at 7 the next morning.

Kilauea crater is closed because of Halemaumau, and I would have LOVED to be at Volcano House now... except it's closed.  So I looked up the Kilauea Military Camp and a DAV gets quite a break.  We were really lucky to get to go next to the lava in 2005!

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Sun, Sep 25th - 6:39PM

September 23: Transfusion Day

123.1 miles

156 recordings of 55 types. 19% free.

Rasmussen: -23: 46/52

The Lewis and Clark expedition came to a triumphant end on this day in 1806.

Nook: 215 items, 34% free space.

I took Rich out to his transfusion today.  I got onto Auburn Blvd and suddenly I noticed 10 or 12 blinking CHP cars blocking the way.  There was, it seemed, one lane going through, but I made a U-turn and took another route. If you live in the area, you know alternate routes to where you want to go.  We made it in time. It turns out that there was a high speed chase ending there, with at least one gunshot from a nearby homeowner.  Ooooo-Kay, we were well out of that mess.

The transfusion place is smaller than our normal chemo place.  Rich had a really nice nurse, and got started. I watched the blood sloooooooowly approach him, sort of scary. Once the red reached him, I left, since it would be 4-6 hours.

First off, I went to the local Little Free Library, in a geocacher friend's front yard. I was quite disappointed that it only had one book in it. I left another (Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.)

Back at home, my third batch of zucchini bread.  I remembered all the ingredients, I didn't overspray the pans, but nooooo it wasn't error free. I put the pans into the pre-heated oven, and instead of turning it to bake, I turned the oven off! I discovered this when I was checking because I'd have to leave to meet Rich... oops. So I turned it to 225 degrees, on the theory I'd ruined the loaves anyway: at that temperature, however long I was gone, I wouldn't burn the house down. As it happened, the loaves had indeed cooked by the time we returned, rather cake-like.  I froze one, am eating the other.

I have enough zucchini (but no sugar) for one more batch. I really really want to get this next one right.

I checked on Rich, then walked across the lot (SO HOT today, in the 100s) to ask the doctor's scheduler to push the radiation associates people to call us about the CT scan.

Oh, and at home, the cleaners finally called back to say they'd be in the office on Monday.  Fine, they don't want my money?

I sure hope this transfusion makes Rich feel better!

Interesting definition of "non-violent."

Government overreach.

Imagine if Bush had said this.

If you talk as much as this guy likes to talk instead of governing, if you believe you are a Real Good Talker as much as this guy does, you're gonna blow a few lines. But this many?
...Obama's own Democratic Party controls the Senate and won't put their leader's jobs bill on the schedule because more wild spending like this doomed bill could also doom some Dem senators next year.

So here's how the ex-state senator from the Chicago machine reacts: At an operating cost of $181,000 per hour, he flies Air Force One nearly four hours roundtrip for 17 minutes of remarks touting infrastructure repairs by a bridge that doesn't need them.

Ha!  Laughed to death, no doubt.

Close-out Sale?

Lovely priorities!

Megan McArdle (via this Weekly Standard), commenting on the joys of green breakthroughs: “Er, industry also knew how to make low-flow toilets, which is why every toilet in my recently renovated rental house clogs at least once a week. They knew how to make more energy efficient dryers, which is why even on high, I have to run every load through the dryer in said house twice. And they knew how to make inexpensive compact flourescent bulbs, which is why my head hurts from the glare emitting from my bedroom lamp. They also knew how to make asthma inhalers without CFCs, which is why I am hoarding old albuterol inhalers that, unlike the new ones, a) significantly improve my breathing and b) do not make me gag.”

Is Obama Sinking American Business?

Where Herman Cain Won the Debate.  Yeah, the doctor was saying yesterday that with 0bamacare, Rich wouldn't be getting all this care. One and done.

This is the best argument against ObamaCare and government encroachment in health care.  The more government becomes part of the process, the more control bureaucrats gain and patients lose.  If anyone doubts that, just look across the border to Canada and see how much personal choice patients have in treatments and access.  More than that, Cain’s answer applies to overregulation in general, and it serves as a pretty good explanation for the economic stagnation we are currently enduring.  The more capital and control we assign to government rather than letting stakeholders use their own capital, the less economic innovation and flexibility we have, which means less growth and fewer jobs.

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Sat, Sep 24th - 6:34PM

September 22: Chemo and Doctor Day!

122.9 miles

161 recordings of 61 types. 16% clear.

Rasmussen: -18: 46/52.

Oh, I forgot that one of the things I got at the thrift shop was a 100 piece dinosaur puzzle.  So I turned it out on the kitchen table to see if it had all its pieces (no, in fact, only 96 of them) and then couldn't figure out how to do the puzzle.  Yeah, I have a lot on my mind.

0bamateurism of the day
It’s an interesting “balance” in a deficit-reduction approach that ends up with a net increase in spending married to a massive increase in taxation.  What about that says “balance” except the declining balance in the bank accounts of American taxpayers?

Rich wore the "My son is a rocket scientist" T-shirt and I wore "Instant human, just add coffee."  It was chemo and doctor day.  Rich's hemoglobin was too low, so they decided to get us in to the doctor first thing to decide if he would actually have chemo.

We were waiting for the doctor and Rich needed the bathroom, so I was alone when Dr. Blair came in. I was able to say "it's been an awful couple of weeks. He isn't eating, he isn't sleeping, his back hurts..." Then Rich came in and I let him take over.  OK, I hadn't realized that his eyes look so funny because his eyelashes are gone. The doctor has ordered a bone scan because of his backache, and a CT scan, and suggested he get an eye doctor, and mostly, 2 pints of blood transfusion.  That will happen tomorrow, and they called about the bone scan appointment (next Thursday, so chemo is out: we did try to reschedule but nothing worked.) Rich talked about everything that's been bothering him and the doctor answered all his questions.

At home, Rich thought maybe he could eat carrots or celery or peppers if I cooked them soft. I'll get him a can of carrots and we'll see, but cook them? I Don't Think So.

0bama's relationship with LightSquared.

Play!! This one is fun!

FACT 1: Since 1976 less than 1,300 human beings have been executed as a direct result of the death penalty in the USA (after being found GUILTY beyond a reasonable doubt by a jury of their piers for heinous crimes against humanity).
FACT 2: Since 1973 more than 50,000,000 human beings have been executed as a direct result of abortion in the USA (100% INNOCENT but condemned to death by their own mothers).

Will 0bama quit? Maybe he already has.

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Sat, Sep 24th - 8:11AM

September 21: Out with Pagan

The problem with writing about religion is that you run the risk of offending sincerely religious people, and then they come after you with machetes. — Dave Barry

122.8 miles

173 recordings of 73 types. 10%. OUCH!

Rasmussen: -20: 46/52.

The 0bamateurism is this picture. Hahaha.  It looks photoshopped, but it apparently isn't.

    ROFL…I just read the comments over at the PJ link:

    Maybe the photographer asked the group, “Who wants to see Obama re-elected?”


    Bishop on September 21, 2011 at 8:33 AM

Oh, gee, look who's on TV.

Another revealing photo.

T-shirt, a Run for the Seals which is not in the walking rotation because it's not one I actually did. I like it because it has Phil Franks' animals on it.

Playing Hatchlings, I moved from Empty Nester to Scrambled Egg.  Heh.

I was still simmering most of the day. I kinda went on strike, not doing the dishes, not giving Rich his food. I did make 4 loaves of zucchini bread, and forgot the sour cream.  They taste OK but not as good as they should.

Pagan's in town, so we went out thrift-shopping and to lunch. I got a few really nice books for Joanna, a couple of picture books for Gareth at this house, and a Sesame Street songbook for Bernadette. Then we went to Zelda's, which I gather one either loves or one hates.  Perhaps I should have had the pizza: the artichoke appetizer was good but my pastrami sandwich was burnt. And the service was surprisingly slow considering there was only one other person in the restaurant.  My 4th Tripadvisor review.

I gave him my dinosaur alarm clock because he was trying to fix someone's toy for a gift. Unfortunately, it was the wrong size. Oh, well. I also gave him the last of the plums and some cukes.

Rich didn't feel up to the Yuba City event and I wasn't going to go on my own.

I sure hope he's right. There's a core 45% or so that worries me.

From Here On Out
Had McCain been elected, or had Obama proved a canny Clinton triangulator, we would never have gotten out of the bipartisan rut of massive borrowing, growing government, higher taxes, and unionized public employee regulators. But with Obama as the great liberal deliverer and with the masses scared to death of Him, the next president will inherit an America in catharsis. The future is uncertain, but at least now, after our cauterizing, we have some sort of chance to return to the old principles that might save us.

We’ll see.
I don’t see a shred of evidence that these thugs intend to go quietly into the night. They and the architects who laid out their evil dream generations ago have undermined this country for decades before siezing power under a total lie and behind a total fraud. They won’t crawl back into their sewers without a monumental fight.
Our side better get ready for a battle royal. Why we are squabbling over a vaccine and the only nearly solvent program (SS) in the statist house of cards is beyond me.
The fight will be in the streets within a few months, and it will be about the totalitarian state, nothing else.

0bama tries to clean up his mess. (Video).

Elyssia Marshall Mathias Seriously, FB is following the government model: If it ain't broke, fix it until it is.

Cynthia Beaudin If at first you do succeed, keep trying until you have no customers.

OK, it's a reaction to Google Plus, which I can't make head or tail of.

Juanito John Davey Wow, they really are pushing us to Google+. This was a very Netlix-esque move.

Scorched Earth begins at Gitmo. September 21, 2011 by Don Surber

As the prospects for a second term for President Obama diminish, look for the administration to become more radically liberal as administrators try to demolish whatever they can on their way out the door. This is the historic pattern of narcissists and a forensic psychiatrist explained to me before Barack Obama’s inauguration that the man is a narcissist. This explains Attorney General Eric Holder’s sudden announcement that before his term is up, President Obama intends to close the detention camp for enemy combatants at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

What does Barack Obama have to lose, right?
...From Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin’s blog: “In the spirit of bipartisanship, if the Obama administration is serious about putting Gitmo out of business, I’d like to offer a suggestion that is tried and true: Declare the prison a green jobs hub, loan it a half billion taxpayer dollars, then hire the detainees to manufacture and sell solar panels and windmill parts. The place would be shuttered before next summer.”

Sounds like a plan.

Victor Davis Hanson, Obama's Predictable Scandals.
Obama: Dance video will save the economy

Surber. Maybe telling the Palestinians last year that you support statehood wasn’t such a good idea, Bright Eyes. Unlike the American people today, Palestinians do not realize your promises expire as soon as they leave your lips.

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Fri, Sep 23rd - 12:08PM

September 20: Things Fall Apart

122.7 miles

167 recordings of 67 types.  21% free.

Rasmussen: -21: 46/52.  Expiration date.

T-shirt, Smithsonian sesquicentennial.

You can't call this "sleeping." I'm so tense.

Rich was himself earlier: I was looking at Dancing with the Stars and said "who the heck ARE the Kardassians, anyways?" and Rich said "they're that enemy species in Deep Space 9!"

In the morning I went to the dentist, had my cleaning.

Then this afternoon I was babysitting Joanna while Bernadette took Gareth in to be evaluated. I finished my book, so I was looking at some magazines.  There are some gorgeous recipes in the current Good Housekeeping. I have been very close to tears recently, and that pushed me over, there's no point in looking at fun recipes, since Rich won't eat anything. Joanna slept almost the whole time I was there, then was happy to toddle around with me and have me read to her.  But "someone's here!" I said and it was MOMMY!!! how happy she was!

Bernadette also got G's hair cut and not before time. He looks great.  They decided that   Gareth is, indeed, a little different. OK, maybe the business of putting the colors in the box instead of coloring with them, is odd. He wouldn't look at the interviewer, and he wouldn't tell how old he is, and other weirdnesses. Rats.  The other grandma was right. OTOH, we'll be able to help early on. Looking up ADD, it looks like behavior training will be helpful, and I should hope they wouldn't put him on meds.  Rich thinks it's over diagnosis, but I can see that there could be something there.

Of course, he's been known to concentrate on a puzzle or a book or a toy for a LOOOOONG time.

On the way home I looked for three caches and found two, ready to go over 7800 tomorrow. Came home and logged them.

I worked a couple of hours to make a decent chicken soup, and Rich's reaction when I showed him was a screwed up yucky face. I try so hard, and he won't even try.

The final straw, though, was that he took off the waypoints I'd put onto the GPSr for tomorrow. "you didn't TELL me." You were asleep.  You could have LOOKED. "You changed the rules."

I'm doing most of the work around here, and then he goes and undoes it.  Yes, I'm upset.

$14 trillion debt, ptah, but don't mess with my GPS.

Poor baby!

My T-rex skeleton got a rib back!  Complete at last.

Don't count on the seniors next election.

Secretaries DON'T actually pay more taxes than their bosses.

Chris Debaillon: I will say this for our President: the strawman construction industry is booming under his watch.

Another liberal complains.  (But we know they won't vote against him in the end.)

Somali Kids Win Bombs and Rifles in Koran Recital Contes.t

Fast and Furious tied to at least 200 Murders.  Why aren't these guys in jail?

Day of Rage! More. Risible.

Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Murder at the Vicarage, Agatha Christie, and Why Shoot a Butler? by Georgette Heyer.

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Fri, Sep 23rd - 5:48AM

September 19: Arrrrrrr!

122.6 miles

166 recordings of 64 types. 22% free.

Recordings: -20: 45/54

So, it being Talk Like a Pirate Day, I put out the pirate flag.

Because the cleaners were coming, and I wanted to add a couple of rooms in the back, I encouraged Rich to go bowling.  He had a real hard time of it, and says if he feels this bad next week he won't go.  I hate to see his pleasures being taken away bit by bit like this.

When he came back, he asked if the "Polish guy" (who is actually from the Middle East, I believe) had asked permission to pick figs. No, but he did leave me a bag of apples.

The cleaners had a hard time with the crust of hard water in the back toilet, but they did improve things back there enormously. I do love when they come, and they make it possible for me to keep up, and also maybe to make a bit of an inroad on the mess.

I managed to conk myself on the head... hard... with the lid of the recycling bin. OW.


Heh. He's just phoning it in.

Jim Treacher"Obama... Obama... Help me out here. Who did he play for?" -- Rahm Emanuel

Don Surber says:
Well, what do you know, Barack Obama did become the post-racial, post-partisan president that he promised he would be. Everyone — black, white — male, female — Democrat, Republican — agrees that he stinks as president. Nice guy, crummy president.

FedUp says: 

Lemme see if I have this right… If you didn’t vote for obama because he is black, you were racist, but if you did vote for him obama because he is black you weren’t.

