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Thu, Oct 26th - 9:37AM

How to win the Game of Auto Loans?

A car gives abundant freedom and happiness to its owner. You get the comfort as well as the ease of driving to the place of your choice. But, buying a car is not very easy. Why? The reason lies in your credit score. If you have a bad credit history, the list of the lenders who will approve your loan application becomes severely restricted. But, everything is not lost. Treat buying a car like a game. And, you can win the game, if you play your cards right!

Tips to win the Game of Auto Loans in Memphis

Rules for winning the Auto Loan Game!

  • Know your Strength

When you want to win the game and obtain guaranteed auto loan approval, you must understand your strengths. Learn what parts of the loan application will get you in the good books of a lender. Find out your budget. Will you be able to offer a large down payment to the dealer? Is finding a cosigner easy for you? Know how to make the best use of your old car. Find out if selling the car will beneficial to you against trading it for a new one.

  • Know your Weakness

By knowing your weakness, you will be able to understand to deal with it in a better way. Before the lender surprises you with the news of your bad credit score, you must be ready with a plan. Check your credit score. If there are any unwarranted transactions on the report, send a note to the credit bureaus and begin the process of removing it. If cash is a big constraint for you, avoid making the down payment. Choose an inexpensive used car to negate the need of a down payment.

  • Find the Right Partner

To win the game of auto loans, you need to find the right partner who will increase your winning chances. When you have bad credit score, work with a reputed auto financing company that doesn’t shy away from offering subprime car loans. Usually, traditional banks choose to finance car buyers with excellent credit scores. And, credit unions offer financing options to their members only. So, online lenders are the best option that remains with you.

Find an online auto financing company that offers you a bad credit auto financing deal. Seek recommendations from your friends and colleagues. Read online review and make an informed decision. Also, do not forget to evaluate the loan quote on several different factors such as interest rate, loan term, loan amount, monthly payment, lender’s reputation, etc. Choosing a reliable lender with easy terms will ensure that you get a fair chance of winning the game of auto loans.

When you want to buy a car, you need the best auto financing partner with you. Get in touch with to find the best guaranteed auto loan deal. The bad credit auto financing expert will ensure that you find a loan that’s easy on the wallet and improves your credit score as well.

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Tue, Oct 3rd - 7:21AM

Search Right for buying a Used Car: How does a Consumer Report help you?

Finding the right used car has little to do with luck and everything to do with research. A used car comes with a set of benefits. For one, a used car offers the best value that fits your budget. However, it becomes imperative that you choose the right car that can be reliable in the long run. In order to purchase the best available used car, consumer reports become your guiding compass.

Used Car Buying Tips

So, what exactly is a Consumer Report?

Technically, a consumer report is an informative statement by various portals that seek to bring accurate data to the consumer. In case of used cars, a consumer report will assist a buyer in correctly ascertaining the cars that are fit to purchase. Additionally, it exhibits an unbiased view regarding the make, model, price and reliability of the used car. Few established consumer report portals include Edmunds, Kelley Blue Book, NADA Guides, etc. Thus, a consumer report will help you to make the right choice while you purchase your next car.

How will a Consumer Report help in buying a Used Car?

1) Homework Made Easy

A consumer report is data that is valuable to a buyer. Research is a pre-requisite to purchasing a used car. Often while purchasing a car we tend to overlook research. A consumer report makes your task easy by collecting the relevant information and integrating it in one report. If you wish to purchase a used car, you only need the guidance of the latest consumer report to search the required details. For instance, you can identify the few defects that the car possesses prior to the inspection which can save you an expensive headache to replace the parts.

2) A Reliable Source

A used car in a dealership lot will always contain a window sticker known as the “Buyer’s Guide”. The Buyer’s Guide contains certain imperative information such as the amount of repairing costs that the dealer is obliged to bear and the availability of a warranty, if any. Still, many may ponder on the thought if purchasing a used car is a gamble. A consumer report breaks the longstanding myth. Consumer report portals often run a road test drive of every used car that is rated to understand the effectiveness of the brake in uncertain conditions. Therefore, it is a wise decision to consider a consumer report as it is an unbiased platform to choose your used car.

3) Save Precious Time

There are numerous dealership lots that would be selling used cars. Sometimes it takes up a large portion of your time to search for the right car at the various dealerships. A consumer report not only saves your time but also helps you to select the car that suits your needs. Different used cars are rated in a consumer report. Picking the make, model and color of your chosen car would be easy. Now you only need to visit those dealership lots that house the used car that you wish to purchase. A consumer report eases your legwork and saves you the time and trouble to go to every dealership.

A used car has its own set of benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and tax benefits. However, a consumer report can assist you in reaching one step closer to the car of your dreams. Therefore, persist for the right used car of your choice and ease your buying with the help of a consumer report.

Chosen a used car? You have made the right financial decision. Now, it is time to get the best used car loans with The online bad credit auto financing company offers bad credit no money down car loans to help you buy a used car without down payment.

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