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Mon, Sep 29th - 4:38PM

Tech Tip - Rebuilding Your NavBar Stack
Has your WebRing NavBar gone missing from your URL? Or perhaps, your site displays multiple NavBars or ones for WebRing Communities that you don't even belong to?

This last month, more than a few members reported these misbehaving NavBar issues in our support center.  In nearly every case, the act of fixing these misbehaving NavBars took members less than one minute.

NavBars can misbehave for a whole variety of reasons. However, instead of going into detail about the reasons why the issue arises, we present you with a quick fix for your NavBars.

  1. Open your My Account page and click on the "URLs" tab.
  2. Locate the URL on which the NavBar is not working correctly.
  3. Click the "edit settings" link found just below the effected URL. (The "Global U#/Site Information Change" page will open.)
  4. Locate and click on the "Stack Order Form" link. (The "Manage SSNB Stack Order" page will open.)
  5. Scroll down and click the "Apply Changes" button.

That's all there is to it! This technique works nearly every time.

Even though it only takes a minute to fix, it may take our servers up to an hour to put your rebuilt stack into effect. If more than 24 hours passes without any change, refresh your web browser cookies (CTRL F5). If the NavBar is still misbehaving, submit a support ticket.

While we have you in the world of rebuilding stacks, here's an extra little tip...
You can choose which NavBar will show on your URL for most visitors. Follow the same steps as above. But before you click the "Apply Changes" button, move your preferred WebRing Community membership to the top of the list. This sets that membership as your default NavBar. (More on this topic soon...)

Have a Tech Tip to share? Join The WebRing Newsletter Team!
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Fri, Sep 26th - 2:45PM

The Shoutbox Says TTFN to Anonymous Posters
We have some great news for the countless members who have requested change to the WebRing Shoutbox. Gone are the days when posters can lambast the membership from the safety of anonymity.

From now on, only those who are signed in may post to the Shoutbox.

What Can You Do About Abusive Posts?
Should you ever encounter abusive banter in the Shoutbox, you have a couple options:
  • Zap It! - If you are a WebRing 2.0 member, you can put a checkmark next to the post then click the lightning bolt to send it to the ether. Want 2.0?
  • Report It! - Hover over the icon next to the offending post and jot down their WebRing ID, and hover over the text of the post to see the time of the post. Then open up a support ticket for abuse and supply this info. This will help us verify your claim so we can take the appropriate action. But please, only report extreme cases of abuse. There's a big difference between playful jibing and downright meanness.

Why So Long to Change?
For those who pleaded for us to make this change for the past few months, we want to let you know that we heard and sympathized with you. We just had some sleuthing to do first. Namely, we wanted to catch the top flamer, and we succeeded! Thanks for sticking with us while we tracked the person down.

Why Won't We Get Rid of the Shoutbox Completely?
We can answer this question in one word - Communication! As noted in our tagline, one of our goals is "Connecting People."  Without some form of communication, connecting people is not possible. Sure, the shoutbox isn't usually filled with anything earth shattering, but at least it's a place to make first contact with some terrific folks.

Even during some of the calmest moments, some members don't like what's being said in the Shoutbox. They just want it gone. Period. To those of you who are in this camp, you have the power to be rid of the Shoutbox. From your My Account page, click on the "hide" link found right below the Shoutbox. It will disappear until you either call it up again via the "Shoutbox" tab, or you clear your web browser's cookies.

What Do You Have to Say?
Shout it out in the Shoutbox! Remember 1.0 members can access both the public and support areas of the Shoutbox, and 2.0 members can open their own private chat rooms or enter the 2.0 Only area.
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Thu, Sep 25th - 11:38AM

Take the Name The Super-user Poll
Overall, we had 18 members weigh in on their choice for this contest. None of the results particularly appealed to us here at WebRing, but perhaps they will to you.

Want to help narrow down the choices?
Pick your favorite name for the WebRing Super-user below.

Need to learn more about what a Super-user is before you make your decision? See the related post for more details.

We also received some interesting honorable mentions:
  • Lord of the WebRing
  • SIR (Senior Information Resource)
  • SERVANT (System E-Resource Verification Assistant Navigation Tool)

We don't promise to use any of these titles, but will strongly consider it if we receive a strong enough response. At the very least, we would like to declare a winner of the contest and provide them with a bunch of activity points.

If there is a member or manager that you would like to suggest for the Super-user program, let us know at

* Please make sure to include "Super-user Nomination" in your email subject line, and include the WebRing User ID of the member you are nominating.
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Fri, Sep 19th - 2:27PM

Aussiedogs4 be the Cap'n of the Shoutbox, she be!
Hear ye, hear ye, ye WebRingers! Aussiedogs4 be commandeering the Shoutbox today, she be. Batten down the hatches before ye chew on the pirate speak she left behind...