It’s ok to criticize the pres, if you are black, but not if you’re some other flavor. What if there was a White Caucus??

If all the crap that is going on now would cause our Founding Fathers to turn in their graves, we would have enough energy to power the entire East Coast!

I need more coffee!

Warren Buffett's Company Hasn't Paid Taxes in Years.

Hahaha! Don't stand so close to me! New strategy for candidates running in 2012: Deny all knowledge of Obama.

Oh, look who's on TV.

President Lazy

Face it, President Obama is lazy. CBS News can claim that President Bush took hundreds of days of vacation, but the fact is, President Bush’s vacations were to a Western White House in Crawford, Texas.

The problem with Barack Obama is he lacks a work ethic. He fancies himself as being part of the professorial class and once was an instructor on constitutional law. Academicians do not put in many hours of work — one study said the average 32 hours a week — and classes are held less than 30 weeks a year.

President Obama likes the perks of the job — parties, travel and vacation, vacation, vacation — but he lets the job slide too often. For all his pass-the-bill-now nonsense, President Obama has yet to write the bill to pass.

David WN The P-Resident isn't just lazy. From all evidence to date, he's not even very bright.

Affirmative action has its drawbacks, especially when selecting a chief executive...

In Wisconsin
"Unbowed by defeat at the polls and shaken but not swayed by curbs on collective bargaining rights and other principles they hold dear, Wisconsin progressives Saturday vowed to retrench, regroup and fight back — because the people of the state side with them, they said.

[What about "defeat at the polls" says the people side with them?]

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Thu, Sep 22nd - 6:24AM

September 18: Greasy Zucchini Bread

122.6 miles

162 recordings of 66 types. 23%

Rasmussen: -21: 45/55.  "If you love me..." sounds like a teenage boy pressuring a girl.

My t-shirt: the State Fair t-shirt with dinosaur on the back

I wonder if I'm losing my mind. I don't remember the simplest things. I set up the football game tonight for Rich, at his request, and 20 minutes later denied I'd ever done it.  This is not the first example of this, either.

I skipped Mass, and went to the commissary this morning. This time I remembered everything, though I had to make three passes through to get it all. One impulse buy was Moscarpone, since I keep hearing about it on the Food Network.  Good stuff!

Then this afternoon I went to the Carmichael Library, still looking for The Book Thief.  There are supposedly 3 copies there, but they're all out.  I checked on the Nook thing and those, too, are all checked out, which is just as well, since I'll have to go in and get a PIN number before I can check things out electronically.

I made a couple of loaves of zucchini bread. I made a mistake and "greased the pans" with PAM, and the loaves taste a little greasy.  Still OK, just not tip top. I cut one of them in half and bagged them for the maids tomorrow. I'm eating the other one.

Stossel's "Stupid in America" is a powerful indictment of the teachers' unions. Homeschooling, baby!

LightSquare scandal.

Presidents put their investments into blind trusts when they take office in order to avoid the appearance of conflicts of interest.  Well, most modern Presidents do, anyway.  It seems that Obama considers himself an exception to this rule, or at the very least he did until April 2010.  The Washington Post’s Michael Shear reported at that time that Obama had refused to establish a blind trust:

(Can you say "corrupt" boys and girls?)

Obama's Solyndra scandal reeks of the Chicago Way.  (I wonder how long John Kass will be employed...)

But there's one group that doesn't get their behinds covered.
Instead, their behinds are right out there, suspended foolishly, and waiting to get kicked.
We're the taxpayers — in Illinois we call ourselves chumbolones because we're the ones who stupidly end up covering all the losses. As in the Solyndra mess.

John Bolton (whom I love), the Innocents Abroad:
it is folly to look for rhyme and reason when there is neither. For better or worse, there is no single dispositive flaw in Obama's doctrine, since there is little that resembles a doctrine. His saunter through world affairs is unstructured. Instead, the explanation for his policy's failure, and its well-deserved collapse now unfolding before us, lies in a jumbled mix of philosophy, political priorities, and personal inadequacy. Like Obama's presidency generally, his national-security flaws combine ideology, naïveté, weakness, lack of leadership, intellectual laziness, and a near-religious faith in negotiation for its own sake.

Bill Whittle, what we did right. (Video)

    Fire-fights and battles are not the real war – undermining traditional western liberties and freedoms via law & intimidation are the real war. And we are losing that.
    Liam1304 on September 17, 2011 at 5:49 PM

Sadly, it’s the Muslims who are the losers here – not just the West. But as they have repeatedly demonstrated, they would rather destroy others – even if it means ruining their own future.
honsy on September 17, 2011 at 5:53 PM

Jim Treacher: If anybody can explain to me how reporting on a vicious, unprovoked attack on a woman makes the WOMAN look bad, that'd be great.

Don Gwinn:  Kinda . . . but it gets a little surreal when the same publications/shows/websites want to mock her for "playing the victim" while they continue to rain down blows. If they wanted to take away her victim card, they could do it by ignoring her . . . but none of them want to be the only one not hitting Palin, and none of them think the others would stop.

Debbie Smith:  Might have to ask an imam in Iran or Somalia.

Take from the rich, give to the rich. Don Surber

Conservatives have erred tremendously in describing as socialistic President Obama’s economic plan for the United States. As he rolls out stimulus after stimulus, one comes to understand that his policies stem not from Karl Marx but from King John of England, who rewarded handsomely the barons who were loyal to him.
...Sarah Palin calls it crony capitalism. She is being polite. It is corruption.

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Mon, Sep 19th - 6:33AM

September 17: Little Boy, Big Dinosaurs

122.5 miles
sunny, mild

163 recordings of 67 types, 23% free.

Rasmussen: -20: 45/55.  In a book released last year, Scott observed that "the gap between Americans who want to govern themselves and politicians who want to rule over them may be as big today as the gap between the colonies and England during the 18th century." He added that "the American people don't want to be governed from the left, the right, or the center. They want to govern themselves."

I'm .9 pounds down for the week, but with high blood pressure.

Today I took Gareth (oh, and his mother) to Berkeley to the Lawrence Hall of Science to see dinosaurs.  We all had dinosaur t-shirts on!  Gareth was enthusiastic.  He's a really good traveler.  (He hasn't yet learned "are we there yet?") There was a bit of traffic on the causeway and going into Berkeley, but it wasn't totally impossible.

When we got there, they let Bernadette come in on my membership so I didn't even need the Guest Pass I'd given her.  Yay.  We looked at the Triceratops in the lobby, then went downstairs for potty and lunch.  Gareth wasn't especially hungry. He had a half cup of pasta (that really looked like ravioli but it was an empty shell) while Bernadette had a turkey sandwich that didn't sit well, apparently, and I had a really good tuna nicoise salad. Finally we got out and took Gareth upstairs to see dinosaurs. Gareth experimented with alternating feet on the stairs. He went right to the outside and I was holding his hand for the life-size T-rex. It was OK, he wasn't afraid. I told him "it isn't real" and I just hope the people around me didn't think I'm a creationist! He was willing.  The dark room with the other dinosaurs was a little more trying, but he wasn't afraid and he loved pushing all the buttons, though he never actually waited to see what they did (they make the dinosaurs move.)

Outside had lots of other things, especially the stepping stones, which he enjoyed.  Inside, there was the room with the wind tunnels that whoosh stuff up.  He liked that. We experimented with scissors.  He hasn't got that figured out yet, but at least he got to try. I remember when Lexi was little we were at the Monterey Bay Aquarium and she was cutting stuff, and cutting, and cutting.  Finally it was time to go and she really cried.

We went downstairs to look at animals, and Gareth touched a python, but it was apparent that he was pretty well done with the museum.  Almost 2 hours, that's pretty good.

DSC04576     DSC04572

One way I figured he was through looking was he had started humming. I see why it drives Rob nuts. It seems to be his way of blocking off a lot of the stimuli around him, very ADHD* of him, but it might be a great coping mechanism.

*probably just a function of being 3 years old with a lot going on around him.

I took him into the gift shop and spied what I wanted to give him. I showed him the dinosaur tube and said "would you like this?" "Yes!" he said, so we went over and bought it, no looking around, no awkward choices. He hasn't yet realized gift shops mean you get something, so no greed, just delight with his dinosaur toob (that's how it's spelled.) He carried it, and didn't want us to hold it for him while he played in the DNA or sat on the whale. He could barely let go of it to get put in his carseat.  Then the dinosaurs talked all the way home. The monotone humming disappeared though there was some singing going on.
It's so nice to make a child that happy so easily.

He saw the cow jumping over the moon, because he said "and Milk Farm" when we pointed it out.  A fun day! 

Gareth has a cough and a snotty nose, so no visit tomorrow.

Blinding and Muting us with Science
But let’s not confuse “Science” with “science.”  The regular, boring, old lower-case “science” has to do with applying the scientific method to observed phenomena in order to expand our knowledge of the universe.  It requires a rigorous analysis of empirical evidence and the testing of hypotheses without preconceived, concrete, politicized notions of what the truth must be.  In contrast, “Science” is a ration of pseudo-plausible horseshit asserted by liberals who try to occupy the intellectual high ground and then shut you up by basically saying you are too dumb to express an opinion.
Oh, wait, it’s not only knuckle-dragging right-wingers who refuse to kneel at the pagan altar of the Great God Global Warming. Dr. Ivar Giaever, the 1973 winner of the Nobel Prize in physics, just resigned from the American Physical Society (APS).  It seems the APS’s official position is that “the evidence is inconvertible.”  Dr. Giaever’s resignation email took exception:

    In the APS it is ok to discuss whether the mass of the proton changes over time and how a multi-universe behaves, but the evidence of global warming is incontrovertible? … The claim … is that the temperature has changed from ~288.0 to ~288.8 degree Kelvin in about 150 years, which (if true) means to me is that the temperature has been amazingly stable, and both human health and happiness have definitely improved in this ‘warming’ period.

...Well, that’s not a problem for Scientistians – you just make “global warming” into “climate change” and – voila! – everything supports your hypothesis!  Hotter?  Climate change!  Colder?  Climate change?  More hurricanes?  Climate change!  Fewer hurricanes?  Climate change!  Obama’s utter failure to turn around the economy?  Climate change, along with tsunamis, the Arab Spring and the Tea Party.
...But even changes over time would not compel the conclusion that it’s a problem, much less that it’s a problem that requires us to spend trillions and hand over huge chunks of our national sovereignty and personal autonomy to a bunch of transnational liberal fascist busybodies who want to jet around the globe telling me I have to pedal a bike to work like a common hippie or ride on some government bus with derelicts, losers and other Democrat constituents instead of cruising there in the comfort of my gas guzzling sedan.

We’re supposed to become serfs to an international leftwing climate dictatorship based on weather predictions for about five decades from now when meteorologists can’t tell you with any certainty greater than you’d get from flipping a coin whether it’ll be raining a week from today.  Pass.
...  Scientistians are just liberal fascists in lab coats who don’t care about science any more than they care about any of the other causes liberals embrace.  Women’s rights, civil rights, free speech – liberals are all for them right until it’s more useful to be against them.  The same is true of science.

Jim Treacher: Silly teabagger... Science is about telling people to shut up!

William Jacobsen. [Centralization fragilizes the system. It makes crisis less frequent, but much larger in scope when they happen.]

More bad news for 0bama: Bob Shrum thinks he'll win. Heh.

Fuzzy | September 17, 2011 at 10:31 pm
Is anyone really surprised? The Obama MO is apparently to keep doing the exact same thing over and over. And over. That his entire staff seems to be completely oblivious to “the facts on the ground” is truly stunning.


Pass it NOW, Mark Steyn
On Thursday night, the president told a Democratic fundraiser in Washington that the Pass My Jobs Bill bill would create 1.9 million new jobs. What kind of jobs are created by this kind of magical thinking? Well, they’re “green jobs” — and, if we know anything about “green jobs,” it’s that they take a lot of green. German taxpayers subsidize “green jobs” in their wind-power industry to the tune of a quarter of a million dollars per worker per year: $250,000 per “green job” would pay for a lot of real jobs, even in the European Union. Last year, it was revealed that the Spanish government paid $800,000 for every “green job” on a solar-panel assembly line. I had assumed carelessly that this must be a world record in terms of taxpayer subsidy per fraudulent “green job.” But it turns out those cheapskate Spaniards with their lousy nickel-and-dime “green jobs” subsidy just weren’t thinking big. The Obama administration’s $38.6 billion “clean technology” program was supposed to “create or save” 65,000 jobs. Half the money has been spent — $17.2 billion — and we have 3,545 jobs to show for it. That works out to an impressive $4,851,904.09 per “green job.” A world record! Take that, you loser Spaniards! U.S.A.! U.S.A.!

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Sun, Sep 18th - 9:49AM

September 16: Back Hallway

121.0 miles

170 recordings of 68 types. 20% free.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

If you love me....

T-shirt, Sea Otters.

198 items on the Nook.

No babysitting today as Joanna has a snotty nose. Rich, still feeling better due to the steroids, went looking for softballs (he found 15) and ran a couple of errands.

I spent a lot of time cleaning up in the back hall so that we can add it to the cleaning rotation.  Scary!  I mostly moved more into the back room, which was already Hoarder territory (the only thing that keeps me off the TV show is that we can live and entertain in the front part, partially because of the cleaners. Actually, the cleaners make it possible for me to dig into the pile, and I'm ever-so-slowly getting somewhere.) I gave up on the Douglas Hofstader books... I'll never manage those. I took them to the library and looked for a couple of books I'd like. I still haven't figured out how to use the Nook to borrow a book. And books are the main problem with the hoard.  Books and papers. It's taking time, but I am making progress.

Boehner: "Job Creators are on Strike."

Cartoon about Solyndra.

Quid pro quo: it's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.


Pharaoh and Spooky were playing properly... the cat was lying down in the middle of the floor while the dog was running around him in circles and making the occasional nip.  The cat got some jabs in, too. We don't like it when the dog drags the cat around by his ears or puts the cat's head in his mouth, but this play was really great, fun to watch (though I lifted my legs up when they got too close to my chair!)

0bama's last chance.

The Senate press conference today was as close as you’ll get to a political intervention—they are trying to tell Obama, in the midst of his “you-love-me-pass-this-bill” tour that he has one chance to save his presidency.

Obama is so besotted with class warfare mentality that he is unwilling to grasp the one huge bipartisan opportunity that is in front if him—an opportunity that has been in front if him for months.  He doesn’t care about economic growth; he cares only about redistribution and gaining more political control over the economy.  His dismissal of his own deficit commission last year showed his inclinations on this.

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Fri, Sep 16th - 8:36PM

September 15: Chemo and Crocker

121.0 miles

166 recordings of 67 types. 21% left.

