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Sat, Sep 27th - 7:38AM

National Historic Sites of Canada

Five Anglican Churches in Ontario have been designated National Historic Sites of Canada: St. Anne's Anglican Church, Toronto; the Chapel of St. James-the-Less, Toronto; Chapel of the Mohawks, Brantford; St Jude's Church, Brantford and the Chapel Royal of the Mohawks, Tyendinaga.
St. James-the-Less Anglican, Toronto
The Chapel of St. James-the-Less (shown left), built 1860-61, was designated in 1990 as a significant example of Gothic Revival style architecture.

J.E.H. MacDonald's The CrucifixionSt. Anne's Anglican Church was designated in 1996 for its paintings executed in 1923 by ten prominent artists, including three of the Group of Seven. Shown right is J.E.H. MacDonald's 'The Crucifixion'. J.E.H. MacDonald was chief designer of the church's decoration and a member of the Group of Seven.

Also designated are National Historic People. Anglicans designated include Bishop George Exton Lloyd of Saskatchewan, Reverend John Gough Brick of Alberta, Bishop Edward Feild of Newfoundland and Rt. Rev. John Strachan, first Bishop of Toronto. Bishop Strachan was designated a National Historic Person of Canada in 1925 and a plaque erected in Cornwall, Ontario in 1928.

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Tue, Sep 23rd - 4:25PM

Chapel Royal of the Mohawks, Tyendinaga

Chapel Royal, TyendinagaOronhyateka Memorial Window
The Mohawks settled permanently in Canada following the American Revolution when they were allies of the British. A party led by Capt. John Deserontyon landed in Tyendinaga in 1784 and constructed a chapel shortly thereafter. The first permanent chaplain was appointed in 1831 and, during his incumbency, the present structure was built by the Mohawks in 1843. Christ Church appears today essentially as originally constructed.

Shown right are the Memorial Window given by Dr. Oronhyateka (1841-1907), the first academically accredited Native American Medical Doctor, and the triptych given by King George III in 1798.

Christ Church with All Saints' Church, Tyendinaga make up the parish of Tyendinaga. The parish is in the Diocese of Ontario.

Christ Church, Her Majesty's Chapel Royal of the Mohawk was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1995 because of its link with the establishment of Mohawk Peoples in Ontario.

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Tue, Sep 16th - 4:04PM

St Jude's Church, Brantford, Ontario
St Jude's, Brantford Mural
St Jude's Anglican Church, Brantford, Ontario was built in 1871 with simple decoration. Extensive alterations were made in 1930-31 and the interior walls were highly decorated with murals completed in 1936.

The murals present events in the life of Jesus Christ from the proclaiming of his birth to His death and resurrection.. Shown right is a panel above the west doors showing the journey of the Magi (Caption: “As with gladness men of old did the guiding star behold.”).

St Jude's was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1993 because of its "Arts and Crafts" style interior painted by the Browne Family.

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Tue, Sep 9th - 3:45PM

Chapel of the Mohawks, Brantford, Ontario

Chapel of the Mohawks PlaqueRoyal Chapel of the Mohawks, Brantford
St Paul's, Her Majesty's Chapel of the Mohawks, Brantford, Ontario was the first Protestant church in Ontario. It was built for the Mohawks of the Six Nations Iroquois who settled here in 1784. The Mohawks had lost their lands in New York State as a result of their alliance with the British during the American War of Independence.

In 1904, the Chapel it was given Royal designation by Edward VII. It is in the Archdeaconry of Brant/Norfolk/Oxford of the Diocese of Huron. The chaplain is the Rev. Larry Brown, Rector of Holy Trinity Church, Brantford and Holy Trinity Church, Burford.

The Chapel of the Mohawks was designated a National Historic Site of Canada in 1981 and the plaque (above left) erected in 1984.

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Tue, Sep 2nd - 4:16PM

St Aidan Anglican Church, Windsor

St Aidan Anglican Church, Windsor, Ontario

In February 2008, St Aidan's Anglican Church, Windsor, Ontario, one of the Diocese of Huron's more successful churches, voted to become an Anglican Network in Canada parish.

The process for making this decision began in 2005 after:

1. At its Synod in June, 2004, the Anglican Church of Canada passed a motion declaring adult same sex relationships as being holy. Such a statement implied that the moral exhortations in Scripture encouraging holy living are declared by the Church to be in error. St Alban's Church did not agree.

2. Changes to the Marriage Canon meant a dilution of the standards surrounding Christian marriage. St Alban's Church believes that marriage is a gift from God, and we receive the gift by coming in repentance and faith into His presence. The Anglican Church of Canada has removed the requirement of application for remarriage in the Church, and allows for marriages outside the Church building. At St. Aidan's, in order to uphold their biblical understanding of marriage, they instituted their own pastoral procedures for re-marriage, and insisted on the Church as being the place where marriage ceremonies will be held.

Previous posts: Diocese of Ontario

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