  • Yo ho, yo ho, a Pirates life for me
  • How much did the pyrate pay for his peg leg and hook?
  • An arm and a leg!
  • What type of socks do pirates wear?
  • Aaargh-yle socks!
  • Ye be sail’N amid a Scurvy savagery, it’d be smarts of ya to keep yer langy-loving tongue w’Ere it belong, and not be sassing a Cap’N
  • Well, blow me down, Cap'n!
  • how much did the pirate pay to get his ears pierced?
  • a buccaneer
  • Aaargh! Some scallywags fill'd the blogs with bilge rats. Let's send 'em to Davy Jones Locker and blog like a pirate, mates!
  • ahoy me matey! thar be how many leagues til th' Skull & Scuppers
  • avast ye, ye scurvy dog, whar be a briney galley?
  • Aye, hey, whar is e'eryone? Gar, Where can I find a bottle o'rum?
  • Avast ye mateys, hoist th' missen mast and scrub th' poop deck, it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! Blogs all o'er th' web be pirateized. So hoist th' jolly roger, we be sailin’ fer trouble, by Davy Jones' locker.
  • What do you get when you cross a pirate with a zuchnni?
  • A Squashbuckler!!!
  • What do you call a pirate with two eyes and two legs?
  • A Rookie!
  • Did you know: Pirates were the first democratic organization in the "New World"
  • Each pirate was allowed to vote on where the ship was to go or if a colonial ship should be attacked.
  • Did you Know: Pieces of eight were actually Spanish silver eight "reales" coins. The gold coins were called "escudos." These had the Spanish coat of arms on one side and two columns depicting the Pillars of Hercules (symbolizing the Straits of Gibraltar) on the other. It is thought that the twin pillars became such a recognized symbol for money that the modern dollar sign evolved from it.
  • Henry Morgan was originally commissioned as a privateer to attack French ships. He got in trouble when he started attacking any ship, including his own country’s. At that point, he became a pirate.

* Eight pieces of gold and a bottle o' rum to aussiedogs4 fer livin' up to thee pirate code. Aaarr!!!
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Wed, Sep 17th - 1:36PM

Talk Like a Pirate with Us This Friday
Ahoy there, mateys! Be ye notified that this 19th day of the month of September that all ye savvy WebRing lubbers be invited to partake in International Talk Like a Pirate Day.

Ever since humorist Dave Barry first brought it to the attention of the world in 2002, ITLPD has taken off like so many buccaneers scurrying for their share of the booty.

John "Ol' Chumbucket" Baur and Mark "Cap'n Slappy" Summers of Corvallis, Oregon (WebRing's home state), first thought of the idea during a racquetball game when one of the two yelled out "Aaaar!" after getting hurt.

Their idea has spurred a huge movement of piracy that has only further exploded with the popularity of Disney's "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie series. Each year, Cap'n Slappy, Ol' Chumbucket and their web wench list the scores of ways other freebooters toast this unique day. Check 'em out here.

Here be "aaarrr" challenge to ye!
This Friday, talk like a pirate on WebRing - whether that be on yer blog, forum, or in the Shoutbox.
Need help with yer lingo? Check out these sites:

An' if ye scallywags ain't got time to talk like a pirate or need inspiration, check out these pirate rings. (Don't make us keelhaul ye. Aaarrr!)

September 19, 2008 - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

If ye be in Philly, join Ol' Chumbucket and Cap'n Slappy at The Franklin to celebrate. For more info, click here.
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Wed, Sep 17th - 10:06AM

Contest Winner - Webster on the Web!
A big congratulations to biloxibeachboy for his winning entry in the Webster on the Web contest!

Although the sole entry, he created a truly fun back story befitting the WebRing teddy bear. We encourage you to go check out the fun page that biloxibeachboy created.

If you have an alternative story you'd like to share or a story for a completely unrelated stuffed buddy, feel free to create a page and submit it to the Webster on the Web ring. I'm sure Webster would love to have other stuffed critters join him.

For his entry, biloxibeachboy wins the complete WebRing Gear package.  

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Fri, Sep 12th - 2:11PM

No Site Needed for WebRing Membership
"I would like to join WebRing, but I don't have a website." This is one of the most common comments we receive from new sign-ups.

To these new members, we always share the same secret — "You don't need a site to participate in WebRing."

You can participate in thousands of forums, create your own blog, chat it up in the Shoutbox, network with other members, research within our highly niche communities, help other members with their support needs. And, the list goes on.

Now, some of you long-time members might be cringing right now. After all, WebRing started out with a single purpose — to connect sites into a ring via the NavBar, right? Not any more.

Although the NavBar remains the one thing that sets us apart from other social networks, it is the social aspect of the site that we are striving to enhance.

Not everyone has a website, but we don’t want that stop them from connecting with other members of WebRing. In addition to the activities listed above, we will soon launch two new ways to participate on WebRing.

Text Messaging
We are putting the final touches on WebRing text messaging. Once your cell phone is registered, you'll be able to text and receive messages from other WebRing members.

Enhanced Communication Center
We've tested the functions, now we're spiffing it up. The Comm Center (a working title) will present you with a whole new level of collaborative tools. Share files, review documents, create groups, send notes to designated friends, and much more.