Rasmussen: -17: 46/53.

Related, with a funny picture.

I’m older than Obama and we had trailers when I was going to school. Of course I didn’t go to no fancy private prep school, I went to public schools like the rest of the proles. 

T-shirt.  Dance in the Wild, which was a fundraiser when the Sacramento Ballet was at the Zoo.

Last night we got into one of Those discussions. I had shredded the zucchini in preparation for making zuke bread.  I said "I shredded the zucchini."  He looked totally puzzled.  Say again? What bikini?  "Zucchini!" Still puzzled. What's zookini? "It's a plant." Quizzical look. "A vegetable!"  And the light dawned. Heh.

The average survival after diagnosis of stage IV lung cancer, 8.5 months.  So Rich is above average. Milestone 1.

I read my 'you got Lucky!' library book, sisterhood everlasting (the Traveling Pants 10 years later): I thought it was pretty silly of me to be reading a book on grieving.  It turned out all right in the end, though.

Chemo actually went pretty well.  Rich gained 3 pounds last week, though I have no idea how. His numbers were OK, either up from last week or only a little down. And Liz, the nurse, was interested in getting him fed and so ordered some "magic mouthwash." Our usual pharmacy doesn't compound drugs (?I thought that's what pharmacists do?) so the doctor's nurse called around and finally found a place that would do it, clear the heck out in Citrus Heights.  We found the place, but then they weren't ready and would call later.

Once we got home Rich needed a nap and I went off to the Crocker Art Museum. I got a membership (with a 10% senior discount) for me and Bernadette (and the kids, but they'd be free anyway.)  And then I went to look at the exhibits. After an hour, I realized I wasn't going to see everything so went to look at the traveling exhibits on Impressionism.  As is usual in art museums, I got lost a few times, but saw all the stuff I was looking for. I believe my approach to art museums is slightly different.... I saw a Sorting Hat, and a Tribble, and a number of other interesting items. It was a marvellous two hours, and I wasn't spending it worrying.

Sorting Hat     Tribble

Racy Art

Then when I got home we went out for the Magic Mouthwash (which is what they call it. Apparently it could be any of a number of recipes.) It seems to be doing some good.

Top 10 Funniest Attack Watch Tweets

5) @RachelWard301 @attackwatch I sneezed & some guy I don’t know said “God bless you”. I want him arrested for forcing his religion on me. #attackwatch

Kindergarten report card.

J. E. Dyer

Dinosaur feathers in Amber.

How many scandals before he gets to a tipping point?

Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and    In My Time, by Dick Cheney.

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Fri, Sep 16th - 4:50PM

F*** Cancer Cartoon
F*** Cancer
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Wed, Sep 14th - 10:16PM

Cheerful Visit

120.0 miles

182 recordings of 68 types. 15% free (ouch)

Rasmussen: -17: 45/54.

0bamateurism: Touting his "jobs plan" at a company that sends them overseas.

T-shirt yesterday, Instant Human.  Today, Yolo Basin Foundation, with wildlife over the front.  Both because they were on top of the pile.

I went to Straw Hat Pizza last night and brought home a chicken bacon ranch.  I'm getting all the weight Rich is losing. I hadn't known Straw Hat still existed, till they moved into the nearby strip mall.

Corporate Restaurant Take-Over
By the mid-Eighties, Straw Hat Pizza was regarded as the dominant pizza restaurant in the Western United States as the Pizza Hut chain was trying to establish a market presence in the same area. Pizza Hut made a move to eliminate a major stumbling block to its own expansion by purchasing all company-owned Straw Hat Pizza restaurants in 1987; thus removing its prevailing competition. Although the company- owned Straw Hat restaurants were quickly changed to Pizza Hut locations, Straw Hat’s franchise owners refused to participate in the acquisition. The Straw Hat owners would not allow their superior California crust pizza and unique restaurants to be converted. They stuck together and won the right to carry forward the Straw Hat brand. Although a smaller chain than before, it was a first of its kind in the restaurant industry. Once again, Straw Hat was on the cutting edge.

I was up early, and about 6 2 fire engines passed the house, lights but no sirens, and went down the street.

I did make it to Mass. It's the Feast of the Holy Cross. I'm having a lot of trouble accepting my cross, here.

Rich went to sleep so didn't go to the Commissary with me.  I could have used his help... I wouldn't have put the kitty litter on the belt and slowed down the machine, and I wouldn't have forgotten the chicken soup. (I didn't write it on the list, which was a real idiot move.)

This afternoon a friend from church came to visit.  She brought a beautiful tomato which was really good, such a shame Rich couldn't eat it.  She stayed 2.5 hours, a real cheer-up visit. We talked about rocks and trips and kids and a lot of things. Rich and I are always glad to see her.

I took the dog out for a short walk this evening, which made him happy.

Scott Ott: I'm trying to read the president's jobs bill proposal, but sentences like this make it slow going.
"To create jobs, I am submitting the American Jobs Act of 2011 -- nearly all of which is made up of the kinds of proposals supported by both Republicans and Democrats, and that the Congress should pass right away to get the economy moving now."
(And this is just from the letter to Congress. The bill itself is nearly inscrutable.)

Jim Treacher: "This is how the Left operates: they pay for lies to be published, and then demand investigations on the basis of those lies."

Hahaha!  And that's why no Republican had won since 1922. It's only 3/1 Democrat!

Professor Jacobson Well yes, if you define “difficult” as having a 3-1 registration advantage, being held by Democrats since the 1920s, being the seat formerly held by Geraldine Ferraro and Chuck Schumer, and being in New York City.  With odds like that, the Democrat didn’t stand a chance.

Syd B. | September 14, 2011 at 9:28 am
I wonder if Carney will stick to the same delusional spin as Wasserman-Shultz or come up with something more imaginative?
I suspect that there are a number of Dem Party members who are secretly happy to see this result, as they are aware that if Obama doesn’t drastically change directions and soon, they’re finished along with him in ’12. Personally, I think its too late for the whole sorry lot of them. NY last night was simply the headwinds of the shitstorm that’s coming.

Betsy comments on the election.

0bama's Big Green Boondoggles

According to the Washington Post: “The August 2009 e-mails, released exclusively to The Washington Post, show White House officials repeatedly asking OMB reviewers when they would be able to decide on the federal loan and noting a looming press event at which they planned to announce the deal. In response, OMB officials expressed concern that they were being rushed to approve the company’s project without adequate time to assess the risk to taxpayers, according to information provided by Republican congressional investigators..’We have ended up with a situation of having to do rushed approvals on a couple of occasions (and we are worried about Solyndra at the end of the week),’ one official wrote. That Aug. 31, 2009, message, written by a senior OMB staffer and sent to Terrell P. McSweeny, Biden’s domestic policy adviser, concluded, ‘We would prefer to have sufficient time to do our due diligence reviews.’”

...Solyndra is now the third solar company to go belly-up this year. Yet the Energy Department is doubling down on failure. As the FBI and House GOP investigators launch a probe into Enron-style accounting problems with Solyndra’s books, DOE is doling out more than $850 million in new loan guarantees for another California solar firm sponsored by NextEra Energy, along with nearly $200 million more for separate solar manufacturing facilities on the West Coast.

Obama claims new “investments” in environmentally friendly school construction projects will put thousands of Americans back to work immediately. (Never mind that Big Labor-backed rules and executive orders will raise the cost of the projects, slow their implementation and freeze out the vast majority of non-union contractors.)

Betsy has more.

Can't blame the Eeeeeevil Bush.

Summer of Corruption.

Attack Watch.

This President and his team still haven’t learned the problems that come with punching below one’s weight.  Besides, their big problems don’t come from rumors; they come from the record of abject failure that Barack Obama carries into this campaign.  They’d do better to spend the money to hire better economists to consult the President than the coterie of academics that keep pushing the same Obamanomics that have flopped for the better part of three years.  In the meantime, this serves as a good reminder as to just how thin-skinned and paranoid this President has been.

We’d pretty much have to send in every response to every article posted here in HA to the Chief Petty Executive Officer in charge.
skatz51 on September 14, 2011 at 10:11 AM

Shall we all report last night’s election results?
rogerb on September 14, 2011 at 10:12 AM

Mr thin skin in chief strikes again
Just skimmed thru it, they are trying to debunk Glenn beck and tarp
Go ahead, report me
This will backfire just like the other site
cmsinaz on September 14, 2011 at 10:12 AM

AttackWatch (video)

Douglas Frew Hilarious! The best comment I've seen yet: How many people do I have to report, before I get my armband? I reposted it in German. ;-)

Good thing our president has thick skin by Laura Ingraham on Wednesday, September 14.

Michael Welch Are you kidding?
Dennis Miller said it best. "If his skin were any thinner he'd have a reservoir tip."

Worst summer ever for Democrats?

The temperament of Nixon, the leadership qualities of Carter, the economic policies of Hoover – this guy’s got it all.
notropis on September 14, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Best of the Web Today: The Phony War on Unemployment
Even Robert Reich admits Obama's so-called jobs bill was never really serious, James Taranto reports..

Reid's never in a hurry.  Pass a bill? What??

Ed Morrissey:
The question now is whether Obama has hit a tipping point.  He waited 30 months to address a jobs crisis that had gone unabated since passing his first stimulus bill.  He waited through not one but two “Recovery Summers” and stood by while quarterly GDP reports went from mediocre to nearly recessionary.  He gave a speech on deficit reduction in April promising a plan that he never delivered.  Obama then went on vacation while promising to address the jobs crisis and took almost a month, only to end up regurgitating the same failed formula he used in 2009.

Charitable Groups will fight 0bama Tax Bill

Krauthammer says Solyndra was the Most Expensive Photo Op in History

Dave Yanke: Doing the tourist thing with the in-laws and realized I have reached the point where I don't go to museums to learn how things used to be, I now go to remember what they were like. AARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!

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Tue, Sep 13th - 9:09PM


118.1 miles

178 recordings of 64 types, 16% left.

Rasmussen: -19: 45/54

0bamateurism: Bowing again.

The scriptures are about him anyway, duh.
He can change them whenever he wants.
PappyD61 on September 13, 2011 at 8:09 AM

We’re constantly bombarded with how brilliant this clown is, how articulate, about his soaring oratory. And yet we have seen absolutely no evidence of any of it. No evidence of brilliance or even above average intellect. No evidence of orginal ideas or thought. Sure, he reads what other people put in front of him quite well, but is a stumbling, stuttering speaker when forced to speak extemporaneously. He’s a sham and it’s becoming more and more obvious daily.
Trafalgar on September 13, 2011 at 8:14 AM

verse 10: Be still, and know that I am God. Sounds like the tactic he’s been using with the Republicans.
13thdistrictvoter on September 13, 2011 at 8:15 AM

I’m looking for the picture of Ø standing beside President Bush at the Twin Towers site where Dubya has his head bowed and Ø has his head tilted upward, nose in the air, like a hound dog scenting game.
If he’d had his nose any further up in the air, and had it rained, he would have waterboarded himself. Ø often sticks his nose up in the air at public events; it must be a photogenic pose for him.
ExpressoBold on September 13, 2011 at 8:20 AM

Babysitting today.  It went fairly well.  Joanna shrieked when Mom left and as we watched her drive away, a tear ran down her cheek.  But then all was OK.  She didn't even pull out the shriek again when Pharoah went over to drink out of the pool next to her. She was staggering across the living room and stepped on the Yo Gabba Gabba guitar and from then on she played it with her feet.  (In the morning she was wearing a western jacket with the fringe, and picked up the guitar, looked so cute!) 

In the pool, Gareth was buzzed by a bumblebee. The two had fun with books, watched the Sesame Street episode with Cookie Monster and the Cookie Touch (Gareth laughed when Cookie ate a cookie), and sang songs sometimes.  Rich spent a lot of time sleeping. In the morning, Gareth was quite interested, telling me that Djadja sometimes let him share his cereal.  Rich doesn't eat the cereal any more, but Gareth remembers. He was happy when Djadja woke up.


President Obama held a rally in front of reporters and supporters for his $450 billion Don’t Call It A Stimulus bill this morning. The president promised the bill a month ago, addressed Congress last week, and is now just getting around to delivering a bill for Congress to consider. These inconvenient little truths did not stop the president from acting as if Congress is dragging its feet as he said the word “pass” 7 times in his 5-minute speech. That’s more passing than Peyton Manning did on Sunday.
...He also said: “No games. No politics. No delays.”

Never mind that he delayed the bill until after his vacation, after Labor Day and after the 9/11 anniversary.

Carol says: September 12, 2011 at 4:10 PM

The St. Pete Times asked local businesses to react to Obama’s jobs bill. Of the ten or so that were featured in the article, one company said the bill “could” lead them to hire (drumroll!) ONE additional employee. The others completely scoffed at the bill. They all agreed that the bill doesn’t address the fundamental impediments to hiring. Go figure. Perhaps if Obama had had at least a little real world experience prior to running for office he would have a clue.

Jim Treacher: Obama thinks you're stupid, America, and it's based on some very strong evidence: You elected him.

Obama's Job Plan: A Never-Never Bill

"I was tenatively in favor of the jobs plan that Obama proposed last week. But that's before I realized that he has no intention of trying to get it passed...But more importantly, paying for the bill with tax hikes--any tax hikes--is going to substantially reduce the stimulus this bill provides. Just as government spending boosts aggregate demand, tax hikes (yes, even on rich people), reduce aggregate demand. "

Bookworm Room : How did the American people invite these crass, self-centered egotists into the White House?

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Mon, Sep 12th - 10:20PM

Yesterday and Today

Yesterday, September 11:

118.1 miles
cold, then hot

Rasmussen: -22:42/55.

T-shirt, the red one from the 9-11 flag we made for the aerial picture. At the picnic another guy had the same shirt.

I went out in the morning just after dawn and put out flags.  I had to do some weeding as well. This woman walked by and said "nice" which was a good boost to the day.

I went, alone, to the 9/11 Ten Years Later Geocache event. It was in a park in Elk Grove with a great sprayground, but it was blustery and cold at first.  Bernadette brought the kids over to meet us. Gareth played in the playground and in the sprayground.  And ate a lot.  Joanna wandered around, as well.  I spent most of my time keeping an eye on the boy, but I did talk to one cacher about a cache I found before the party. It opens with a code and I couldn't get the numbers to line up.  I took pictures of this series, since they are really cute caches.  After the party I found three more of this type of cache and one other. I also had two did-not-finds.

