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Sat, Sep 26th - 5:41AM

Ancestry co uk

Ancestry co uk are currently promoting themselves in the UK with TV ads, mainly on Sky, but on other channels as well.

Realy pleased they are as someone just purchased a subscription and I earned some commission at last!

If you are interested you can go to their site via this link:

You can now also search all the published Census from one place by using the chart below!

Save time looking for other sites - You can check all the published UK Census from here

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Thu, Sep 24th - 10:50AM


Just joined dickeastman on Twitter Author of Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter at

He did a splendid review of my site Maximilian Genealogy some years back.

Found 2 reviews he did:  2003  2001

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Tue, Sep 22nd - 4:03AM

Web Ring Catches UP

This morning (UK) I am pleased to see that Web Ring have at last sorted the issue of non reporting failing sites. I assume all ring managers have also been advised?

Looks like most of the fails are GeoCities as expected but surprised to see a few of the new WR webspace sites coming up failed not found?

Anyway I intend to leave the fails/suspended sites for a week in hope that some will get corrected. That will most likely leav 90% as dead wood. Shame but thats the way it goes. Must be a least 3 to 4 months of un reported failed sites so I have a load to wade through in my 116 rings.

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Mon, Sep 7th - 9:03AM

Back to blogging?

Have been doing loads to my new genealogy site

Its not that new just had a re-design and added loads of great new content.

Also joined Facebook. Left it very late. Also Twitter. Have been sidetracked adding Tweets and catching up with friends and family on FB.

There are so many things to occupy one life these days I dont know how people get time to keep blogs current and have time to do actually live??

Anyway Genealogy wont go away so there will always be something to add, just need to find the time to do so.

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