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Wed, Sep 26th - 7:07AM

Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Chaplain

Last year, Rev. Grace Coleman Anthony, Rector of St. Paul's, Point Edward, Ontario became the first chaplain of the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary, Central and Arctic Region. St. Paul's, Point Edward has long been known as the Mariner’s Church. The Central and Arctic Region became the first region of five regions of the CCGA across Canada to have a chaplain appointed.

Shown is the 47-foot CCGC Cape Discovery that performs search and rescue service operating out of the Canadian Coast Guard Station in Goderich. CCGC Cape Discovery is capable of responding to search and rescue incidents throughout Lake Huron and the upper St. Clair River. The vessel is one of a fleet of nine other search and rescue cutters, positioned around the Great Lakes.

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Wed, Sep 19th - 7:15AM

Josiah Henson and Dresden, Ontario

1983 stamp commemorating Josiah HensonA prominent figure in Dresden, Ontario's early history is the Rev Josiah Henson, a former slave from the U.S., who escaped to Canada in 1830. He founded the Dawn community near Dresden in 1834, and in 1841 helped established a vocational school in Dresden for former slaves. Henson, is reputed to have been the model for Uncle Tom in Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel Uncle Tom's Cabin (1852). His 2-storey house, built around 1842, now forms part of the Uncle Tom's Cabin Museum, owned and operated by the province. Josiah Henson died in Dresden in 1883.

Anglican Rev. Thomas Hughes felt called to be a missionary to the escaped slaves and started his ministry in Dresden in June 1859, 24 years before Henson's death. Hughes youngest son, a boy of seven years, laid the cornerstone for Christ Church in 1867 years and the red brick building was finished in October 1868.

Since 2002, Christ Church, Dresden has been part of the 6-point Anglican Parish of the Transfiguration

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Wed, Sep 12th - 7:42AM

Christ Church, Meaford, Ontario
Meaford is in south central Ontario on Georgian Bay of Lake Huron.

The Anglican parish was established in 1856 and 5 years later built its first frame church. The present stone building was completed in 1876.

Christ Church, Meaford has 4 memorial windows made up of broken stained glass from English and other churches bombed during the Second World War.

Rev. Harold Appleyard, on leave from the parish, served as a chaplain to the Canadian Forces in southern England. He began collecting the broken glass and meticulously recorded where the shards and pieces came from. He took the glass to "Cox and Barnard Stained Glass Works" in Hove, near Brighton where the pieces were releaded into windows that would fit Christ Church. The work was done free of charge in gratitude for the Canadian war effort.

Shown is a fragment collected from Chichester Cathedral, West Sussex, England.

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Wed, Sep 5th - 7:18AM

Terrence Bay and Hatchet Lake, Nova Scotia

The parish of St Timothy's and St Paul's was established in 1981. From 1967 to 1981 the churches were in a 4-point parish along with Timberlea and Lakeside.

The first St Paul's Church in Terence Bay was built in 1853. It was struck by lightning and burned to the ground in 1942. The current building was opened in 1943. The church has a monument to the SS Atlantic shipwrecked in 1873 with the loss of 562 lives. An annual ecumenical service of the Blessing of the Boats is held.

St Timothy's started, in the late 1950's ,as a mission of St Philip's Church, Halifax with services held in an elementary school. The church building was built in 1961 as part of the St Philip's, Halifax Parish.

Since 2003 the pastor has been Rev. Lisa Vaughn.
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