So along about 12:30 I got to the parking lot at CalExpo so I could visit the 9/11 Memorial Plaza. I almost turned back because the guy at the booth was taking money. That turned out to be for the people going to Rushing Waters.  It was free for me.  I went past the 2,987 pairs of empty shoes and on to the plaza, which is more developed every time I see it. The carillon was playing "Three Cheers for the Red White and Blue" as I came up. Very good. There were tears in my eyes. 

DSC04461     Empty Shoes

Then home.  Rich was asleep, and the game was over. (a terrible loss for the Steelers.) He woke up long enough to tell me he wasn't feeling well, then slept till 5:30 when he woke up and asked what my day was like. After about a half hour, asleep again. I woke him up for dinner (more chicken noodle soup) and then he slept again. I tried to get him to go to bed at 9 and he said he was too comfortable there, but he finally went to bed at 10.

Worry worry.

This one was a no-brainer.

After spending so much time, money and energy scolding Republicans and conservatives for their ‘harsh, militant tone’ and our crosshair-covered maps, he has the audacity and the unmitigated gall to sit idly by while Hoffa encourages ‘his people’ to take us out (a request the longshoremen in WA gladly obliged)??

Not only no, but HELL NO.

Perhaps something like that could have flown before the internet when only the alphabets delivered the news. Today, Mr. President, every word you utter lives forever. That’s what you want, right?

Then stop being shocked and shaken when we remind you of those words.

Washington Nearsider on September 11, 2011 at 10:05 AM

It is almost too painful to read these anymore, and even more painful to comment on them. Although there might be some small therapeutic value. The constant reminder of how useless the president is, is very depressing. The whole segment has become very predictable and boring. The Obamateurism is now so old hat it is almost a cliché of itself. Almost every thing out of this dunderheads mouth is a gaffe. And this segment is no longer interesting, informative or even fun. I thinks it’s time to do away with the Obamateurism and replace it with something more difficult. Perhaps a similar segment but with a twists. Try and find five intelligent and useful things the president has said or done. Then we can vote on those. I’ll wager Ed can’t do it.

Tommy_G on September 11, 2011 at 10:10 AM

Good morning, free-market SOBs.

Hopefully President Zero will tone down the rhetoric and remember our heroes today. It’s Patriot Day, Zero, not Grandparents’ Day.

Philly on September 11, 2011 at 10:17 AM

Steve Macías: On September 11, 2001, it would have been five times safer to be a worker in the Twin Towers than it was to be a baby in her mother's womb. Three out of 50 employees in the World Trade Center perished, while one out of three preborn babies died by abortion.

The First Decade. She reminds us of the eager voters and the purple fingers.

Drill baby, drill.

From John Hinderacker: “This is all such a no-brainer that Obama’s failure to reform his administration’s energy policy can only be explained by the fact that he is a slave to ideology, and has no understanding of economics.”

Mkelley says: September 11, 2011 at 12:28 PM
It’s not just oil production that the envirofascists have prevented. A guy at work logged over in Idaho for over 30 years. He says that sawmills up in Canada are guaranteed some timber every year to keep them busy. Down here, the loggers must bid on timber sales from the feds. Each sale is automatically protested by enviros back East, which delays or prevents them of course. Many mills have shut down, and the industry down here has been crippled. We then buy wood from the Canadians. This is how the greens destroyed an industry that often provided the only good paying jobs in rural areas

Obama Yuks It Up With Fans After Laying Wreath at Flight 93 Memorial (Photo)

Richelle Emery Didn't he get any home training? Doesn't he know how to behave appropriately?

Sandy Veramay Jones I watched the live webcast of the Flight 93 memorial dedication. There were beautiful hymns and patriotic songs played by a Navy brass quintet, "Amazing Grace" played on the bagpipes, and Sarah McLachlan sang "I will Remember You". President Bush, Clinton, and vice President Biden gave very inspiring and sincere words. A letter was also read by President Carter. And Obama was where? At a soup kitchen just long enough to get a photo op in. His actions are nothing less than a slap in the face to the families of those heros on Flight 93 and truly all Americans who care about this country.

Vodkapundit Looks Back

The liberal conceit in the Global War on Islamic Terror was twofold and intertwined. There was the belief that the attacks that morning were somehow our fault, and that it wasn’t an act of war. Those notions have twin effects in collapsing our ability to fight . The first one treats our enemy as somehow less than adult, not fully responsible for waging a war against civilians. The second saps our national will and our cultural confidence. This is the real homefront, and it’s the one front where, if we aren’t quite losing, we certainly aren’t winning.

The conservative (and neocon) error was also twofold.
First, we overestimated the enemy’s capability for a sustained campaign. That is, in the days and weeks after 9/11, we waited for the other shoe to drop. The attack on the World Trade Center was perfectly and viciously choreographed. It led us to believe, perhaps instinctively, that al-Qaeda must have other equally terrifying shocks in store.

That turned out to be far from the case. Terrorists have the advantage of surprise, but they lack the resources for more than one or two at a time
...Our second error was also one of overestimation: We overestimated our ability to improve the political culture of the Arab world. We were right to insist — while the left stuck its fingers in its ears and shouted “nanananananananana I can’t hear you” — that 9/11 was due to the failure of the Arab world to cope with modernity. Terrorists aren’t created by poverty or by the Middle East’s history of oppression by the West. The 9/11 attackers were mostly the sons of Saudi Arabia’s upper-middle class. And the West’s colonial experience in the Middle East lasted less than 50 years — and America was never a colonial power there.

No. The Arab world’s corrupt leadership had combined with Islam’s innate susceptibility to violence and scapegoating to produce modern terrorism. Getting bootstrap support from the USSR fifty years ago also introduced modern weaponry and propaganda techniques into the hostile brew. Lovely.

...Better to fight then over there with soldiers, than over here with airplane passengers.

Even so, it was a very close-run thing, as shattered neocon dreams emboldened the Left to try and destroy a president and lose a war.

...It’s a tribute to all of them, on every front, that we can spend some time this morning looking back with a cool eye, rather than spending the entire day in maudlin remembrance. There’s a place for that. There’s a place for this, too. We’re lucky to still have both.

Sweet story!  An unexpected gift to America.

And today:

cold, then hot.

Rasmussen: -20: 44/55.

178 recordings of 67 types with 17% free.

T-shirt, "Books. Cats. Life is Sweet."

To live in this world
you must be able
to do three things:
to love what is mortal;
to hold it
against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go.

---Margaret Oliver, "In Blackwater Woods"

"No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear." - C.S. Lewis, A Grief Observed

Today was library day. How excited Gareth gets about this. He really loves Miss Barbera.

Back at home, after I fed the kiddies their lunch, we watched some Blue's Clues.  Bernadette fell asleep, and when I left to go to the bathroom, Joanna cried so B. picked her up and the two of them conked out. I was tired too and Gareth was behaving, so I lay down as well. Rich went bowling (yay!) and came home exhausted (boo!).

Three asleep, and Gareth playing quietly and me reading the book I got at the library.

After they left I went to the store and picked up some more Ensure for Rich. I found some that has extra boost, supposed to replace potassium and other stuff he may be missing. His hair (which is thinning rapidly) is almost totally silver (nice color).

Pass it right away...

The White House’s proposed means of paying for the “jobs bill” the president called on Congress to adopt last week really sheds light on the cynicism and confusion at the heart of the president’s new campaign theme. In order to be able to insist that he is proposing ideas but Republicans are unwilling to act, the president will apparently propose exactly the same set of massive tax increases that even Democrats in a Democratically-controlled Congress were unwilling to consider in the midst of the Obamacare debate in 2009. Obviously, having proven unable to persuade his own party to raise those taxes by that much during his prime, the president will be unable to persuade Republicans to do so now. But since evidently his re-election strategy will involve arguing that he is incapable of persuading congress to act, the Republicans’ rejection of massive tax hikes should help him make his case.


3. Al Gore Could Become the World's First Carbon Billionaire.

I believe there is a connection to his assertive, angry push for AGW, and his rants against those who don’t believe…and the money he stands to make, or lose on it. He’s not motivated because he care, he’s motivated, because it makes him rich(er).
capejasmine on September 12, 2011 at 2:04 PM

Terry Stevens You mean the Al Gore who lives in a house bigger than my block and lectures me about "sustainable living"? the Al Gore who travels on a jet to tell me to trade my ol'truck for A Prius? the Al Gore who buys carbon credits from himself? the Al Gore who went to view the destruction caused by Hurricane Andrew back in the 90's,and picked up a down power line and looked at it? the Al Gore who went into a sporting goods store in flannel and khakis to make a photo op out of gettin a duck stamp?the Al Gore whos "hockey stick" climate chart was based on the cooked books from the researchers in the U.K who were exposed as frauds? THAT Al Gore?

Still Hoffa.

Chuck DeVore: Governor Perry "people are tired of spending of spending money we don't have on programs they don't want."

Gingrich at debate, "I'm not particularly worried about Govs. Romney and Perry scaring Americans on Social Security when Obama scares Americans everyday."

Elizabeth Scalia: The tax changes would, of course, take place AFTER the 2012 election. That's too bad. Otherwise, I'd say the GOP should let him have this bill, and live with the consequences. But this is a boondoggle, meant to set GOP against business -- the very corporate jet owners Obama has demonized for the last 2.5 years? He's barely bothering them. But you and me, Mr. & Mrs. Middle Class -- about whom he practically cried big crocodile tears last week? Shaft.

Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, sisterhood everlasting, Ann Brashares,  Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and In My Time, by Dick Cheney.

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Sun, Sep 11th - 10:00PM

September 10: Kicking Back

117.8 miles
hot, dry, and thunder.

180 recordings of 66 types. 19% clear.

Rasmussen: -23: 42/55.

I slept in. It was wonderful.  And I just vegged all day. I left the babyproofing up, at least till next Friday.

Apparently the NYT has decided Sarah is no longer a threat to their beamish boy.

But they're still helping the beamish boy.

These are the people who want you to send them money. So if you’re accurate about Paul Revere in an off the cuff remark but wrong about Lincoln in a prepared, vetted and researched, remark, Sarah Palin is still a dummy. I hope I can remember that.
Cindy Munford on September 10, 2011 at 10:37 AM

PBS Alters Transcript to Hide 0bama Gaffe

Mark Steyn: "Let's Roll Over"

The other day I bumped into an old BBC pal who’s flying in for the anniversary to file a dispatch on why you see fewer women on the streets of New York wearing niqabs and burqas than you do on the streets of London. She thought this was a telling indictment of the post-9/11 climate of “Islamophobia.” I pointed out that, due to basic differences in immigration sources, there are far fewer Muslims in New York than in London. It would be like me flying into Stratford-on-Avon and reporting on the lack of Hispanics. But the suits had already approved the trip, so she was in no mood to call it off.
...In the weeks after 9/11, Americans were enjoined to ask, “Why do they hate us?” A better question is: “Why do they despise us?” And the quickest way to figure out the answer is to visit the Peace Quilt and the Wish Tree, the Crescent of Embrace and the Hole of Bureaucratic Inertia.


From the beginning I had tried to tell people: this was not a tragedy, it was an _atrocity_.

The Greek tragedies were tragic, because of some weakness of the hero -- which plays into the "we deserved it" scenario.

Just start referring to it among family, friends etc as an _atrocity_.

Want more jobs?  The low-hanging fruit is Energy.

California is doubling down on stupid.


    would have put our services on red alert and might well have prevented 9/11.

As I recall, Al Gore was the Vice President in the 8 years leading up to 9/11. He was getting intelligence briefings, and yet did nothing to prevent 9/11 or put in place systems to make our response to terror attacks more efficient. In fact, Gore was part of the administration that made an event like 9/11 more likely to happen, by installing morons like Jaime Gorelick in key positions in our intelligence apparatus.
AZCoyote on September 10, 2011 at 9:40 AM

President Al Gore would have immediately surrendered the country to our enemies. At least it would have been quick. Not like the slow motion surrender President Obama has us in.
Tommy_G on September 10, 2011 at 9:45 AM

One thing we do know, at least Gore would have purchased carbon credits to offset any global warming caused by any war he started. Excuse me while I go brush my unicorn.
dirtseller on September 10, 2011 at 10:31 AM

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Sun, Sep 11th - 9:51PM

September 9: Admission Day

(We don't seem to celebrate Admission Day any more.)

117.8 miles
0ver 100 degrees. Last time was July 5. 
What a great summer this has been.

170 recordings of 61 types. 21% left.

Rasmussen: -24: 42/56

T-shirt: Sea Otter from Bouchercon in 1997.

191 items on the Nook.

Babysitting today, though it was shortened because of a doctor appointment in the afternoon. The kids were good. After breakfast we watched a couple of Blue's Clues episodes, and Gareth still has no idea that it's interactive.  Then they played. I brought out the Yo Gabba Gabba folks to ride in the school bus and Joanna kept trying to take it away from Gareth. I kept giving her other things but she wouldn't be distracted, so finally I picked her up, shrieking (Joanna, that is, not me) and popped her into the playpen. Gareth heard her crying and took her the train she'd been happily playing with before the school bus distracted her.  He did this entirely on his own. DEFINITELY he's not autistic! She immediately quieted, and shortly afterwards she was sound asleep. In fact, she slept through Gareth's lunch and his play in the pool.  I asked Rich to watch her and come watch Gareth if she woke up so I could feed her.

Instead, he went out to talk to Mike the water heater guy.  Gareth got cold early so we came in, and fortunately Joanna was still asleep. Once I got the boy dry and changed, I woke her up since it was getting late. I got her into her chair and prepared to feed her.  At this point Rich came in and asked me to warm his soup. I opened that and Gareth was right underfoot. I was afraid I might cut him with the lid, so I moved and spilled a little and said "Gareth get BACK!" which broke his heart.

Later, I pointed out to Rich he could have heated his own soup. "I didn't think of that."

That was the second time G. cried. The first was when I was putting his clothes back on after a potty stop. I imagine he'd thought it was pool time, but I couldn't get him to tell me why he was unhappy.

So Bernadette got them at 1. Then it turned out Rich felt well enough to drive himself to the doctor. I went along in case.  He really likes the new doctor and says Dylan (?) cares about him.  In fact, the whole interview seems to have made him feel better.  They chatted for almost an hour. And I really like my Nook, have I mentioned? The doctor suggested that the next CT scan should also look at his back, just in case the pain is from the prostate cancer. Oh, no. Then Rich drove home.  We stopped at the grocery store and picked up more soup. 

Off the teleprompter.

SCOAMF. The "MF" there didn't mean what I suspected.

He's lost the Washington Post?

Of course, it was on every channel. 11, anyways, and Fox beat everyone.

17 variations on a demand that Congress pass a jobs bill that hasn't been rendered into legislative text yet

Herman Cain says We waited 30 months for this?

