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Mon, Sep 28th - 1:25PM

Today's genealogy Google
Whoa There!  Today's genealogy webspace Google warped to just over 1,300!
  1,370 from for genealogy.
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Fri, Sep 25th - 3:03PM

Copyrite and Genealogy - Fair Use, Lists, and Originality
Recently, I recieved a request to delete or modify a post.  Here is my revised post. Ashamedly, I did not recieve permission to link to an article.  I was unable to contact the original author either through Twitter or her blog. I did NOT REPUBLSIH the article in its entirety as the author claimed.  I have included a snapshot of the article in the above mentioned post for illustrative differences, along with the date of today's revision. Fair Use is a slippery slope where copyrite is concerned.  However, facts and lists are NOT COPYRITEABLE.  I run the risk of offending both the original author and my readers, which is not my intent. If the author refernced in this post, Tamura Jones,  was offended, I am heartilly sorry. I hope that she and I can begin to understand copyrite issues and how copyrite pertains to lists.

"...In other words, you might be able to retype the list, but it would be imprudent to photocopy and publish the list since the layout itself might well be considered creative.."

Fri, Aug 21st - 5:24PM - "Do you keep up with the Jones' blog?"

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Tue, Sep 22nd - 7:58AM

Google search issues and Today's genealogy Google on webspaces
1,140 from for genealogy.

I have found over the past week that the numbers vary. The search varies from about 1, 190 to 1,140. Today it just so happens that the number of times Google has found the word "genealogy" in hit 1,140. It appears that webspace has peaked out in the past week and has not achieved over 1, 190 . I really don't beleive that the number of genealogy webspaces will increase past this number. As it turns out the Google search is not searching properly at the TOP of the page. If you scroll to the BOTTOM of the GOOGLE search page, you will be able to "Search within results". I have found previously that the BOTTOM search feature works, BUT NOT TODAY. It appears that the GOOGLE search is NOT working for "Search within results" exactly for It will search NOW whereas is was searching earlier.

NOTE: I traveled to the webspace directly and have found a BRAND SPANKING NEW FEATURE available. Google search of AND

:) :) :) Love It!

The only issue I with GOOGLE is that there is a "Search within these results" LINK instead of a radio button AND a search BUTTON.  This is extremely confusing.  Just utilizing the SEARCH BUTTON will yeild different results than clicking on the "Search within these results" LINK.  Why doesn't GOOGLE use something other than a LINK for this feature?  I know that GOOGLE strives to be different, but come on...... the search standard for "search within results" is a radio button.

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Tue, Sep 22nd - 7:47AM

Today's genealogy Twitter

Realtime results for genealogy

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Tue, Sep 22nd - 7:39AM

WebRing Nav Checker - Having a bad day...
Many WebRing members are checking their inbox's and finding that the navigation checker on their WebRings have caught a few failed sites and automatically placed those sites into suspension.  This blog was one such site that was suspended while both the SSNB code and the HTML code was supposively in place.  After re-checking this site it STILL failed, but I re-instated it anyway.  Yesterday, when I became aware of the issue I navigated the blog fine with the navigation code that was automatically placed by WebRing.  Since the navigation checker indicated that this site FAILED with both the SSNB code and the HTML code in place it does appear that something is awry with WebRing's navigation checker.  It is a bit finicky of late and I would not take its word for a FAILED site as this site's navigation is fine.

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Thu, Sep 17th - 8:04AM

Today's genealogy Twitter

Realtime results for genealogy

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Sat, Sep 12th - 12:49PM

*New* Genealogy Webspace pages
Surname Search in Genealogy Network NING
Search for your surname on the Genealogy Network NING. Use your browsers, "Edit", and "Find" feature to find a member of the Genealogy Network NING researching your surname. If your surname appears more than once, it is due to the multiple persons researching that surname on the Genealogy Network NING.

Search Surnames in Genealogy Groups

Search for your surname in several Yahoo genealogy groups here. If the surname is listed more than once, this indicates either a different researcher or a different location for this surname. Over 5,000 surnames listed.