Don't have a website? No problem. Welcome to WebRing!
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Tue, Sep 9th - 2:38PM

How to Invite New Members
We received the following question: "How do I invite people to join WebRing?" You have two ways to invite new members to WebRing…

Tell A Friend

You can find this link in the top right corner of each and every WebRing page. This option allows you to invite others to join the overall WebRing system. This is the best option if you want to invite someone you think would like to join WebRing, but not necessarily any of your WebRing Communities.

Invite New Members

Look for this freshly added link in your ring Memberships/tools menu. You used to have to access the "Invite New Members" link via your "Edit Site Information" window. No longer. We've moved the link out front. Now, all you have to do is click on the link whenever you are on any of your ring memberships. Ring managers - the link is still in the same place for you.

Now, some of you might be thinking, "Why would I invite anyone to join the rings I belong to? The ring manager is so slow at processing submissions." To those of you asking this question, we direct you back to the "Memberships/tools" menu. From there, you can approve any site.

After all, you already checked the new member's website and found it worthy of an invite. If the new member accepts the invitation, all you have to do is verify that they've added the NavBar, use the checker to see if it passes, then approve the applicant.

Just like that, you've helped to build an even greater WebRing Community.

Plus, inviting new members to join WebRing will earn you some great Activity Points. If an invitee accepts your invitation, you get even more points. If they add the NavBar to their site and join a ring, you get the greatest amount of points.

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Mon, Sep 8th - 10:37AM

Contest Updates — Webster on the Web & Name The Super-user
We currently have 2 contests underway with their deadlines fast approaching.

Webster on the Web

Deadline: September 15, 2008
Prize: Complete WebRing Gear Package
Overview: Write a back story for Webster — Who is this bear? Is Webster a girl or a boy? Why did Webster come to WebRing? What does Webster do with his/her free time? Then design a single Web page. For full details, click here.

Name the Super-user

Deadline: September 20, 2008
Prize: 500 Activity Points
Overview: Suggest a truly empowering title for the highest of all membership levels — The WebRing Super-user. For full details, click here.

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Fri, Sep 5th - 10:01AM

You Are Invited to Join The WebRing Newsletter Team
Each month, we try to publish a newsletter that you will find helpful, interesting or just plain fun. Admittedly, though, the incredible breadth of diversity found here on WebRing makes this a pretty tough task.

That's why we're inviting you to join The WebRing Newsletter Team.

After all, who else knows WebRing better than the members who forge and explore the thousands of communities on the site?

Plus, this model fits our current development guidelines to a tee - to open up WebRing so that you, the members, are an instrumental part of determining the direction of WebRing's development.  

How You Can Contribute
After you join the special WebRing Community we created especially for those of you willing to jump onboard, you can contribute in the following ways:

  • Share your technical expertise
  • Provide tips on monetizing rings
  • Review new WebRing tools
  • Report the hottest new rings and sites
  • Suggest monthly themes
  • Tell how you connect with other members
  • Recommend charitable organizations to feature
  • Nominate rings to feature

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and we welcome your ideas on how to improve upon our current newsletter. Your imagination is the only limit.

You can post your articles and provide feedback in one of two ways:
  • Post to your WebRing blog
  • Converse in the forum

No Site Needed to Join
If you're concerned that your application to join the ring we created will be denied because your site doesn't fit the theme, don't worry about it. In fact, you don't even need a site to join The WebRing Newsletter Team. Just join the forum. That's where most of the action happens anyway.

Do you have some great WebRing-related articles or ideas swimming around in your noggin? Join our editor, Kyle, at The WebRing Newsletter Team.
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Wed, Sep 3rd - 5:15PM

Should Super-users Remain Anonymous?

Now that we have upgraded our first batch of members to Super-user status, we are trying to decide whether to make the list public. Here are some possibilities we've considered:

Super-user Portfolio Page
This would consist of a single web page that lists all of our Super-users. The idea behind this page is to provide the average member with a quick reference list. The list could be as simple or as complex as we wish, whether that be loading the page with one-click contact links or packing it with summaries of the Super-users activity.

Pro — The Super-user Portfolio Page would provide standard WebRing members with a quick reference guide to some highly knowledgeable members.

Con — This list opens the Super-user up to possible harassment and bribery.

Icons Beside ID's
Super-users would have some form of icon or symbol that displays beside their user ID. Possibilities range from showing an asterisk at the end of the Super-user's ID to creating a universally recognized logo.

Pro — The use of icons adds one level of anonymity for the Super-user.

Con — Members can only find a Super-user if they stumble across their ID.

No Special Recognition
Outside of the huge amount of Activity Points that we award, the Super-user would receive no noticeable recognition. No icons, no listing, nothing that would help the average WebRing member identify Super-users.

Pro — Super-users would have no worry of harassment and would retain complete anonymity.

Con — Super-users are invisible and not readily accessible to other WebRing members.

What do you think? How anonymous should Super-users remain? Tell us in the comments below.

Remember to weigh in on our latest contest — Name the WebRing Super-user.

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