Don Surber:

14. From the Sacramento Bee: “Lawmakers essentially threw in the towel Thursday on comprehensive public pension reform — at least for now.”

Too many of their relatives on the state payroll complained.

[All they can do is regulate bedsheets.]

The 9/11 Over-reaction Nonsense.

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Sun, Sep 11th - 6:32AM

Ten Years

172 recordings of 64 types. 21% remaining.

T-shirted "flag" T-shirt from September 2001, we were in a flag picture taken by Commander Bill.

Bookworm Room

I don’t know about you, but I think the tenth anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in American history is an appropriate time for looking backwards and mourning, rather than a time to engage in feel-good cheer. Contrary to that official’s blithe assurance, it was just about us. The attack took place on American shores, against American symbols, and killed American citizens. Sure, there’s a larger narrative — Islam against the West – but our current government is as steadfast in its refusal to acknowledge that larger narrative as it is to acknowledge an American tragedy.

New Video of Flight 93 Aftermath.

Remembering Flight 93.

Rick Resorla.

PJTV: Andy Card On President Bush's Fight Against Terrorism (video)

Post-9/11 America: The Great Untold Success of The War on Terror. (I remember Qadafi getting rid of his nuke program.)

Every day is 9/11

Figures. Obama Blamed Climate of Ignorance & Poverty for 9-11 Attacks …(Hijackers Were All Well-Educated Children of Privelege).

Budweiser tribute. This one always makes me cry.

"I had never heard my mom so genuinely scared”Another video.

Harvard, of course.

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Sat, Sep 10th - 11:10PM

September 8: S-L-O-O-O-W

117.6 miles
high 90s

Jim Treacher: A jobs bill creates jobs in the same way a stimulus bill stimulates the economy. Everything is okay now.

176 recordings of 65 types. 19% clear.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/56.

T-shirt, Railfair 1999.

Since Rich's appointment was late today, I decided not to go to Mass at the Retreat House.  The nurse, very nice, but new here and chatty. And SLOWWWWWWWW.  Apparently where she worked before, when they gave cisplatin it was a 5 hour affair.  At 11 she hadn't yet started any of the medicine.  Rich complained. I was annoyed and went off to buy some food, eat my lunch, and check on Mike who was putting in the new water heater. I had to run the hot water to be sure it worked.  Rich still wasn't done when I got back. Argh.

Rich says the doctor and nurse yesterday asked if he was married.  They both said "good" when he admitted he was.  He could see I was stressed today so he told me this. I feel appreciated.

What, he lies?  Quelle suprise!

Oh, me too, Barbara.

Michelle Malkin:

Every Republican in attendance should have a guest entrepreneur or small businessman with them to provide powerful testimony about the Obama Jobs Death Toll and the stifling, selective enforcement of Obama land grabs, power grabs, and regulatory grabs.


Oh, just great.


The Big Speech (which I didn't watch):

Comparison of the House and Senate on Jobs(Great chart)

You know how Obama repeatedly says Congress could take steps “right now” to jumpstart the economy again? Let’s amend that statement for accuracy: The Senate and the president could take steps right now to jumpstart the economy again.

I visualize this scene:

Young Obama, leaning back in a beanbag, smoking a fattie with other earnest yet clueless young people, expounding grandiose ideas.

Not that this is an unattractive picture – I’ve been there and enjoyed it a lot, but I’m not a lawyer/alleged Constitutional scholar. And I’m not a President asking for a second term.

Obama, j’accuse! You are still the earnest poseur you were in your youth, utterly unqualified to run anything. Everyone who had any overview of your past “leadership” experience has seen the same thing that the American people are now beginning to see. You’re just another blowhard who can’t be counted on to live up to your promises.

disa on September 8, 2011 at 5:36 PM

Hot Air:

As CK said: For the first time in American history, a campaign kick-off speech is being delivered before a joint session of Congress. How have we become a nation that allows this? Why do we allow ourselves, our country, our flag, our great institutions to be dragged through the dirt and spit on by these people, these democrats? The half dozen GOP Congressman who said “No thanks” are heroes to me. They get it. They understand. When you allow your president to be an unseemly, classless thug, you become a nation of unseemly, classless thugs. Tonight, I am ashamed to be an American.
Rational Thought on September 8, 2011 at 7:13 PM

Whiny. Petulant. Arrogant. Obnoxious.
What did I leave out?
IrishEi on September 8, 2011 at 7:17 PM

    pass it right away”…4th time said in less than 2 minutes. This guy is desperate.
    Danilo on September 8, 2011 at 7:15 PM

‘ I’m back from vacation. Pass my plan. Me & MO are going to Bali, then off for the holidays. Buckle up, boys! Got to get ‘er done before we take off again for vacay!’
Cody1991 on September 8, 2011 at 7:17 PM

5th time right away
cmsinaz on September 8, 2011 at 7:18 PM

“Our roads are congested, our skies are the most crowded in the world…”
Is he actually proposing to put Americans to work making more sky?
EnglishMike on September 8, 2011 at 7:18 PM

Whoever wrote this speech and thought that “pass it right away” was a good tactic….should be fired.
IrishEi on September 8, 2011 at 7:19 PM

Obama: “You should pass it right away.” (repeat x12)
Because he sat on his ass for 2.5 years.
Splashman on September 8, 2011 at 7:19 PM

This sounds like a High School speech.
OldeSCfan on September 8, 2011 at 7:19 PM

You should pass it right away.
Blah, blah, blah.
You should pass it right away.
Blah, blah, blah.
You should pass it right away.
Blah, blah, blah.
beancounter on September 8, 2011 at 7:19 PM

    Pass this bill and thousands of unemployed Teachers will instantly go back to work!
    -President Obama.
    portlandon on September 8, 2011 at 7:19 PM
No s**t. It’s September. Happens every year.
Ronnie on September 8, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    LOL releasing the plan. how can it be passed if they don’t have the plan. this is an outline!
    ColdWarrior57 on September 8, 2011 at 7:26 PM
i was thinking the same thing
cmsinaz on September 8, 2011 at 7:27 PM

How about his solar company getting raided by the FBI? Cover-up???

With Obama about to make a case for even more government intervention and manipulation in markets, this raid couldn’t have come at a worse moment for the administration.  If this raid turns up any official corruption, though, this moment will look like a Sunday afternoon on a Martha’s Vineyard golf course by comparison.

Call my cynical, but perhaps Obama sent them in to take control of the “evidence.” If the FBI puts it under lock and key Congress can’t touch it….
sandee on September 8, 2011 at 12:42 PM

That was my first thought before reading one comment:-)
bluefox on September 8, 2011 at 1:25 PM

    Sorry to be so cynical but I’m in the camp with those who say this is a preemptive move by Holder and crew to hide the evidence.
    red131 on September 8, 2011 at 1:10 PM

Much as he’d probably like to, Eric Holder can’t just order the FBI to conduct raids. So far we still have the 4th Amendment. For a raid to be conducted it requires a search warrant signed by a judge with jurisdiction. Any agency, including the IG of the DoE can go to a judge with an affidavit for a warrant laying out what they expect to find, why it’s the fruits and/or instrumentalities of a crime, and why they think it’s there. If the judge sees the merits of the affidavit he signs the warrant. A search warrant is an order to the police (in the case of a federal warrant, the FBI or other agency) to conduct the search. It’s not something the police have any discretion about, they must conduct the search and even Eric Holder can’t overrule the warrant. Frankly, I think the DoE IG got to the court before DoJ even know what was happening.
Trafalgar on September 8, 2011 at 1:31 PM

Worse than expected, he says.

What a horrendous event.  It truly was, a 40 minute attack on Republicans (sometimes explicitly, sometimes implicitly) with a series of straw man arguments.  This was a stump speech by someone who abused his office by commandeering our nation’s chamber and networks to launch his campaign.

Bookworm Room: My children are calling, and I’m sick of this. I can’t take his pressed speech, his straw men, his demands, his class warfare, his big government dreams. The front part of this speech was a feint, with all the tax cut talk. The meat is here: under Obama, big government is here to stay. This Zombie is checking out.

Amy Elizabeth Gibb Gish Take almost every sentence BHO says and tack on "by screwing the taxpayer". Try it, it's fun. ;)

The Not So Silent Majority By
Obama is acting like a kid begging to get his teacher to accept his homework long after it was due. He calls what he just proposed a "Plan"???
Sorry... Too Much, Too Little, Too Late!!!


4:27PM He’s talked about reforming Medicare/caid — which is great. But it’s also a long-term thing. How about a reprieve on ObamaCare, which is killing jobs right now?
4:39PM Remember this: Every time Obama says “this bill is paid for,” he means that someone else — Congress — has to figure out how to pay for it.

4:40PM Um… the People sent the new Congress to stop you from doing stuff already. Historic election and all that, remember?

32. Bennie
This is basically the plan I’ve been advocating for months.
And thus it’s basically the plan we’ve been rejecting for months

YOU HAVE TO PASS THIS BILL RIGHT AWAY. Six times in the first five minutes, you know this is a dog by a street corner hustler. Pass this bill three times sitting down to write this, the bull shit continues. How much O ring, how much, can’t wait for this bill, the hustle continues

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Sat, Sep 10th - 12:18PM

September 7: VA Hospital

117.5 miles
high 90s

164 recordings of 59 types. 24% left.

Rasmussen: -22: 42(tied with lowest):56.

T-shirt, 100 years of flight. I thought it appropriate for a trip to Mather.

I forgot to mention that I went to the commissary yesterday for the first time on my own. I got a few impulse buys including a can of ready-to-heat chicken noodle soup.  We'll see how Rich does with that.

We were discussing watering the lawn this morning, but first I hosed off the car. Rich was trying to tell me how the timers worked, but didn't hear when I changed the subject so had me turn it off before I hosed the car. I came in saying "come do it" and he said "you aren't supposed to turn it off!" and I said "you told me to!" but we finally got it sorted out..
I just got the hood and a bit of the roof, but it's so much better.  We still need a real wash of it, but I can at least stand to wash it now. Then I set up the hose as directed.

Then I drove Rich down to the Veteran's Administration Hospital at Mather in the morning. He wanted to see what they were like, as a back-up if he wants a second opinion or if he somehow can't continue with the clinic.  Parking was a nightmare, but Mother Cabrini came through and I got a spot close to the front door. This is a lot pleasanter than the last time I was in a VA hospital, with my granddaddy in Cheyenne.  That was dark and depressing and he was put into a ward, etc. Here is cheerful (well, there's a poster of a cemetery with the legend "they finally quit smoking.") and light, and Rich was seen right away. He liked the doctor, too.

Afterwards we went to get his ID card, also a quick thing, then to the trailer about the VetMed internet site.  Turns out it won't be as complex as they were making it, as he got stuff in the mail.  And so back to the car and back home.

I watched the debate. I liked Santorum and especially Cain, but they have no chance. I was highly amused when the audience applauded Texas' executions and the MSNBC liberals were appalled.

While the toilet tank is no longer leaking, the seal is still seeping, and the floor tiles are beginning to come up.  It's really good they were so cheap or I'd be really upset.  As it is, I think this patch will be OK, however annoying, for the next year.

The cleaners came about 2:30 to 3:30. In fact, I was in the back yard with the dog and they had come into the kitchen already. I was sure glad to see them. Having them makes all this other work I'm doing, including going through paper boxes, possible. I did some sorting outside while they were here, and set up some recycling.

Sister Souljah who?

Obama “acted stupidly”.
FOWG1 on September 7, 2011 at 8:08 AM

Gunwalker Goes to the Hoosier State.

Well, Obama did say that he wanted a ‘civilian force’ as well armed, funded, and trained as the US Military. Didn’t y’all believe him? Obama wants his peeps to be ready when the white oppressor invades the ‘hood.
Skandia Recluse on September 7, 2011 at 10:10 AM

0bama lied?  Who knew?

Obama loses WaPo fact checker

Sacred Trust says:
Trying to cover their own sorry butts for pimping Obama since 2008.
The smartest people in the room will never admit they were taken for a ride by President Mailroom Clerk, oh no, this is the beginning of a theme of “Obama had good ideas but failed to execute” rather than “his ideas were and are steaming piles and we fell for it”.

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Thu, Sep 8th - 7:02PM

September 6: Babysitting

117.3 miles
high 90s

161 recordings of 57 types.  25% clear.

Rasmussen: -22: 43/55.

So this morning I left early to go Off to Bernadette's so she could go to a doctor's appointment, a pre-evaluation of Gareth. BOY, their house is dark!  And the picture shows that Gareth is in need of a haircut.

Bernadette was wrong about Joanna being ready for a bed, since the little girl fell out of her new (and very cute) one and got a goose egg, then kept climbing out and crying.  They finally put the crib tent on it.  This is the exact opposite of how long they took to get a bed up for G. Heh.

DSC04444     DSC04445

We watched a couple of Yo Gabba Gabba episodes I hadn't seen. I showed Gareth a picture of his Mommy as a baby.  He doesn't believe me. He also read a picture book I have on the Nook. We played "Noah's Ark" though at first I couldn't find the ark so we put the animals into a drawer, pretending that was a boat.  Mostly the kids played very nicely on their own.  Joanna did NOT like me keeping her from taking Gareth's slate out of his hands. 

When Bernadette got back I hurried home so Rich could make it to his blood test. He was talking to the Lowe's installer who had bad news about the new water heater: the cubby for it would have to be rebuilt. Argh.  Nothing is ever simple. This evening I kept picking up for the cleaners tomorrow.

Last week's OOTW is still the daily 0bamateurism.

How did that Pipeline Protest work out?

Matt Stoller

Obama has ruined the Democratic Party. The 2010 wipeout was an electoral catastrophe so bad you'd have to go back to 1894 to find comparable losses. From 2008 to 2010, according to Gallup, the fastest growing demographic party label was former Democrat. Obama took over the party in 2008 with 36 percent of Americans considering themselves Democrats. Within just two years, that number had dropped to 31 percent, which tied a 22-year low.

...If would be one thing if Obama were failing because he was too close to party orthodoxy. Yet his failures have come precisely because Obama has not listened to Democratic Party voters....
[No, it's things like 0bamacare.]
Given the Obama administration's rampant anti-labor policies, this wouldn't be an unreasonable posture.
[Dude? What alternate universe is this guy in?]

@jimmiebjr: Today is Labor Day. If you're a US taxpayer whose kids will have 2 pay 4 pension bailouts, thank a union.

@jimmiebjr: Today is Labor Day. If your paycheck is smaller b/c you're forced to pay dues to earn your living, thank a union.

Scott Ott If wages have been artificially driven up by coercion -- not naturally through supply-demand and innovation -- thus reducing the number of positions available to the unemployed and under-employed, thank a union.