GEDCOMS - Genealogy Webspaces on WebRing
GEDCOMS - Genealogy Webspaces on A list of sites that have GEDCOMS to view on

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Fri, Sep 11th - 7:27AM

Never Forget , September 11th, Remembering 9

Realtime results for Never Forget

Realtime results for "Sept 11"

Realtime results for "Remembering 9" OR "On 9"

Fri, Sep 11th - 7:19AM

Genealogy Tweets on #FollowFriday

Realtime results for genealogy

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Tue, Sep 8th - 12:45PM

Genealogy "Geek Tweet" of the Day
stevebwriter: Q: What do Qabalah, genealogy and computing have in common?
 A: Upside-down trees. (expand) (expand)
17 minutes ago from web · Reply · View Tweet

I meant that in the nicest of all ways, "Geek Tweet".  I just loved this one!

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Mon, Sep 7th - 10:18AM

Do you have a genealogy webspace?
If you are viewing a blank page like the one below, then you likely do not have an index page or index.html page. Your index page is the first page viewed when your profile link is clicked. Your index page usually appears above your shoutbox to the right of your profile. Here is an example of a blank webspace from peterwesternuk aka Maxmillan author of WebRing's 1st Genealogy Blog.

Here are a few helpful links to help you get started on's Webspace:

Beginning Genealogy Webspaces Help

This page explains the requirements of joining Genealogy Webspaces

Basic Requirements

All pages must be kept current.

All email addresses must be current.

All pages must conform to proper genealogical standards.

Genealogy blogs must be on and current.

You must have at least one page pertaining to genealogy on

How to Edit Your Sites on Webspace
Website Migration to WebRing Webspace
Member Resources & Technical Suport - Forum
Member Resources & Technical Support - HUB

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Mon, Sep 7th - 8:25AM

What's new in Family & Home - Genealogy

What's New?

Genealogy Webspaces

Surname Search in Genealogy Groups joined the Genealogy Network WebRing and Genealogy Webspaces on

New in: Family & Home/Genealogy/

New ring communities, memberships, forum and blog posts

louisiana genealogy

perilloux family

jewish roots

gross-steinberg surname page

scottish historical resources and heritage information

virtual hunterston

genealogy world

the genealogy home page of robert tofts

surnames of kentucky

the ards

east tennessee pioneers heritage

tngenweb project, hamblen county, tennessee

tennessee genealogy & history

pioneering families of east tennessee

royal & noble genealogies webring

prince al-waleed bin talal - gallery

genealogy family and friends

genealogy links & my georgia family

family history

the wood family tree of delphi indiana

channel islands genealogy

the corner stones to our family heritage

Awards for Genealogy Websites

This webring is for Genealogy websites who offer Genealogy awards.

genealogy,history and heraldry

mcdowell memorial

bishop family

everything's relative

barnett family genealogy

the barnett family

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Sun, Sep 6th - 10:18AM

Nominations underway for the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs
Found via Twitter!
Family Tree Magazine "40" Best Blogs
 Nominate Your Favorite Genealogy Blog for The Family Tree 40!
In the May 2010 issue of Family Tree Magazine, we’ll name the 40 Best Genealogy Blogs.

Now through Sept. 30, we’re asking the genealogy community to nominate the genealogy blogs they read most. Later, you can vote on nominated blogs in several categories.

To nominate a blog, please fill out the information below. We'd love to know why you like the blog: Does it offer great genealogy advice? Insightful analysis? A funny point of view? Let us know!

Nominate as many genealogy blogs as you want—your own included.

We’ll let you know when voting opens in the Family Tree Magazine E-mail Update newsletter (you can sign up at the end of this survey).
1. What is the title of the blog you would like to nominate?

2. If you know the name of the blogger for this blog, please provide it here.

3. What is the URL (Web address) of this blog?

4. How often do you read this blog?

How often do you read this blog?   Whenever there’s a new post (select if you subscribe to the blog’s rss feed)
  • Daily
  • Every two or three days
  • Once a week
  • Once or twice a month
  • Less often
5. Why are you nominating this blog?

You may see a very very large list of genealogy blogs at  The Genealogy Box - Genealogy Network on's Genealogy Webspace Ring.

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Sun, Sep 6th - 10:08AM

Today's genealogy Tweets

Realtime results for genealogy

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Sun, Sep 6th - 10:07AM

Today's genealogy Google
1,090 from for genealogy
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Fri, Sep 4th - 8:35AM

Today's genealogy Tweets

Realtime results for genealogy

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Fri, Sep 4th - 8:27AM

Today's genealogy Google
1,130 from for genealogy
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Tue, Sep 1st - 7:42AM

Tuesday Genealogy Tweets

Realtime results for genealogy

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Tue, Sep 1st - 7:22AM

Today's genealogy Google
1,100 from for genealogy
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