Hero Mistreated.

In my fantasy world, the Queen reads this and Private Alex Stringer and his family move in to Buckingham Palace for a few weeks while heads roll at the housing council. And by roll, I mean mean real old school. 16th century.

David says:
September 5, 2011 at 10:44 AM
“£1 million homes go to asylum seekers.”
Well yes, “asylum” is generally the first word that comes to mind when I read a story about the UK these days, although a rather different sense of the word.

Hurricane Cheney.

Watching poor Jay Carney squirm at the realization that the Alinski tactics are failing is a beautiful thing to watch.
csdeven on September 6, 2011 at 8:24 AM

You know, the more I see what a completely useless empty suit this guy really is, the more it scares me that the Media could get him elected. Clearly, they can strongly influence public opinion, not in the sense of a cabal or conspiracy, more just in a groupthink kind of way. Sure, Obama has failed miserably, but so has the 4th Estate. They’ll happily expose classified documents but won’t lift a finger to vet a candidate who makes them feel good.
trubble on September 6, 2011 at 8:28 AM

Thomas Sowell, Two Different Worlds.

What kind of world do we want -- one in which everyone works to increase wealth to whatever extent they can, or a world in which everyone will be supported by either government handouts or private philanthropy, whether they work or don't work?

It is not an abstract question. We can already see the consequences on both sides of the Atlantic. Those who have grown used to having others provide their food, shelter and other basics as "rights" are by no means grateful.

Taranto, to heck and back.

Sarah Palin's Labor Day Note.

Liberals say 0bamacare was a mistake.

Pelosi bans the word "Stimulus."

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Wed, Sep 7th - 9:47PM

September 5: Crocker Art Museum

The Age of Napoleon, DONE!
117.3 miles
high 90s

I probably started the Durant series (the second time) in 1998 or 99.  (Book IV I started 3/14/01.) Voltaire, who Durant obviously revered, took a LOOOOOOONG time. (I looked it up in my old diaries, and finally found that the first book I really went through fast, in about 80 days.  So I started the series sometime in March of 2000.}

Rasmussen: -23: 44/55.

T-shirt, Wyoming cowboys...because the event was "Buckaroo Days."

I took a walk in the morning with a very happy dog.

In conjunction with Gold West Days in Old Sacramento, the Crocker Art Museum had free admission today and stuff for kids. I thought Gareth would enjoy this, possibly, and with Robert home to watch Joanna, Bernadette and I could take him.  He was really excited.  "Going to the Cwocker Mooseum." She picked me up and after I forgot where the place was, we located it and finally a parking place.  (I hope that neon green car that jammed right in front of us into the towaway place got towed. Talk about unsafe.) We were 2 and a half blocks away.

Gareth waves his arms when he's excited. We saw some people on the way over and he was just abuzz.  They thought he was waving.  Finally we got there, just in time for the puppet show. Unfortunately, ten minutes earlier we'd have been able to sit further up and Gareth might have maintained interest for longer.  We left after 5 or 6 minutes of really ghastly puns, quite a funny show. Then we went outside and Gareth had his first experience with a petting zoo.  He was a little unsure, but touched each of the animals.  And then to the Indian booth where he colored a little.

Back into the building, where we found the Tot Room. I remember a long time ago, the Crocker had family art activities, but the Tot Room is really great. He immediately took to the felt wall, then discovered colors and puzzles and books and more puzzles and the light wall where you "paint" with your fingers.  For the Tot Room alone, a membership is worth it, much more so than ArtBeast, which fascinates me but it's really pricy.  First Five is part sponsor of this space: if we have to have FF, which I doubt, this is a good use of the funds.  It's when they get political I object.

We were there almost an hour, then we made a quick pass through the museum proper.  Bernadette and I agree we need a grownup time. In fact, since it's doing Impressionism at the moment, I may go back next week on my own.  Gareth was really good while the grownups walked past all those pictures.  Then we stopped at the gift store.  "Don't touch anything" I said.  He stopped, entranced, at the little magnetic slates.  "Do you want red or blue or green?"  "Green!" he definitely said.  So I dug him out a green one and told him to take it to the lady, which he did, and then he got to keep it while I paid for it.
This was a really great toy.  He has one here at my house, but this one is nice and little and he can carry it.  He got tired of walking about a half block from the car and Bernadette carried him, but he wanted the slate and stayed awake playing with it at least to my house where they dropped me off. I woke Rich to come out and say hi. 

Felt Wall     DSC04442


Reading: The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, and In My Time, by Dick Cheney.

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Tue, Sep 6th - 9:11PM

September 4: Gareth Visits

 Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, Courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying: I will try again tomorrow--Mary Anne Rademacher

The Age of Napoleon, p. 770
115.5 miles
high 90s

161 recordings of 59 types. 25% left.

T-shirt: dinosaurs.  Yes, Gareth noticed.

The 0bamateurism of the week  was fairly self-evident, though last year's promised jobs plan was also big.

We had Gareth over for the afternoon, as we often do on Sundays.  There was about 45 minutes in the pool, and he did the alphabet puzzle and read books. He played with his Cars cars a little. And he sings to himself a lot of the time.  Once he started to talk, he really picked it up. He's a little sponge. We watched an episode of Blue's Clues, but the ones on video I would have to pay for  That doesn't seem right. He didn't figure it out... "Moon cow jump" so Blue wanted to read "Hey Diddle Diddle." It's interesting seeing again how a small child makes sense of the world.

When I took him back (Rich didn't feel up to it) Joanna wanted me to pick her up.  She's apparently missing her mommy. (Who also worked yesterday.)

On Clarence Thomas

Andre Carson can go hang himself. John Lewis can pound salt. And Maxine Waters can go straight to hell. None of them stood beside Clarence Thomas during that electronic lynching by those racist liberals in his confirmation circus 20 years ago.
...Perhaps it is better that each generation has a Carter or an Obama to remind us of the cost of socialism.

Sam L. says: He’s the Jackie Robinson of the Court. Not for being first, but for having and taking all the opprobrium (Latin for s**t) dumped on him.

The Kelo property is now being used as a dump. Pretty much says it all.

Michael Tomasky.

It’s not only getting to the point where it’s getting hard to see him winning reelection. It’s getting to the point where it’s hard to imagine people taking him seriously for the remaining 14 months of his current term.

Jazz Shaw

What is driving President Obama from a position where he can exert any real influence on the political process – even from inside his own party – is not failed or detrimental policies. (Though there have been more than a few of those.) It’s the image he has come to project of being completely impotent in the face of any opposition, petulant when people fail to immediately go along with his brilliant vision, and incapable of wielding the power of the Oval Office to any tangible extent.

Yes, bring back the skinned knees!


Maureen Dowd (whom Ed Morrissey reads so I don't have to)

Obama is still suffering from the Speech Illusion, the idea that he can come down from the mountain, read from a Teleprompter, cast a magic spell with his words and climb back up the mountain, while we scurry around and do what he proclaimed.

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Tue, Sep 6th - 8:04PM

My Permanent Record!

I ran into my elementary school evaluations.  Good thing the kids never saw these when they were young enough to say "but Moooooooooom..." about them!

June 6, 1951

Dear Mrs. Hawes:

We have enjoyed having Janna in the first grade group this year.  School opened on September 18, 1950, and closed on June 6, 1951. Janna enrolled on November 20, and was absent 23-1/2 days of the time she was enrolled.

In academic work Janna has done very well.  Results of standardized achievement tests indicate that she has done excellent work in reading and numbers.  Her manuscript writing has improved.  She did fine work in music.

Janna seemed to enjoy school.  We found her to be enthusiastic and cooperative in all the activities.  She responded quickley and positively to suggestions.  She made a good adjustment to the group and is well-liked by the children.  Her relationships with the children are fine.  They respect her ability in reading and ask her for help.  They choose her in playground games.  She is respectful of the rights of the others and cooperates well in large and small groups.  She is learning to be a good group leader. She is a good group member in that she can be a good follower, too.  She is somewhat immature emotionally.  She is learning to control some of the mannerisms which indicated this immaturity.  She is able to express herself better orally, has overcome the peculiar way she had of swinging her arm which seemed to indicate lack of self-assurance and self-confidence, and has better control of her speaking voice.

We feel that Janna has made considerable growth in contributing to class discussions and planning.  As she has become adjusted to the group and felt a part of it she grew in confidence.  Some of ther ideas are quite original, and usually acceptible to the group.  Janna has become more friendly.  Her muscular coordination has improved.  She shows imagination and originality in art expression.

Janna is promoted to Grade Two.

Sincerely yours,

Bernadine Schunk

June 3, 1953

Dear Mrs. Hawes:

Each May we give a complete testing program in the areas of reading, arithmetic, language and work-study skills.  Since these tests have been standardized by administering them to thousands of children throught the United States, we are able to determine rather accurately each individual child's progress.

Results of Janna's tests show that she is doing outstanding work in reading comprehension, reading vocabulary, map reading, use of references, use of the dictionary, alphabetizing, punctuation, capitalization, correct English usage and spelling.  She is doing superior wok in use of an index, fundamental number knowledge, number vocabulary and problem solving.  Her progress in sentence sense and in the handling of numbers is highly satisfactory.  She has no academic weaknesses.

I read with much interest you analysis of Janna in your last letter and appreciate the hints you gave in recent conversations.  We have tried to give Janna, all through the year, assignments commensurate with her ability.  Early each quarter I always give each teacher a copy of the attached bulletin and we discuss its application to certain children in the classroom, over and above the usual attention given to them.

Janna is always a cooperative member of our planning and discussion groups.  She can be relied upon to prepare outside assignments, such as oral reports, carefully and well.  Recently she has shown greater interest in self-checking and (although it is rather slight) in neatness.

An examination of the written statements of Janna's teachers and supervisors of music, art and physical education are quite satisfying.  She is consistently responsive in all of her musical activities. She sems to have extremely good ideas in art and usually shows initiative in carrying these to completion.  She is cooperative in physical education and shows particular skill in tumbling.

We recommend that Janna Hawes be placed in Grade IV in the fall of 1953.

Clarice Whittenburg, Supervisor

Days Present: 161-1/2.  [The half day would have been when my aunt Elsie died.]

December 11, 1953

Dear Mrs. Hawes,

An attempt is made to understand your child "where she is," when the school year starts, and to guide her in meaningful learning situations.  This is done in order to promote normal, healthy progress.  Progress will be reported in terms of her own capacity and will include personal and social habits, as well as her study habits.

Following is a summary of Janna's progress, as noted by the student teachers and me. In addition, there are quotations from her physical education, music and art instructors.

It appears Janna no longer can be considered a "quiet child," for it has been necessary to ask her to refrain from disrupting the class on several occasions. This is not a serious matter, but it will be observed in the future for any change.

Janna is a good worker and, although her papers are neater, she still needs to improve. Janna follows her instructions well and contributes worthwhile ideas and suggestions to the group.  She gets along well with her classmates and takes part in activities more often than at the beginning of the quarter. She enjoys and does well in science.

In reading she is doing very well.  Janna reads orally with a great deal of expression.  She is accurate in her spelling. In the study of other countries, Janna has shown high interest and prepared excellent reports with a minimum of assistance.  Although she understands the arithmetic processes, she is often inaccurate, due to her failure to exercise greater care.  Janna "has failed to hand in some assignments," and she was reminded that they must be handed in when due.

Janna does well in all her physical education classes.  She is a good group member and is sportsmanlike.  Besides, readily learning new dances and games, she enjoys them. In tumbling she has find [sic] coordingation and usually is one of the first who is ready for it.

In art she "could do better... if she would settle down and get to work. She likes to visit and does not use her art ability," Mr. Wiest reports.  Mrs. Jay said, "Janna does good work in music, and her attitude is excellent."

Sincerely yours,

William Frinsko
Supervisor of Grade IV

March 26, 1954

Dear Mrs. Hawes,

At this mid-point of the school year, we are able to report on the improvement made by your child in terms of her own ability and also in terms of her relative position with respect to the rest of her class.  This is in accordance with understanding the fact that children differ from each other in many ways and so each must be considered separately.

This is a summary of Janna's progress as noted by elementary supervisors, student teachers, and me. It covers all the areas which were reported last quarter.

Our report last quarter regarding the fact that Janna was not a quiet or shy child has been fully confirmed this quarter. Now that she is more expressive, we need to help her to exercise a little self-control.  this is not a serious matter, but it will be observed for any change.

Janna has shown above average ability in all her school work.  In fact, we need to challenge her more in arithmetic, for she finishes her work quicker than most of her classmates.

Since Janna is very intelligent, mature for her age, well-adjusted, pleasant, trustworthy and conscientious, serious consideration ought to be given to having her develop to the fullest of her capabilities.  We think that special efforts need to be made in her personal neatness and in neatness of some of her schoolwork, notably writing.

Janna is doing well in physical education, art and music.

Please sign this report and place any comments on the back. Your cooperation is appreciated, and we continue to place the welcome mat out for you to visit Janna and her classmates and teachers any time.

Sincerely yours,

William Frinsko
Supervisor, Grade 4

December 10, 1954

Dear Mrs. Hawes,

Janna has made satisfactory progress in all areas of growth and development this quarter.  She is alert and interested in all class activities, and usually volunteers for extra reports or committee work, in addition to doing required tasks. When speaking to the class she is rather nervous, but tried not to let that interfere with what she is trying to tell.  She speaks rather loud and fast, when especially nervous, and has to go back and repeat to make her points clear.

In silent reading she reads very rapidly, with excellent comprehension.  She recognizes most new works for punctuation and meaning.  She has read many books for free reading and has given some good reports from them.

She writes fluently and interestingly, with fairly correct spelling, punctuation, paragraphing, etc.  We are pleased that she wrote a play to use in our Thanksgiving program. She has a good vocabulary, and makes use of it in her speaking and writing. All her wreok could be somewhat neater, as she does not seem too concerned about neatness.  She masters the regular spelling lessons quite easily.

In arithemetic she does well except for careless errors.  She is challenged by reasoning problems and does good thinking is solving them.  She is usually quick and accurate in computation involving the four fundamental processes.  our new work has been in multiplying and dividing by two-digit numbers.

She has understood the ideas and concepts developed in social studies.  We have studied The Discovery and Exploration of the New WorldColonial Life, and  Present Day New England.

In science she contributes to class discussion and shown that she knows the scientific facts being rought out through reading, discussing, observing, and experimenting.

In art Mr.Wiest says, "Janna can do good work when she has an idea. She could spend more time and get better results in art."

In physical education Miss Perry says, "Janna joins in with her class in all activities and is learning to organize her team more easily when she is the captain."

Since Mrs. Thomas has not been with us all quarter, Janna has written her own letter of evaluation for music which is enclosed.

We enjoy working with Janna.  Please feel free to visit school at any time.

Yours sincerely,

Jessie Mae Halsted
Supervisor, Grade 5.

June 3, 1955

Dear Mrs. Hawes:

Janna has continued to do very well this quarter.  She has worked harder to do neater work since her last report, and results were very satisfactory.  Using her scores on the Stanford Achievement Test which was given recently to evaluate her progress for the year, we find she has met and surpassed all goals set for successul completion of grade five.  Her scores in reading, spelling, language, science and study skills were especially high.

Miss Perry says, "Janna is very cooperative in physical education.  She works with all of her classmates and enters into the  activities willingly."

Mr. Wiest says, "Janna does neat work and she is a good worker.  Janna has a good understanding of drawing and will make her drawing more creative by adding her own ideas." 
Mrs. Thomas says, "Janna has shown very satisfactory progress and has demonstrated above average interest in her music work."

An evaluation of her camp activities as given by her counselors is given on an attached sheet.

Janna has been a good member our group this year.  She is promoted to grade six for next year.

Yours sincerely,

Jessie mae Halsted
Supervisor, Grade 5.

Janna apparently enjoyed the camping experiences.  Group activities, camp jobs, hikes, and everything that made up the camp program, seemed new to Janna. She was interested in all that went on, almost to the point of becoming too absorded in the little details of camp life.

Janna accepted group decisions, and cooperated with the counselors at all times.  She gave a good evaluation of camp at our council fire.

While Janna was more of a follower than a leader, she was a good camper.

Lesa Lee Hill

June 1, 1956

Dear Mrs. Hawes,

We have enjoyed having Janna in the sixth grade this year.  We feel she has made progress both academically and socially.  We feel the entire group is more closely knit and much more cooperative in their dealings with one another than at the beginning of the school year.

The Standard Achievement Test placed Janna well above the expected averages for her level in school.  Her greatest growth appeared in the area of arithmetic.  Janna, with a continuance of her present attitude can be a top student.  Keep up the good work Janna and you will be the benefactor.

We felt you would appreciate the comments of some of the participating teachers who have been working with your child.  They have been read by me and seem quite accurate and informative.

"Janna is a very willing worker and a good student.  She always tries to do her best.  Janna is a fine organizer in committees and groups. Her thinking is very clear and mature.

In social studies Janna does fine work as in all of her subjects.  She works well with the group and is often chosen to be chairman of committees.

In P.E. Janna does not do quite as well as in other things, but, she has a good attitude and she is one of the best sports."

"Janna is undoubtedly the finest speller in the class.  She is also very efficient in the knowledge and understanding of the basic reading study skills.  Her favorable attitude toward these subjects makes it a pleasure to work with her."

"Janna has many original ideas in art that work out very well.  She is able to visualize the overall effect of her projects.

Janna enjoys music and is very enthusiatic.  She was one of the first to volunteer to play the piano for our individual performances.  She did very well and the class enjoyed it.

Janna contributes to the science discussions and gives very well organized information in her oral reports.  She seems very interested in factual information. Janna organizes essential information well."

Sincerely yours,

Willard G. Jones
Supervisor, Grade 6

OK, I don't have any idea what my odd arm-swinging was. I was apparently more interested in talking than listening in 4th grade. And neatness was always a problem. I certainly don't remember ever playing the piano in public, since I never had a piano lesson.  Who was this child?

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Mon, Sep 5th - 5:10PM

September 3: Mowing and Screens

The Age of Napoleon, p. 758
115.5 miles

162 recordings of 57 types. 23% left.

Rasmussen: -21: 45/54.

I'm .3 pounds down for the week, with borderline BP.

I started with the generic group terms shirt and then the Great Basin National Park with a trilobite on it. I had to change because I mowed the front lawn. It's easier than the back, but still plenty hard. The fig tree keeps dropping figs, and in fact bonked me with one while I was mowing.

I also decided it was a good day to wash the screens. I'd hoped the neighbor kid would be by to wash the car, but apparently they went out for the weekend. :(  However, we were set up to spray stuff, so I removed the screens and washed the windows, and got the dust out of the screens.  It's great to look out the window and not notice the screens!

While I was doing this, a car came by with a couple of guys, and they stopped and stared at the fig tree. They didn't ask me if they could have any, and I was suspicious that they'd come back and just take them.  However, about a half-hour later, the old guy came to the door. He'd picked some of his plums to exchange. OK then.

I also did laundry and vacuuming: and went to church in the afternoon.  A productive day, and I'm tired.

Every day, some new horror.

If only Stalin had an EPA, he could have killed millions more.
Tip for neodictators and tyrants: Make sure you have an EPA or something similar in your power structure. You can blame everything on them while they do your dirty work for you.
darwin on September 3, 2011 at 8:42 AM

If Perry really wants to be president, he should publicly state that not only will the EPA’s regulations be ignored, but that any attempt by the EPA to force Texas to comply will be resisted by any means required.
Than he should ask the states Attorney General to empanel a grand jury and seek charges against the EPA personnel involved with these regulations on charges of sabotage and attempted murder.
Toss in a conspiracy charge as well.
If they get indictments, arrest any that are in Texas and file extradition requests with other states.
Yes this will cause a constitutional crises, but so what? The constitution has been shredded anyway. Might as well start a nice political fight now. :)
evilned on September 3, 2011 at 8:43 AM

TV Critic on 0bama.

as I looked at the screen, I couldn't help thinking how diminished Obama looked and how thin his voice sounded. I wondered if there actually was something happening physically with him.
So, I went back to a DVD I have of him speaking on election night 2008 in Chicago's Grant Park.
Of course, I lost myself in a  flood memories as I watched. I remembered how that TV moment sent thousands of college students and others into the streets of Baltimore celebrating. And it was the TV moment, not just the election victory. Young viewers watching him onscreen wanted to share that energy in a communal, physical sense with others.
Viewing him now on TV in his promise-not-realized persona made me both sad for what might have been and angry for letting myself believe in the TV imagery of a night in Grant Park in November.
Knowing something about shared memory and the way the national psyche intersects with media, I believe millions of viewers like me unconsciously associate the Obama they now see on TV spinning and dodging and looking like a worried man with the giant they thought they saw in 2008 -- the one we kept comparing to Roosevelt, Kennedy and Reagan as great media presidents.

[It's a pig in a poke!!!]

Maxbert50 at 2:51 AM September 03, 2011
Today's TV media eats its own offspring.  They made Obama, and when they're done turning on him it won't be pretty.

The biter, bitten!

here we are, with every potential whistleblower on Earth internalizing the following lesson: Never, ever tell the United States anything.

...The grand irony of this little experiment in total transparency, of course, is that Wikileaks has become the authoritarian’s best friend, not only leading state police straight to the doorsteps of informants but giving potential informants every reason to keep their mouths shut when it comes to exposing their government’s crimes. Fantastic work for a “human-rights organization.”

Arrogant, self-important, narcissistic douchnozzels playing games with people’s lives and obviously don’t know the first thing about handling sensitive data. “A hard to find file” So… what? You had to check “show hidden files and folders” before it would show up?
29Victor on September 2, 2011 at 10:15 PM

Prediction: By this time next year, your typical leftist will truly believe that Julian Assange is a right-wing plant, Wikileaks was an elaborate Mossad/CIA plot, and all the coming deaths are the fault of GWB and the “Rethuglicans”. You just watch…
stevieray on September 2, 2011 at 10:38 PM

It was never a human rights organization. It was a “watch the world burn, particularly the west and its allies because we don’t like their foreign policy” organization.
amerpundit on September 2, 2011 at 11:12 PM

Every “asset” that dies equals one homicide charge against Bradley Manning. Let them pile up and then take it to a military tribunal in Jan. 2013, when (good Lord willing) a new administration will help Mr. Manning concentrate on who assisted him in the leakage.
either orr on September 3, 2011 at 7:42 AM

Jazz Shaw.  We have a President, not a King.

respect is earned by giving it in return, not simply by assuming a seat in some particular chair. And this goes for the President in his dealings with the Speaker as well. I see no other explanation for this than the likely proposition that Obama was simply trying to grandstand. If he could step on the GOP debate with some “historic” address to the Congress, he could demonstrate his Alpha Dog status by making them defer. And by immediately backing down as soon as Boehner sent a polite letter citing logistical reasons for pushing it back 24 hours, the effort blew up in his face. The only real question for me was, if he didn’t have a back-up plan in the event the Speaker demurred, why try this stunt at all?

[Because he didn't think anyone would oppose him.]

I imagine the same back-up plan he had when he flew all the way to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago for the olympics.
He honestly feels that he will never be turned down for anything, therefore no plan B is ever needed.
DrAllecon on September 2, 2011 at 1:03 PM

Sorry…I’m on Boehners side on this one. This speech is about jobs. It is a national crisis, but hardly worthy of reading the teleprompter in the House.
It’s going to be more crap on the crud he’s already spewed. He could have easily read his widdle prompter in the oval office, or fireside, or while he’s on the toilet. People just can’t take anymore of this imbecile.
Correction: CORRUPT imbecile.
capejasmine on September 2, 2011 at 1:01 PM

New Plan: Let's Sue all the Banks.

Great.  They're forced to cover mortgages, then sued because they did.

doesn’t it seem curious that the same institutions which were deemed so critical to the national interest that the taxpayers would have to bail them out are now suitable pockets to pick in a law suit?

That does it, I'm off Starbucks.

He’s been calling for all CEOs to stop making contributions to any and all political campaigns until the “political wrangling” has stopped. Starbucks is certainly active in politics already, having donated $85,841 to the two parties. (And just to show they are bipartisan, only $85,276 of that went to the Democrats.)

Democrat Windbags do as Much Damage as Hurricane Irene.


Comment (0)

Mon, Sep 5th - 4:20PM

September 2: Babysitting

The Age of Napoleon, p. 750
115.3 miles

161 recordings of 56 types. 24% left.

In August, the number who Strongly Approve of Obama’s job performance was at 21%.  That’s down three points from 24% in July and the lowest level measured during Obama's entire presidency.  The previous low was 23% reached in both April and June of this year.

T-shirt: Wyoming Cowboys, which I thought might amuse Gareth.

The pictures are still not ready (from mid-June!) because the Chinese re-touchers don't follow orders, and removed Gabe's black eye.  Darn it!  How come there are no American re-touchers?  How come the studio doesn't do it themselves?? If they have to outsource this job, it seems to me it's a job Bernadette could do. At home.

I babysat today.  Joanna came in talking up a storm. She nods while she talks to emphasize what she's saying. It's all jargon, but you better agree with whatever it is. She especially enjoys playing with the toy stove Rich made for Bernadette.

I gave them Swedish meatballs, applesauce, and green pepper strips for lunch.  J. passed on the veggies, but ate everything else.  Gareth is getting adept with his spoon.  Then after lunch I said to Gareth "we'll put on a swim diaper, and we'll put on sunscreen, what are we going to do?" and he was totally clueless. I'm going to have to introduce him to Blue's Clues.

The dog was outside while I got the kids ready.  Joanna saw me coming for her and ran, because I was in the room where that scary dog usually is.  She was really wary, and as I carried her outside and put her in the pool Pharaoh was right there, and she puckered up but then I convinced her the pool was fun.  She kept a wary eye on the dog, and got scared a couple of times, but I told her he was nice and wouldn't hurt her. At one point she watched him go into the house and said "wow wow wow" to me.  She's still a little unsure, but at least she's past the shrieking terror phase.

Back in the house, Joanna interested me by having the toy Brobee open the stove.  Later, then, she was cooking him, but at least for a second she was playing with him.

DSC04422     Bookworm

Joanna has decided her Djadja is OK.  This makes him happy.

A good day.

President Zero.

Heh.  (Or it would be "heh" if it wasn't so awful.)

To sum up the day thus far: He headed off to Camp David this morning without so much as a syllable about the disastrous new job numbers. Then his labor secretary actually said, and I quote, “I do feel like we’re going in the right direction.” And now, after two days of the left stamping its feet over Boehner’s insistence that the speech be postponed a day, the White House wants us to know that the speech is really no big deal after all. Translation: The famous orator and his team have finally run out of things to say. Like everyone else, the economy’s left him effectively speechless.

The emperor has no clues.
fogw on September 2, 2011 at 4:58 PM

Solar company not so great, especially due to his own regulations.

“An independent federal auditor who has reviewed the energy loan program said moving so quickly without completing thorough reviews exposed the program to perceptions of political influence and put taxpayers at greater risk,” CPI’s iWatch News reported at the time.
Fueling that perception was the fact that George Kaiser, one of Solyndra’s top investors, raised about $50,000 for Obama’s presidential campaign."

someone needs to clip every company and factory Obama visited followed by the date and time it collapsed, now that would be a campaign commercial.
rob verdi on September 2, 2011 at 8:11 AM

(Kinda like the Gore effect only on businesses instead of weather.)

If solar were a viable it wouldn’t need money confiscated from the citizens to operate. Investors would be flocking to it.
darwin-t on September 2, 2011 at 8:21 AM

These government funded green energy factories are like Mel Brooks The Producers. They are frauds set up to syphon off a half a billion dollars of taxpayer funds, and then to fail.
Unlike the The Producers, they really do fail, and all the money just mysteriously disappears.
Dhuka on September 2, 2011 at 8:34 AM

I'm not surprised...

Watergate was a two-bit burglary during a landslide election year.
Holdergate has the blood of dead victims known and countless unknown on sleazy Eric Holder and his cronies’ hands.
viking01 on September 2, 2011 at 2:10 PM

Sarah Palin says if the left is going to call government the federal family, then I want a divorce. (video)

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and In My Time, by Dick Cheney.

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Fri, Sep 2nd - 8:13PM

September 1: Good Side Effect of Chemo.

The Age of Napoleon, p. 740
115.3 miles
99 degrees

It is hard to imagine a more stupid or more dangerous way of making decisions than by putting those decisions in the hands of people who pay no price for being wrong.--Thomas Sowell

161 recordings of 55 types. 24% clear.

Rasmussen: -24%: 43/56.


So, uh, Obama moved a war speech to accommodate a dancing show, but can’t come up with any other time to talk about his jobs plan except to interrupt the Republican presidential debate.  Childish amateur, indeed.

My T-shirt, 150 Years of the Smithsonian, 1846-1996.

Apparently the steroids Rich has to have before the chemo make him feel better.  The chemo went on till noon, but he had enough energy to help put up the wading pool and do some gardening. He's also eating a little more (lost 5 pounds last week).  His numbers aren't too bad. I sure hope this monster chemo is working.

Bernadette was offered work tomorrow, so instead of having Gareth on an overnight, instead I'll babysit both kids in the day.  (It would be Really Bad to have Mommy come and only take Joanna home. The reason for it was the opening of a new exhibit at the museum, but Gareth might not have been at all interested.) We will have to do a sleepover one of these days, with or without a good reason, (maybe the Hallowe'en party) but it's not important to be tomorrow.

Obama is going to give a talk on jobs? He is always pivoting to ‘jobs’ and never lifting his planted foot. You can see the circle around him, now… and he can’t even get a clue that he is IN a rut.
ajacksonian on September 1, 2011 at 9:07 AM

    Er, who’s going to watch this instead of the Packers/Saints game? Besides you and me, I mean.

I’ll wait for your recap, AP. I wouldn’t watch Bambi speak even if it was the only thing on. Unless he was going to resign. Then, I’d watch.
BacaDog on August 31, 2011 at 10:03 PM

    Granted, he could have given the address from the Oval Office instead, but (a) that would defeat the key purpose of lecturing Congress to their faces and (b) the fact that he was forced to give the speech from a location he didn’t prefer would have only underscored his weakness. He’s better off accepting the offer for Thursday. Especially since now it gives him the chance to react to any GOP talking points from the debate the night before.

Try this:

(1) He caved.
(2) He is juvenile, peutlant, arrogant, and a raging narcissist.
(3) He and/or his staff are incompetent boobs.

Didn’t he want to try to be “Reaganesque” at one pint recently? Well, Ronald Reagan regularly spoke from the Oval Office directly to the people in order to go around Congress.

This miscalculation will earn him the enmity of all Green Bay and New Orleans fan in the country.
Clearly, this guy just wants to re-live — possibly — the Doric-columned grandeur of his nomination speech. He is all about pomp.
The War Planner on August 31, 2011 at 10:10 PM

RightChange: President Obama says he's "frustrated" with Washington. Maybe it's because needing to be a leader is getting in the way of his parties, fundraisers, golf trips, and vacations.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and The God of His Fathers by Jack London.

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Fri, Sep 2nd - 5:58AM

August Stats

Rich's stats last month:



























And:3 baseballs, whiffle softball, 2 whiffle baseballs, rubber softball, hairband, clip hook, toy soldier, bicycle tire pump, 3 hair ties, smurf toy figurine, table cloth, Mexican 20 centavos coin, tire stem cap, screwdriver

For me, 7.3 miles in August (argh!), 2.6 pounds down, 157 pages. 

Last month I read 12 books (the Nook is so easy!), went to 3 movies, 4 plays, 11 Masses.

We found 23 caches last month, and we're at 7790.  We're 228th in the world (big drop) , and 15th locally. Back to proofing a little. I'm in 1038th (out of 36606 proofers) place in the first proofing round, with 873 pages proofed, 16th (out of 4356) in P2 with 23523 pages, 548th (of 905) in P3 with 469 pages and formatting 642nd place (3435) with 1020 pages.

In Flickr I have 40957 pictures, with 89399 views, and 193 sets to work on.

In Netflix, I watched Of Gods and Men, and the Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged).

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Fri, Sep 2nd - 5:31AM

August 31: For Worse

The Age of Napoleon, p. 734
115.1 miles
mid 90s

162 recordings of 52 types. 24% clear.

Rasmussen: -25,That is just a single point above the lowest Approval Index rating yet recorded for this president. The 19% Strong Approval matches the lowest yet ret recorded. I bet I know what that 19% looks like. 42/57.  Can't see me!

T-shirt: In Dog Years I'm Dead. (with a dog skeleton.) I decided this was not a good thing to wear to chemo tomorrow.... then I changed to ConFrancisco (2002) after I mowed the lawn.

I forgot to mention that at the picnic we'd donated some raffle prizes, and they were the first picked. One was a ultraviolet light, and another was the American River Parkway geocoin. Unfortunately, though, we didn't win ourselves, as there was a geocoin I'd have liked.

Rich, and therefore I, had a miserable day. He was either sleeping or groaning in pain. I was really tired after mowing the back yard. I don't think I've ever mowed this lawn before (and of course once I packed it up, all I could see was patches I missed.) Vince had put a funny remark on Facebook and Rich didn't understand it. I finally put, as my status, that we'd had a lot of "for better" but "for worse" still sucked. So Vince called and we talked for about 20 minutes, which really cheered me up. He and Rich had chatted for almost 2 hours on Saturday.

Andrew Breitbart: How Obama lost his presidency in August 2009

When the history of Barack Obama's one-term presidency is written, August 2009 will be remembered as the turning point.

It was then that thousands of ordinary citizens began to rise up against a health care bill being forced through Congress. And it was then that the Obama administration declared war, through its union proxies, against the American people.

Gallup still Low 40s.

    Even Carter polled much better then Obama is when comparing head to head polling. Obama is lower than whale sh!t right now.
    NotCoach on August 30, 2011 at 11:05 AM

Obama got his wish – a historic Presidency!!!
faraway on August 30, 2011 at 11:07 AM

Fallon: A new study found that women gain more weight after marriage, but men gain more weight after a divorce. The divorce usually takes place after men point out that women gained more weight after marriage.


If Toobin’s revionist take is correct, (and I defer to his knowledge of the direction of modern constitutional thought) it means that liberal America has spent a generation mocking a Black man as an ignorant fool, even as constitutional scholars stand in growing amazement at the intellectual audacity, philosophical coherence and historical reflection embedded in his judicial work.

RC says:
What caused the United States to become a superpower after WWII had pretty much nothing to do with progressivism and a federal government growing in strength. Mostly it was the US looking outwards and understand that the world was shrinking and it was necessary to be engaged. Clear reading of the Constitution easily supports a federal government being engaged in ways that defend the entire country without trying to control the internals of the country through fantastically inflated interpretations of the commerce clause. A clause that basically just allows the federal government to ensure the states deal consistently and fairly with each other and not much more.

Because it’s worked so well for him so far.

More Awfulness from the NLRB.

The Gunrunner Investigation Continues.

(Video) Third Time's A Charm: Obama Unveils New Economic Chair But Can Krueger Create Jobs?"The professor President who has destroyed the largest wealth creation engine in history...has now hired for the third time another idiot." -- Bill Whittle

Scott Ott: Why did the president turn to another Ivy League egghead rather than to someone who actually knows what creates jobs...or perhaps to someone who's actually had a job outside of gover-demia in the past 20 years? In just under 6 minutes, Bill, Steve and I introduce you to the president's new chief job creator/saver, so smart the prez didn't even let him speak at his unveiling. Go ahead, you might as well laugh.


Toni in Texas says:
Obama, never among the urban poor, but beneficiary of affirmative action all his formative years, also doesn’t believe ordinary black people can make it if they try. His solution has been the stale old blue solution: throw money at it — in this case, stimulus funds fed to state and local governments, so they wouldn’t have to lay people off, which only managed to postpone the layoffs.
...In truth, “blacks are equal” and “blacks need special help” are mutually exclusive claims. For heaven’s sake, let black people be just plain people, and stop acting like they can’t make it! Please.

CatoRenasci says:
Ultimately, the Obama Depression and his Radical Reconstruction-like government of leftwing carpetbaggers, scalawags and the black Democrat political ‘establishment’ will set race relations in this country back fifty years, or perhaps more.
Black voters are Obama’s true believers. The rest of America will ultimately not forgive 90+% support in the face of his war on America.

Yahzooman says:
For decades, Blacks (former commodities in our economy, as you say) have been told by liberals that they are victims. They have been told they are owed reparations. They have been told they are deficient by nature and need an artificial boost (affirmative action).
Now that one of their own has reached the top (Mr. Obama) all these victim-hood excuses are vanishing just as the economy is ravaging everyone. Whites, at the moment, are not in a mood for reparations, set-aside programs and racial preferences.


Janet Daley: If we are to Survive the Looming Catastrophe we Need to Face the Truth.

Jeff Wickens: Seems to me the Tea Party is being used by the Libs to blame for their destruction of Americia as the Hebrews were used by the Nazis to blame for their destruction of Germany

Victor Davis Hanson.

I’m about halfway through the new Cheney memoir, In My Time, and it does not at all resemble the media’s description of it — a highly controversial book preoccupied with scoring points against rivals — which suggests that many of those who have written about it have not read it.

(what a surprise!)

Pat C.
If Dick Cheney is Darth Vader, then Joe Biden is Jar-Jar Binks.
I know who I'd want on my side in a fight.

The Echo Chamber.

Obama Tries to Step on the Republicans.

By now you’ve heard that the President, who’s been sitting on his jobs speech for days, if not weeks (or maybe years), has suddenly announced that he’s going to give it on the same night as a Republican presidential candidate debate that’s been schedule for months. It’s a tacky gesture, at best (and at worst, come to think of it).
...(the Anchoress suggests)    I think Boehner should say, “by all means, Mr. President; we’re so anxious to hear your jobs plan that we’ll be glad to put off our debate by a few hours. Our candidates should have a chance to hear your ideas, so they can include them within the context of their own ideas about job creation. We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our stark distinctions.”

    That sort of response disarms Obama, who then won’t be able to crow “they don’t care about jobs” and it arms the debate participants, who will be able to go into their debate with Obama’s plans ripe for deconstruction.

Leno: Pres. Obama's Uncle Omar is in trouble. Imagine getting picked up for drunk driving, jailed & the only person you can call is $14 trillion in debt.

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Thu, Sep 1st - 5:56PM

August 30: Summer of '63

The Age of Napoleon, p. 729
115.1 miles
mid 90s

167 recordings of 51 types. 22% free.

Uverse is upgrading us for free the next three months.  NASA, FBN, qubo, Sprout, Showtime, Flix, FMC, and Discovery Health... oh my.

Rasmussen: -22: Strong Disapproval of the president has been at or above 40% for more than three full weeks, 24 consecutive days. That’s the first time it’s been that high for that long since last November. 43/56.  I'll have a plan... September 2010.

T-shirt: I decided that 4 rotations through the walking shirts was enough, it was getting boring.  Time to wear the shirts I haven't worn for a long time.  Today it's a State Fair shirt with a dinosaur on it.

I went out about 4:30 to listen to the owl settling in for the day in the heritage oak next door.  While I was out, I saw an airplane fly over, way up there, and even higher, and faster, the International Space Station!

The Nook battery is a mystery to me.  When we were in Yosemite, it lasted beautifully. I charged it the night we arrived and used it extensively to check on geocaches, then read it the rest of the week, and in the 7 or 8 days it lost down to somewhere in the 60s percent still available. I charged it, and it started to pour out battery power.  (Sometimes it says "battery not charging" and sometimes "battery discharging" but there doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason, nor are the results different.) I turned off the wireless and started turning the Nook off at night. I keep it out of the hot car. Sometimes it works, sometimes it's ridiculous. Last week it went from Saturday to the next week Sunday and was at 65%. I charged it all day on Sunday while we were at the party, took it off the charger at 3 and didn't use it and by 6 it was at 91% power. That evening it was 81%!  So Monday morning I charged it again, and today, and now it's still in the high 90s. It's a puzzlement. I would think it's a Barnes and Noble book compared to a Project Gutenberg book, but since the Yosemite one was my .pdf file and a PG book, and that worked, maybe not. Hmm.

Oh, gee, look who's on TV!

I discovered a puddle on the floor and water oozing up between the new tiles in the bathroom again.  First read: "the toilet is leaking again.  One month.  At least I should be able to keep ahead now that I know where the problem is, but we may have to bump the bathroom fix up the priority list."  Then I spied a drip.  The tank is leaking around the bolts.  Still annoying, but not as bad as around the seal.  Rich came in with a wrench (and we left a drip dish) and it seems to be better. Once the floor under the tiles is dry, we'll glue down again the tile that started to come up.

My brother sent a picture from the Colorado Shakespeare festival.  The summer of 1963 was plenty exciting for me.   In May I'd gone to the Newman Club area conference in Salt Lake City and had met an Air Force Cadet (whom I'd initially thought was a waiter in his mess dress.)  We'd walked all over town talking and talking.  Then, in the mail, addressed to Miss Janna Hawes in care of the Newman Center, an invitation to the AFAcademy Ring Dance!  The inconvenient fact was, I was going steady with Joe from Rock Springs.  So I told him I thought we shouldn't go steady in the summer! 

I took a bus to Colorado Springs and then waited and waited for Tom to pick me up.  Cell phones would sure have been handy, as he was at the bus station across the street!  I stayed with a colonel and his family.  Charming children, apparently coming down with mumps. The day after the big dance (where I got a pendant that looks like a ring, and met Milton Caniff), we went to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo (where the giant anteaters were fighting) and to see Irma la Douce) Tom made sure I knew he had a girlfriend at home in Oregon, which was fine with me, I just had a really good time.

Shortly after that, my brother took me to see the plays in Boulder. I stayed in a hotel, with my mother's warnings about proper behavior for a woman alone ringing in my ears. (You know, hotel detectives, keep the door open if my brother is there, etc.) I don't really remember the plays (sorry, Allan) but I do remember the party, with the girl wearing a "navel indicator" and the young men who were grabby, at least till I asked if my sore throat was possibly mumps....

(Yes. Another childhood disease I missed as a child. I was pretty miserable coming home and for a week after that.)

Sometime after that was the Newman School of Catholic Thought, which I had something to do with.  An older guy (27 or so) came by with some of the literature I needed for it.  There was a guy in the car ... "does your friend want to come in?" "No, he's fine..." so I didn't actually meet Rich for another month.  (Ron was his sponsor for the wilds of Laramie and the University and the Air Force school.) 

The last out of town tour was a visit to Rock Springs.  That has to have been another bus ride.  Joe met me and I stayed with his folks (yes, pretty much an engagement announcement, especially in Rock Springs where the social milieu was mostly getting pregnant, having a "secret marriage", and raising kids.) I really liked his folks and his sister, fought him off a couple of times, and came home still not going steady with him, which since I met Rich a few weeks later was just as well.

A good summer.

Venomous Kate
All of these complains that the media exaggerated Irene are getting annoying. It was one of the 10 deadliest storms in the US since 1980. At least 27 people died. Almost 6 million lost power. 11,000+ flights were canceled, stranding over 25,000 people. Roads were washed out, homes were destroyed, lives were irrevocably changed. Sorry if that's not "impressive" enough for some jaded folks who need to get a life... and then appreciate it.

Reading: The Age of Napoleon, Will and Ariel Durant, The Bible (1 Machabees), The True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis Marie de Montfort, Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand, Blue Highways, William Least Heat Moon, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and The Witch of Agnesi by Robert Spiller.

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